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 fw15 is going to be amazing ;)
 I intern at RG. They are from the SS15 collection
 yes they were produced in charcoal but im not sure what stores picked them up
first drops on SSENSE: https://www.ssense.com/men/designers/robert_geller
   New material/fit for tees. The material is thinner and quite soft and the new fit is boxier/shorter. I didn't get a chance to try on any of the samples so can't comment on what sizing to go with tho :/ 
^True and its usually broken up into two deliveries so this would be the first
Thanks for the kind words guys and big thanks to @Synthese for helping promote!    Make sure to check out @keanswon 's #GirlsinGeller shoot in the issue too, featuring his and @melonadejello 's expansive RG archives
 this year as in ss15? if so then yes, its all pretty thin and breathable from what I remember, which helps create some nice shapes when worn
 sorry for the late reply on this...1st jacket is the Richard jacket2nd is the Dominik jacket (thanks for the shoutout @keanswon)3rd jacket is the tape bomber (from the same group as the parka this collection) everything is designed, then samples are made, and then stores come in and place orders, then the show happens, then stores get the pieces and you can buy them. Not everything in the show gets produced, as @OccultaVexillum pointed out, and not everything that is made...
i'm in too, let's make this happen@keanswon 
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