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Hey Ed, how's your bonsai'ing going? I've been going a little wild with mine, I picked up about four JBP's and one shimpaku to add the to bunch, all pre-bonsai. I put one pine in the ground, two in big flats, and one in a large round pot. The shimpaku is in a tall pot. Excited to put to work a good fertilizing schedule this coming season, I have a lot lined up for it.
We should go back and finish them off.......nah....
Fritz Hansen reissued them, they're nicely made. I bought one for my desk and will probably get the floor lamp for the living room.
Beat estimates, drop 4%, why not
Premarket looks really ugly.
The manufacturer raises the price by 5-10% annually, so take that into account. It's not a great 'investment' but better on a % basis than replicas. I own the authentic stuff because I know how they're made (not just the eames chair) and I know what kind of craftsman they employ and I'd rather support the market for good items than the market that leaches off of it.
Did some buying of oil stocks today. Not sure about hoping for a bottom, I just react to pricing and pick up what looks cheap as I go. Stuff like this has a positive side and that is that you can scoop up some deals, not that I like to watch it happen by any means.
Sigh...and a nice reminder of what 10% in two weeks looks like.
I went back to watch the last episode with Merle just for kicks. That episode was pretty solid. I don't hold this show to extremely high standards, they take the easy way pretty regularly, but overall I find it enjoyable. For instance....how exactly did they fend off the road warrior rapists with what they had available in the container car? I actually find side plots like the baby thing to be more annoying than how they manage to get out of everything all the time in...
New Posts  All Forums: