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Not the best last for the style.
Not the best last for the style.
That's a hell lot of choices. The structure for your 2nd design can be tricky because of the soft leather & you want it to be able to carry a laptop.
Having a zipper would make the tote more marketable (more practical in the underground etc.)
Not the best style. Just like a Westminster pair w/o 2 buckles.
10% discount all styles today & tomorrow. Quick gents!
890 is not really narrower at the nose but certainly wider at the "shoulder". My smallest toe has more room to "wiggle". The nose is straighter which makes it sharp & comfortable. I think the last is great for a black office pair.
I find 7000 much wider than 82 for the same size. But I don't think it is pointy at all.
No monks can beat JL 2010.
I think all Lobb prestige lines have trees included.
New Posts  All Forums: