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I think the biggest loss is the brakes and the transferability. Did not know that they replaced clutches, though I'm sure they try to fight that pretty hard, hah! Of course once you factor in that they are constantly increasing the prices this is an even bigger hit. Still better than what the competition covers, last I checked...
It's only the maintenance that is reduced to 3yr/36k. Bumper to bumper warranty is still 4yr/50k. Though they did make the maintenance program shittier by making it non-transferable, and I believe they no longer include brakes anymore.
Nice! What did you get? LEM? For an interesting twist try adding a bunch of frozen sweet peas to the mix before you stuff your meat. Really makes fresh sausage more interesting. Haven't tried this with smoked sausage, but I think that could be even more fun. Will try this when I get some more casings... If you would like to try this first, OTC, I'd love to hear what you think.
I wouldn't be surprised if they safely make it to your humidor. Just look at what majority of the posters are smoking in this thread and note that majority are US based. I was just pointing out that this new provision does not change the embargo. As far as cigars are concerned everything is pretty much the same.
If they will process it, it won't be because it's now legal to buy them, as you thought. The $100 import of tobacco and alcohol for US citizens is only for those who have a valid reason to visit Cuba. Regular tourism is still illegal as is mail ordering...
Did you get yourself a chamber vac, or are those foodsaver bags? Hard to tell on my phone. What are lamb bellies like? Where do you get them?
Piob, have you been doing anything interesting lately? I've only made some breakfast sausage and that's it...
Nice man! How long did you let it go for? I've smoked mine for about 12 hrs each time and they've been really good. Beter than some BBQ competition winners who catered one of our corporate parties... Only thing I've been smoking lately have been shoulders... think I need to smoke a couple of duck breasts again.
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