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Thank you! I wanted an interesting job as a kid and so I worked in a machine shop, it is such enjoyable work for me that I may find myself machining parts for my builds a bit more often.
Good morning! The butler's desk is nearing completion, but there are a few details left to finish, the primary one which has been lingering in my mind for quite a while is the stay for the desktop. While historical examples leave it out, I've been nervous that the desk could be damaged by opening it and letting it flop down without the supporting drawer extended. In order to counter that I've begun building a stay out of 360 brass using a Bridgeport mill and some basic...
Can't you save up for the next 50 yrs while renting someone else's backyard spa?
Plenty of great single malts under $100.
I can't see where renting and saving (plus investing) offers any great advantage, the interest rate is currently 3%, housing prices are rising generally speaking and so if housing is rising at the same rate as the interest rate then you're offering yourself a disadvantage by then paying for rent while saving, assuming also that renting is actually cheaper when in reality it is usually not. You'd be asking a lot of your investments to rise at a rate which covers your...
This is a theoretical discussion (at least on my end). You say taking on leverage for illogical reasons is bad ( I agree) and I say that not taking on leverage for similarly illogical reasons is also a strange approach.I like to take a purely logical approach; if you are earning more than your mortgage rate with income generating assets then why would you sell those assets to exit or avoid a mortgage simply because you do not like banks.....meanwhile investing in those...
You save a little bit of interest at a large increase in risk.Many people plan their savings around a multiplier of their monthly expenses and so that means you're increasing the amount of cash or near-cash on hand to offset the larger payment. This is especially critical for people who work in relatively unstable fields.So there are plenty of reasons why it does not make sense in individual situations. I worked on commission for seven years or so and because it was 60%...
Cool, I'm curious as to what they come up with. I have a screen and would like to replace it with something.
Does it not make more sense just to get a good 30 yr rate and invest the difference in monthly payments at a higher rate? Seems like the difference would have a larger impact than investing the full monthly payment for the remaining 15 years, but I am not certain.
This is a long time off, but I would definitely build the cabinets.The plus side of the upper cabinets are that they enclose everything and avoid the oil slick. So If I were to do something it would be cabinets rather than shelves because I feel the shelves are impractical.
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