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And IME rest means lay off the running for a while shoe dude... even a couple of weeks or more if that's what it takes to stop hurting. You'll lose some conditioning, but it beats the hell out aggravating it into a more serious injury.
Yeah, I believe the Nike App on the iPhone (also available on Android now iirc) is free and you can use it with any other shoe really. I like the GPS watch because it comes with a shoe pod sensor so when I lose reception it continues tracking my run. I can also connect the watch to a heart rate monitor if I wanted to. There have also been morning where the GPS could not lock in a signal so I had to rely recording my whole run via shoe pod. I have heard others having the...
order placed. Though I don't think the 12 socks I ordered had the 10% discount so i'll email you the order ID.Guess i'll post back if theres any brokerage fees but as an experienced online shopper I would not be surprised If i got them, that is just the way of life for us canadians.
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