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Traveling to Dublin this week from the US. Does anyone know of a shop I can score some Loakes? Any help is appreciated!
I just wanted to share my recent experience with Luxire.  I ordered my 4th pair of trousers, and I'm still dialing in my fit.  However, my current order there was an issue that will likely require some type of major alteration/remake.  Despite what I've read on this thread, Luxire has been nothing but understanding and gracious in their handling of my situation.  I will continue to order shirts/trousers.  I think they are still dialing in their consistency/processes down,...
I think your pants look fine. But I am often not as conservative as most on here.
Seems like a ton of blue striped shirt fabrics are OOS.  We need a refresh!   Edit: Or the names in the thumbnails haven't been updated to show that they are no longer out of stock?
Hey what model # is this guy? Looks great!
I'm traveling to Dublin in the spring (from US) anyone have any store recommendations where I can grab some Loakes? Figured it might be prudent per the new export restrictions.
I think the point that a lot of people are making is a good one.  Kill it when you have to dress up, and be comfy AND stylish when you don't.
I would agree, I've had only successful orders from Luxire, and will continue to order because I like them.  But nothing on the customer end is at fault in this situation, the error stems from the shipper, I would have expected luxire to eat all costs in this scenario, if not just to satisfy a potential long-term customer.
Can you show me the difference between a lounge suit (to me, I'm assuming this is what I know to be a regular suit/business suit) versus the higher version of dress wear you're saying it's a step down from? I'm interested.
I don't think they will, if it's the norm, why would people revert back to dress wear?
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