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I think you are overlapping the two things. RDPD is definitely not a book that I am an advocate of, and I do not think that he supports the idea of buy and hold in the book.I agree with Concordia, but didn't feel the need to rip it apart as MC seems to have appreciated some of the take-aways.Buy and hold works well for me, I do not need to constantly churn my portfolio.
I like the wine cellar and the bathroom with the walk-in closet.
MC I think you are right to take RD-PD with a grain of salt. I read the book and think that there are some good take-aways but also some advice that I think is easily misused. I've had two very good mentors in the way of finance and both strongly urged me to buy and hold good companies, collect dividends and buy value in times of irrationality. Both made the majority of their wealth investing in the stock market.
talking about the spam threads.
GF I'm 29, but I certainly invest like I'm 80, actually even have an 80y/o friend who considers me a bit conservative. One last comment to the previous topic, It's my opinion that this thread is not meant as advice, instead we're chronicling our experiences and moves as investors and sharing ideas. Which is also why it is common that people who arrive in this thread looking for exact guidance are usually directed to seek professional assistance. IRL, and on the net,...
What were the limited editions from June? The bight green capsules were really good.
Fuck live streaming.
Very true, I prefer bluechips. The are reliable, so I feel confident placing rather large bets (by %) on them when they take a big dip. They are also very reliable in the way of dividends. LO is going to be RAI very soon, at $68~/sh. I'm a little disappointed that the combined company is going to divest their E-cigs, but the FTC may want them to divest even more for the sake of competition. MDLZ has been improving a lot, I've had it since the spin off and will likely...
Pretty much.
I sold off VOD and MAT. I'm down to; CVX, XOM, PM, PFE, VZ, MO, WFC, GE, MDLZ, KRFT, COP, RDS-A, CHD, BAC, BP, T, PG, LO, PEG, AWK, NSC, GSK, RAI, DOW, CINF. So actually only 25 companies.
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