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 long socks, hand-dyed in the studio and never produced
 yea thats the one. in case anybody here is interested in it (or any of the other pieces) feel free to message me directly, I can be flexible with the pricing, he's just looking for these to move quickly
  Just got my AW15 James coat the other day but I'm not really digging the fit on me so if anyone's interested in it let me know. Size 46, brand new never worn with tags. Retail is going to be like ~$700? Willing to let it go for less, just trying to move it quickly
 Fabric is indeed the same, go for it!
 the fabric feels like a really special boiled wool and its essentially the same cut aw the aw09 Kaiser
 so far they're the only store that's misspelled my name on the coat and
 yeah i remember it very well when we had it in the studio. super lightweight and perfect for summer. the lining is cashmere soft but the entire piece is very breathable 
 They are the RG1, RG2, and RG3 fits. One of them was given to an old intern but I don't know which cut. Will have to double check if you are interested. Just send me an email.
Also they are officially sample size 48 but run quite small
There are only two pairs of the dusty rose denim! If anyone is interested send me an email ( and I'll hit you up with all of the inventory! It's mostly jewelry, hats, and a handful of clothes, some personally owned by RG
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