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I realize their are always deal hunters out there comparing cards side by side, but Amex has been great to me. Their customer service is fantastic, so long as they are in business and vendors are accepting the card I will use it. Only annoying bit is that a lot of small item vendors outright refuse the card.
It's a great place to visit if you can't poop and you need some help.
The alternate viewpoint is that the stock was well overpriced to begin with, or at least priced with much higher expectations and the poor quarter brought it back to reality. That does not necessarily make it a value buy at this point, you could be paying fair price or just slightly lower expectations.....and a PE of 45 would suggest to me that it's no where near a value buy and people are exiting because its expensive and may not be growing at the pace that is currently...
It equates to a mental block for me, I often aggressively buy as a stock is falling (like oil stocks this past 6-8months), so it's difficult for me to average up and nearly impossible for me to buy at 52 week highs.This has led to a handful of regrets, but not many. CHD is a notable one, I own a good amount of the stock (by % to portfolio) but I had been shy on buying more in the $60 range do to how quickly it drove up. I'd happily pay $60 for it currently...It's one of...
I'll argue that you need to have an expertise of the tools you own (cutting board, knife, ect), but I do not agree that you need to be a chef in order to own good equipment. Cypress, magnolia and paulownia are not expensive woods, they are just japanese. IIRC they are less expensive than walnut.
Agreed, that's a keeper. That's a good looking chair, I'm not in love with wooden seat bottoms, but that would convince me to give it a sit.
The increasing very heavy pressure for regulation every time something terrible happens is just one thing.Ruger is erratic with their dividend stream and SWHC doesnt pay one at all.They are also 1B and 800M in market cap, respectively, thats too small for my interest. I like big cap, I only own a handful of mid-cap and do so under the expectation that they will gain in size rapidly.I was tempted.
No, I thoroughly enjoy both, I just dont want to own either business.
I personally think that excessive branding is obnoxious. The best things even from brands who whore out their labels are often very good and minimally branded. I wish that were the standard rather than more and more people wanting to emulate the monogram bags of the fashion world.
Pio, makes sense. My wife and I regularly debate how much our house should be customized to our own lifestyle since I've gotten to the point where I would like to start building doors that could stand replacement, then probably building replacements for those that do not as well.
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