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Why attach it to the wall then?
They would play the A-Z archive list once in a blue moon to restore my sanity. Nothing like some weird song from The Doors to help break the monotony.
In my job as a yoot I worked in an automotive machine shop, building race car engines and so forth. Loved the place, but the owner insisted on listening to a radio station called 'The Hawk' which seemed to have a rotation of about 20 songs and one of them was Maggie May. It seemed like Guantanamo level torture after some time.My wife thinks it's very strange that I sing along to an incredible amount of songs that I claim to hate. It's due to my Pavlov style conditioning.
Perhaps the real story is that Pimco is tired of his doom and gloom story. IIRC he made an ass out of himself at his last investor conference as well.
Fuck Rod Stewart
When I say Brazilian Rosewood, I'm talking about Brazilian Rosewood . The horticultural name is Dalbergia Nigra. Bacote is not a rosewood, it's not in the Dalbergia family even though it has a similar grain.
The biggest deal breaker for me with Macallan is that it's the drink which inspires heroic tales. It always happens the same way, someone finds out that I like scotch and then they need to whip it out and tell me that they once drank a Macallan stored in King Edward's wine cellar and lost for decades until finally finding it's way into their possession. ...Then they give me a blank stare as I mention that I like Bunnahabhain, Lagavulin or Longmorn.
I'm guilty of this. I'm the kind of person that's surprised by a Memorial Day parade....on Memorial Day.
The 15 fine oak and 18yr macallan are good. The 12yr is rather dull. It's the JW of single malts, everyone knows it and noobs ruin the appeal it could have with the more experienced crowd. As far as speyside's go, there is a lot I would chose ahead of it.
You can't fault the chair for no longer being produced with Brazilian rosewood veneers, it's embargoed and there is little to no pre-embargo available on the scale you'd need for production. You need proof the wood was purchased prior to the date of embargo, and also need to provide the customer with that same proof. Most people who do have stashes of pre-embargo Brazilian rosewood can't sell it because they do not have proof of it's origin.
New Posts  All Forums: