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I have a skirted one piece toilet and I'm pretty happy with it. Installing it was more of a PITA than a normal toilet because the bolt access is tiny, but it was worth it being much nicer to look at. The seat attachment is questionable, being the expanded bolt that SB mentioned. It works....but it doesn't stay centered exactly on the toilet forever, so I find myself adjusting it from time to time.
The results of this week's efforts;
The stores will usually discount heavily from retail. Some of it can even be found on Amazon, ect. For instance, I bought an Axor faucet for my kitchen at about 50% off retail. A local shop (Ferguson) supplied many of my fixtures at a price not far from what Amazon was offering them at, even without much of a request.
If you are interested in something more detailed in the making aspect, check out Curtis Buchanan's videos. They're not very highly edited but he gives basically start to finish in real time, the making of various Windsor chairs.
I enjoyed watching that too, and the workshop is beautiful.
Real nice M, both kitchen and bath look fantastic! One thing that really makes me flinch with pricing....bathtubs! If we ever replace ours I'm just going to build one from cypress.
Hard to suggest out of context, if it's not out of place in your house then I would use the wainscoting. My bathroom has drywall after a tile around the base, so wainscot would survive all the same.
Hakashu 12 is very good!
Good morning! I'm riving away on my chairs, please have a look at the latest round of work performed; As I always I very much look forward to your comments.
er-mes then?
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