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Big pre market move on RDSA.
My father and I restored an anvil he had 'laying around' for use in my workshop. I machined the surface and he did the paint work;
I built a bed, so, some changes were made.
They're all 20-30% off of highs that is attractive to me. The riskier ones may not be durable enough to withstand a long term cheap oil where the oil majors will shed or shutter assets and streamline until they are back in a good position. COP, RDSA and BP are cheap, IMO. XOM and CVX....not as much.
A minor griping is part of the mantra here.
True, without more appreciation for the genre it may just be completely lost on me. It's very difficult to avoid comparing this season to the previous in my mind.
+1, I used this as sort of a background entertainment while working in the shop last night. I think they goofed up by coming at this story from so many angles with so many people.I started to rewatch the episode, but so far it still seems really goofy.So, he kills a guy because he took a random gangster at his word, didnt bother to second guess the fellows motives or even question the person when he arrived on the scene.He took the "It wasnt me, it was the one-armed man"...
It may be a while before oil turns around, but I plan to keep chipping away at it as I can. I'm sticking with the major producers, they're often in a position to take advantage of situations like this even though they will suffer in the short term along with everyone else.
It is a wasting asset, but it does make me smile when I look at it.
It seems to have calmed down a bit now. Unlike Greece, the Chinese economy can actually have a real impact on the rest of the world. However, they also have much more ability to manipulate it.
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