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I love walter palls blog, he is a riot. I know exactly what you mean, takes a lot of forward planning. Speaking of Walter, what do you thinking of his soil/fertilizer situation? Seems awesome, but I am using some organics because I can't rely on twice a day watering.
I wired up my hornbeam in copper, it's harder to work but easier on the branch (IMO) since it work hardens to set. I don't find I need to wire a lot on them, but I did want to move a few bigger branches. The small cutters are for removing wire on the small branches, they're useful. The big ones are for everything else.There is sooooo much info out there on fertilizer and soil it makes your head spin. I've been buried in it for weeks and weeks and finally settled on...
My pines, the big branches on top are sacrifices, the oddly curled ones are going to approach grafted into those spots nearby (or shortened). Other than that I'm hoping these will bud back closer to the trunk this spring.
Take some pics, sounds like some cool material. That collection is fantastic, good variety and some gorgeous stuff. According to the nursery it's good to re-pot conifers in the late fall. I wasn't too intrusive however, since they were going from 6" pots to 17" flats and into the ground. So I removed the ringing roots, loosened up the root ball pretty well and put them in the pots/ground. I have to repot my hornbeam and so I'm waiting for spring on that one. Safe...
Bought more oil stocks yesterday because they dipped back to Fridays numbers.
Hey Ed, how's your bonsai'ing going? I've been going a little wild with mine, I picked up about four JBP's and one shimpaku to add the to bunch, all pre-bonsai. I put one pine in the ground, two in big flats, and one in a large round pot. The shimpaku is in a tall pot. Excited to put to work a good fertilizing schedule this coming season, I have a lot lined up for it.
We should go back and finish them off.......nah....
Fritz Hansen reissued them, they're nicely made. I bought one for my desk and will probably get the floor lamp for the living room.
Beat estimates, drop 4%, why not
New Posts  All Forums: