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Does anybody have/know where I may get this in a size L? Very important matter.  
A few days ago, myself and the other interns decided to create an Instagram account for what happens behind the scenes in the studio/around the life of RG. Please follow! http://instagram.com/fuckyeahrobertgeller
UP! Prices dropped
you could always have someone really nice from the forum proxy it for you and mark as gift with a low value so you circumnavigate the fees 
All items are BNWT. Domestic shipping for smaller items will be $5.95 - more for larger. Domestic will be shipped via USPS Priority Flat-Rate. International will vary by weight and destination. I will only ship USPS Registered or EMS for international, as those are the only two that guarantee full tracking. I will respond to messages based on the order in which I receive them. Please message me for measurements.   1 x CPxRG Monkstraps - 41 - $429.99  $349.99 1 x...
 lets trade dude!
 from what i remember the 46 was very cropped in comparison to the 48. i'm 6'0 and was on the verge of thinking the 48 might be better suited for me
 I actually bought the 48. im a true 46 and when i tried a 46 on it fit spot on but the price on the last 48 was too good to pass up. the arms bunch up sorta like the tencel bomber does and its not too long in the body so i cant complain
  nvm, #patchbombergang membership just increased by 1 thanks to Barneys on Madison ave. There are like 3 full racks of Geller on sale for 60% off
 If any of you got this in a 46 and it doesn't work out please please please let me know   
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