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Does anyone know the difference in length between the 2? Thanks in advance
Ok thanks guys. Like I said I'm not tiny but not overweight either. The last suit I bought off the rack was in fact 44L that didn't need any jacket alterations and fits nicely - but obviously that was tried on beforehand.
Size 44L. I have no experience with the cut. Seems like a sillier question as if I did I most likely wouldn't be asking these questions. As I said I'm 6'5 220lbs (athletic). Not slim nor large. Didn't think it would fit bc it was cheap? I bought it bc it was a color I needed replaced and decided to pull the trigger bc it was in fact cheap and returnable - didn't seem like a crazy idea Do you have any experience with the cut? That was really the question
For a little background I'm 6'5, 220lbs. I just ordered a brooks brothers 1818 madison cut pinstripe suit. I ordered it online (which i've never done with a suit) because it was on sale and didn't want to pass it up. Just curious as to how the fit will be. I haven't bought off the rack in some time let alone the internet and am already second guessing myself. I don't typically wear suits fashionably tight but by no means do I swim in my clothes. With proper tailoring do...
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