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Lol, indeed. A full measure!
Mouldings in the ceiling would probably help, it looks like someone decided to do a 'modern' take on a coffered ceiling, which would probably look really cool if it were exposed beams and framing members.
I'm cladding my bar in walnut, will post pics soon.
I'm mostly just making fun of Greenie. ....But she uses my vacuum (and that's not a euphemism). I'll mill each plank of flooring.....but swifter them, well, let's just say a man has to know his limitations.
Who vacuums their own house?
Along with Gome's comment, I agree that one starts to yearn for something other than the typical after a while and those things require waiting. I saw a green marble Kjearholm table in a waxed finish that I thought to be fantastic. Knoll started producing the Saarinen in grey marble recently, it's not such a giant leap, but it's slightly more interesting that usual. There are probably more situations which would benefit from a deviation in choices than white/white that...
Fritz Hansen (Kjearholm), Carl Hansen, Vitra and Herman Miller all have round tables. I agree with Gome, waiting is part of it, especially if you want something other than the typical white or white marble. I've waited six months for chairs/sofa to be special made.
Wfc met their number. Indeed, I think we're set for a pretty good correction.
They're not to my taste, but it's good to see conne participating here.
After a good 6 years of positive gains, many in the double digits, I expect we have a 'show-me' year arriving soon enough. That does not change my course of action much, but I will not be looking for risk in sectors that are already at high PE's. I realize that it's a rationalization of 'gut instinct'.
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