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Sorry for the ugly injury, lost control of my floats. ( like a file with chisel shapes teeth).
The second part is a batten for the top, I made three of those in total and they will be joined using a sliding dovetail. The reason for joining them in this fashion is that it will help to retain the top's flatness while allowing it to expand and contract without binding.
I have JW black in a decanter, rather prefer it to seeing the bottle. One of my friends loves it, so giving his low brow scotch a high brow appointment.
sigh…..those times when you do not recognize someone and they recognize you, and then it turns out they live literally two doors down.
I barely notice alcohol on the nose, but that is the result of 9 years of single malts.
Hah, those are incredible as well. My heart is in modernism, but I've grown to appreciate a very well appointed victorian age home.
I just use tumblers. The bars in my area have a tendency to serve scotch ordered 'neat' in a brandy snifter, which I find pretty annoying.
Those are awesome!
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