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I see what you're saying now. Initially I read that as if you were trying to say that iphones are "friendlier" from a digital forensics perspective which is definitely not the case. Still don't think this as a risk to Apple though...
How do you figure that?
Agreed. Don't expect to see any real change given the amount of cubans already ending up in the states. Don't expect a huge number of people bringing them back when they travel either, simply because they are pretty expensive due to tobacco taxes in a lot of countries.
Great! Haven't had the time yet to fully research it myself and assumed that the article was just wrong.
That usa today article was the only one I saw where it said anybody could bring them in. The other ones I've read all indicate that the restriction is lifted just on those traveling to Cuba, thus, still illegal unless you're on the "allowed" list.
Don't forget about the different octane ratings between US and EU. 98 in EU is the same as our 93. 102 RON would have an AKI rating of 97 or so, depending on the actual fuel and additives, but we don't get that at the pumps here. Sustainability issues and all that aside, E85 is just pure magic for FI cars, especially when I pay 2.20/gal for it. The closest thing to it in terms of performance would be C17 and that's in the 15/gal territory! Doesn't take a genius to figure...
I think the biggest loss is the brakes and the transferability. Did not know that they replaced clutches, though I'm sure they try to fight that pretty hard, hah! Of course once you factor in that they are constantly increasing the prices this is an even bigger hit. Still better than what the competition covers, last I checked...
It's only the maintenance that is reduced to 3yr/36k. Bumper to bumper warranty is still 4yr/50k. Though they did make the maintenance program shittier by making it non-transferable, and I believe they no longer include brakes anymore.
Nice! What did you get? LEM? For an interesting twist try adding a bunch of frozen sweet peas to the mix before you stuff your meat. Really makes fresh sausage more interesting. Haven't tried this with smoked sausage, but I think that could be even more fun. Will try this when I get some more casings... If you would like to try this first, OTC, I'd love to hear what you think.
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