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If they end up needing to replace all of those floors it could cost them a fortune. The American consumer wants a house made almost entirely of glued up wood chips and plastic, yet it's shocked to find that this stuff out-gasses something awful.
Buffett's recent oil exit is baffling, he's always on about longterm strategy but has entered oil high and exited low twice since 2007. I suppose everyone has something that always beats them but this one is an odd one.
Thanks GF! these are just some tables I turned out for around the house so I wasn't keeping after the time exactly, but I believe took about 3 days each.The smaller table is a really junk slab (even though the grain is really sweet, IMO) there is pith running through it in two spots. The wood immediately around pith is unstable, so the bow tie is there to keep the wood from splitting further apart during seasonal changes. The same consideration is made for cracks.Pith...
He must mean it in a country tweed sort of way.They do a pretty solid job on details, I got a kick out of how accurate Jesse's woodworking daydream was in the last season of breaking bad.
Is there not a thread where you two can compare mouldings on toll brothers' houses?
I'll post some pics tonight. That second slab was set for the junk pile but my wife liked it and wanted a table made of it. I tenoned the base in for additional support as well.
Cool, that will be great to use. I finished a couple small tables this week, I may post them up in the furniture thread.
Thanks MW!
I am planning to build a back door for my house, and moving from the shitty locks on there to Sargent full mortise locks. Door and frame will likely be white oak and the glass I've yet to sorce. I don't worry so much in my neighborhood, but full mortise locks are much harder to pick due to the spring loaded mechanism, and 8/4 white oak would require legs of the Hulk to kick in. Most will screw wood screws into the door frame, I will use machine screw bolted through the...
New Posts  All Forums: