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Most brands have a much more worthwhile professional line, are you specifically talking about landscaping tools?I prefer to use handtools for most pruning and trimming. Nice to be able to get between the fine new growth.
Congrats Gome. Now you need to take on an obscure, victorian era, hobby.
Makes sense, I can work with that. The nursery I bought these from seems to work most often in the informal upright, so I will keep building out the foliage pads and trimming. That is awesome, I will put it on the calendar.
Thanks Ed, On that same thread, how far along into the season can I keep trimming back growth. Also, going for a broom shape with this tree, long way to go.
So, my reason is that I do not know what schedule of maintenance they have been on, so I would like to be able to get them down pat before I do anything more dramatic. Agree the leaves are quite large. I trimmed all of the limbs that were out to five nodes down to two nodes, additional ramifications should help reduce the leave size on future growth. I am going in the right direction or thinking incorrectly?
Yes it is, I plan to let it hang out until next spring before I do anything aggressive. I will defoliate next year.
Lol!BC, what is currently there?
Sounds more like Oscar Wilde.
I was comfortable thinking it was magic....thanks guys, for ruining the illusion.
They are great, I use them on painted doors and moldings as well.
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