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Raw denim hasn't bothered it, if it gets dingy I just wipe down with a damp cloth. They are about the same, the all grain has more texture.
Nights/weekends and I only work 50-55 hour weeks so I have spare time. My wife appreciates my craft, so she doesn't really give me a hard time about spending countless hours in the workshop unless it becomes excessive.
I must not have posted my finished stands, sorry about that fellas; Sorry for the ugly wall color and cheesy lithograph. I like the lithograph so that will stay, but the walls will be white soon enough (and the chair rail removed). I will be covering a bar in my house in walnut fairly soon. Bought new stools and they were out of place with drywall. Also have been framing some tapestry and soon will be reframing some stuff my wife picked up at auction a couple...
I presume you are referring to all grain by Edelman and if so that is going to be the most sturdy of the group, it does not take on a patina very quickly and will hold up well against constant use.MCL is more delicate and has a softer hand, it will patina easily.Open line is not something I'm familiar.MCL and Edelman All grain are both full grain leathers with a semi aniline finish.I went with Edelman for my ELO and also for an LC2 sofa since my wife and I both have our...
The result of a designer enjoying a project unhindered by negotiation. A similar effect to the architect's own house, which always includes a few selfish splurges that clients who are considering things like re-sale would never chose.
That happens...
Oban 18 is fantastic. I actually like Talisker DE better than the 10 yr. I've been drinking through my Talisker 18 just to get it off my shelf.
Ahh. Thank you autocorrect.
I have walnut stairs, they have worn well. We don't is shoes in the house with exception to my slippers which have a shoe sole.
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