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Not quite done yet with this job (still need to do the trim work at the ends, and plug the holes in the header. My wife asked me to replace the window covers in the bathroom...so I said sure. Yes my tub is ugly and from the 90's....I will replace it when I can cooper one in cypress. Also, why the hell did the original owner spec 'off-white' or whatever near white but not quite white annoying color for otherwise plain subway tile that should be white!
Missed this before. Basically, without getting into the science of this, a smoothly cut surface is the best possible surface. One of the reasons why it is preferred in timber architecture is that water will bead and run off of it when standing upright, it is also less prone to taking on dirt.
Thats a great video. There is a big Kezurou-kai event in your area every year, it's worth attending just for fun even if you are just curious about the planes or woodworking. The guys I competed against went on to Kez on the west coast and they came close to winning. The shavings were all in the 3 micron territory.
Hah! Would love to have a super surfacer. I have two friends who have them and wouldn't part with them for anything.
Right....the Board really needed that 2 million so badly that they decided to compromise the company for it.When your sales manager says 'pull out all the stops' they mean get off your ass and call your clients. They don't mean make accounts for your family members and fake accounts for the unwitting.I'm certain they're not so short sighted as to think that a 'scheme' of any kind was necessary to the success or would "line the pockets" of the upper management. Look what...
My experience with them has been the exact opposite. Running a large company means that you have to do so with the business in mind and not really concern yourself with the little guy's qualms with every decision that you make....however on a personal level the ones I have met have been pretty normal and have even gone out of their way to be considerate and inclusive.
I agree, I just think the entire thing is a dog and pony show.
What does relinquishing the reins to another fellow one spot below him really do other than satiate the blood lust of the political saber rattlers.
Thank you!
New Posts  All Forums: