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I'm traveling to Dublin in the spring (from US) anyone have any store recommendations where I can grab some Loakes? Figured it might be prudent per the new export restrictions.
I think the point that a lot of people are making is a good one.  Kill it when you have to dress up, and be comfy AND stylish when you don't.
I would agree, I've had only successful orders from Luxire, and will continue to order because I like them.  But nothing on the customer end is at fault in this situation, the error stems from the shipper, I would have expected luxire to eat all costs in this scenario, if not just to satisfy a potential long-term customer.
Can you show me the difference between a lounge suit (to me, I'm assuming this is what I know to be a regular suit/business suit) versus the higher version of dress wear you're saying it's a step down from? I'm interested.
I don't think they will, if it's the norm, why would people revert back to dress wear?
I work for, one of the Big 4 accounting Firms, in the US. Recently, there's been a market survey and the majority of the office has voted in favor of having jeans "everyday".  It's looking like it will be firm-wide soon, and us "millennials" will be sporting jeans and polos 100% of the time. (average age of the firm is 28)   Another large national firm has already put this into place, and for me, it's a little sad seeing business wear completely go out the window.  I...
I thought this too, as if the premium mark-up is just for people who are clueless? but then, why make the move because you're trying to halt people importing them?  They must be assuming people will love Loakes so much that when it comes to their next pair, they will fork up the extra $250, when in reality, they've just moved completely out of their US/CAD current (importers exclusively) customer bases' price range.
From a business perspective, I don't understand the price differential.  With the exception of baking in shipping costs to US/CAD dealers, how does a shoe go from $230 to $580.  If they are getting $170 GBP, and that converts to $230 USD (excl. VAT), they are getting their asking sales price, no?  It seems as if the US/CAD markets are literally just marked up with no additional value added.   I think Loake should hire a CFO who can hedge currencies instead of banning...
He just said the range it falls in locally, which is equivalent to Loakes now, I don't understand what you're saying.
I don't think Loakes are worth $550? Damn, I just started getting established with my menswear base and have a pair of buckinghams, and I love them, reasonably priced, and now they are completely out of my price range.  I get the exchange is strong with the dollar now, but now Loakes aren't even on my radar, I'll have to look to Meermins/Allen Edmonds from here out.
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