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Some good stuff in there and what appear to be a few really nice reprints of Sharaku prints.
Very sorry to hear, hope for a speedier recovery!This is very accurate, and true for furniture in general. I found it shocking when I first started looking for furniture and realized the cost of something well made, and more surprising was the cost of something not that well made.Then again the first real piece of furniture I ever looked at was a minguren desk in exotic wod....so....
The Chair is pretty awesome, but you'll have to budget about $2500/ea for those, if you're looking for antiques. No idea what they sell for new, but presumably more.
If you are into Arts and Crafts (craftsman) you may want to consider buying from an Auction house....you can have your pick, it's very typical for anything other than the most famous work from the A&C period to go for very low prices.Arts and Crafts is out of favor, at the moment, but that doesn't make it bad.The nice thing about modernism is that is really very easy to work with, which IMO is the reason why it has remained popular for so long. You can also still buy it...
I would look at; Kaare Klint, Ole Wanscher, Mogens Koch and other makers produced by Rud Rasmussen. Rud Rasmussen built some very highly detailed and quality pieces and they're usually priced in a mid range. What are you looking for specifically, a place for booze? drawers?
I wouldn't avoid modern furniture for the sake of the house, just find work which bridges the gap. 'Modern' is a huge category and covers quite a broad range of style within. Outside of modern, I tend to like very simply designed classical work; http://www.petergalbertchairmaker.com/chairs/Classics/fanback.html Arts and Crafts, such as that of Charles Rennie Mackintosh https://www.moma.org/learn/moma_learning/charles-rennie-mackintosh-side-chair-1897 Greene and...
I like the first, between the two choices.5k is a pretty decent budget, you have quite a host of options.
Working on my media cabinet, not sure if I posted these up here; Building the wall mount; https://brianholcombewoodworker.com/2017/01/04/wall-mounted-media-console%EF%BB%BF/ Building the sliding doors; https://brianholcombewoodworker.com/2017/01/11/wall-mounted-media-console-hikido/
I agree completely, in fact taking your own approach to another's style is not necessarily considered offensive, not outright copies but heavy borrowing. The result, is an industry of craftspeople who really refine work to an insane level. In a different but similar scenario, I've seen cabinet work and tables loosely based on Nakashima that are absolute masterworks and the craftsman will be practically unheard of, at least in the west. Sashimono, for instance, rather...
I really enjoy the prints because they're wonderfully detailed works and relatively affordable either as originals or as high quality reprints. Normally one does keep them in a folder, but I prefer to display them. My favorite must be Yoshitoshi, given the depth of ability, interesting life story and ability to depict everything from the subtle implication of feeling through to gruesome scenes of warriors.
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