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Ok, that kid is super annoying, Carl is finally OK by me.
Lol! Thank you! The major thing with this house, in my opinion, the bones and layout are pretty good, but the finish work was real slap-dash. So I end up putting a lot of time into drywall prep and finish work.
Excellent advice from Foo.Thanks for the kind words. I'm not a professional, just obsessive hobbyist.Eames does hold value quite well when purchases second hand/vintage, if buying new and immediately reselling you'd likely take a loss.
Nice place! There are plenty of enablers in this thread Most of the reason why I started building furniture was because I couldnt afford what I wanted when I first moved in with my wife (GF then). Take your time, preference changes rapidly to start, then you hone in on what you really enjoy. To do a whole house in high quality stuff is quite expensive, so pacing yourself is always good. We're 5 years in now and still have plenty to do.
Thank you! Will do!In a few other areas of the house I've installed flush mount access panels, I may do that in this case as well to make life easier if I ever have to get to the valve again.
That's a nice faucet! Went to the kitchen and bath store...my drywall work and paint has expanded into replacing the toilet (???), the shower faucet and the shower head. And we all know how ugly that tile and shower door are going to look after I install these things. To satisfy curiosity we looked at bath tubs and counters, because, quite frankly, we both know that's happening eventually.
well, everyone guessed correct. The toppling tower thing was stupid. OK, so they have a bunch of machine guns...and the one dood is returning and has 4 rocket launchers.....and the zombies are all going to walk, slowly, through one spot.....lets see if they reach the right conclusion.
All of the time I spend perfecting a drywall seam....then my wife wants me to hangup some artwork over it. I want to bask in the glory of surface without lumps for a few months before covering it up. This repair and paint has sparked a renovation bug in my wife, she is asking me to put down a wood floor, make cabinetry, do tile work and install new fixtures.....lol....
Finally banished the previous owners terrible color choices from one more room. I've been using anything as excuse to paint a full room, this was was a slight bit of mildew buildup over the shower stall. Cut it out, patched, the painted everything white except the ceiling, which is now light grey. Previously the room was yellow. The drywall work in this house is terrible, whenever I paint I can count on almost a full day of drywall prep. And one side of the room is...
I avoid big box as much as possible. They've driven more 'semi-local' like proprietor run Ace Hardware type stores to do much better on pricing and offer a higher quality selection in order to capture a better audience. I patronize these places before big box, the experience is much better. I bought some paint recently to paint my bathroom, 5 gal in total....so not a whole lot....and the proprietor was incredibly helpful having everything prepped and waiting for me,...
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