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Hmm, I just ordered the rich navy, these look definitively, black on my two different screens haha.
Will do after work, appreciate it sir.   Just to confirm, it's obviously the sun that did the damage right? the fabric looks wrecked in the places of discoloration.  Just want to be sure it wasn't the cleaners.
So, I had left a pair of Luxire Grey Linen pants hanging off the back seat of my car after some work travel for about a week in the heat.   I put them on today, and when I get to the clients office, I look down and it looked like there was some kind of glare, but then I realized the fabric was actually sun-dyed in certain places, and I'm ASSUMING it's from sitting in the sun.  (I just got them back from a cleaners for the first time since purchase, but I have never had...
figured i'd post the pants i recently had made. the greg linen herringbone.  
just put in my order. you guys absolutely nailed my previous order (#12190).  even with the wait, I am so excited to wear my linen trousers, fit is 100% spot on.   
Just ordered a custom shirt, excited to see how it turns out, been looking for an alternative from ModernTailor for a while, since their shipping prices are absurd and fabric quality is pretty garbage.  Noticed the slim-fit ready-to-wears are pretty close to what I get custom-wise (with the exception of a couple inches through the waist).   Do you have an approximate on what the bicep/half-hip/armhole is on the ready-to-wear slim fits for a 16"?
have a current pair replicated, nothing to worry about.
  back in business fellas. while it's nice to have someone elses insurance company buy you a new bike, i really hope i'm not due for another crash for a while.   PS: was quickly reminded at how terrible stock exhausts are.
it's what, 300-400 bucks? could save you thousands from your insurance being raised over a wrongful citation or your deductible. in my town, its very bike-friendly, the cop was on my side. other places I feel like the rider is always looked at for the blame. so it's just a good way to hedge your bets.  PS: thank god for total loss coverage, getting MSRP + Tax for a 2014 cb500f, but im going to cough up some dough to get ABS. considering i paid 4k for the 2013, there is a...
so, this happened yesterday.   my advice to everyone, ride with a helmet cam or bike cam. It caught the entire thing, I was not at-fault, a lady jumped across an intersection into my lane because she didn't 'see me." Video caught the entire crash and audio caught her apology and admitting fault.   hopin the bikes not totaled, we'll see tomorrow when the insurance guys come out.
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