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More AW14 stock, especially different tees...oh and the AW14 video http://vault.rakuten.co.jp/brand?brand_cd=7218&l-id=brandList_list_ROBERTGELLER
 SS15 zip front shoes aren't mixed patent/non-patent; they only come in all patent or all non-patent. there were samples made of the aw14 chelseas in non-mixed leathers but i don't know if they ever got produced.
In case anyone is interested....
Confirmed. This happened before I started interning but the brush stroke print was indeed done this way. There's a larger sheet of it in the studio, I think details photographed it in the studio visit with Robert back in May.
 The bomber is actually Japanese Ramie, more suitable for spring/summer wear than pretty much any bomber I've ever come across. We did make it in a darker colorway that I don't think had much contrast to it.  What do you guys think of the staff tees? via @keanswon   (myself, gf, ks)
Does anybody have/know where I may get this in a size L? Very important matter.  
A few days ago, myself and the other interns decided to create an Instagram account for what happens behind the scenes in the studio/around the life of RG. Please follow! http://instagram.com/fuckyeahrobertgeller
UP! Prices dropped
you could always have someone really nice from the forum proxy it for you and mark as gift with a low value so you circumnavigate the fees 
All items are BNWT. Domestic shipping for smaller items will be $5.95 - more for larger. Domestic will be shipped via USPS Priority Flat-Rate. International will vary by weight and destination. I will only ship USPS Registered or EMS for international, as those are the only two that guarantee full tracking. I will respond to messages based on the order in which I receive them. Please message me for measurements.   1 x CPxRG Monkstraps - 41 - $429.99  $349.99 1 x...
New Posts  All Forums: