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18 does not disappoint, I just like that the 12 has more fire in the belly, similar to Balvenie 12, it has some guts. For older stuff I give preference to Oban which ages very well. I could easily mistake Oban 18 for a 21 or 25 in a blind taste, it becomes interesting straight away.
Lookin' good. Oil stocks have a a ways to go, but I don't expect them to recover to the pre-dip levels for a while, nor do I want them to. I'd like to keep loading up on them for a while.
Indeed.Nice couple days rally, but seems a bit excessive on basically accommodating language of the fed, or maybe people are happy that the price of oil is killing Russia.I realise this is an unfortunately common thing, but I find it ridiculous that people in other countries take out relatively large loans in currency other than their own. I am reading about people who are going to be defaulting on their mortgages because they took out a mortgage in dollars that they're...
Awesome! Hp12 is a gem, I actually prefer it to the 18.
Here's a thing I'm making that has some relevance to this thread;
Nice! If you like Balvenie or highland park you'll likely enjoy the A'Bunadh. It's a little more intense on the nose.
Thanks for posting that up Matt. I've been looking for flush mount supply grills for quite some time.
Apparently I've been on a bench building binge. First; new toys Next, bench. This is going to be a saw bench, so while I'm making it seating height the actual purpose is to saw things on it. As usual, doing everything by hand.
Stone, teak, cedar, mahogany...
Doesn't have to be all one of the other. Happy with 20 and 21st century works personally.
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