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Great detail work on that place.
FWIW in regard to your diagnostics, years of racing taught me that burnt gritty transmission fluid usually meant bad clutches and metal in the pan was much more likely to be torque converter related. Never had the issues personally, but saw many of my friends with heavier cars go through transmission hell.
The JM bed is really good looking, definitely one of my favorite bed designs.This one I love, likely due in part to the fact that it's an installation and everything is cohesive.;
The ideal executive desk, for me, has drawers immediately under the desktop for writing implements, ect. My current is 64" x 34" if I had the space available I would have made it 72" x 34". I made it so that a power strip could be mounted underneath without being noticed, and I can run wires to that neatly. I made the center drawer large enough so that I can store a laptop in it and set it up so that I could run the charger wires over the back of the drawer so that it...
I forget the name off hand, but I believe that's the one.
PP Mobler makes the papa bear, and Erik Jorgensen makes the Ox chair. Not sure how PP Mobler arrives at their pricing, but it is certainly out there.
That is a whole lot of tacky for one house. The gallery of family photos is really special, along with the 'fun' color doors and knock-off furniture in a place that must have cost millions.
Thats a very cool chair. I went to a shop in Laguna beach a few weeks ago that did the majority of their sales through 1st dibs. Their stuff was very well curated and almost all of it had an interesting provenance and they were fair on pricing considering pretty much all of their stuff was in very good/excellent shape.
If it requires me to reinforce the floor, I do not want it.
I'm sure it takes a while to turn over a lot of this stuff, but people do buy it. Budgets vary...
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