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That happens...
Oban 18 is fantastic. I actually like Talisker DE better than the 10 yr. I've been drinking through my Talisker 18 just to get it off my shelf.
Ahh. Thank you autocorrect.
I have walnut stairs, they have worn well. We don't is shoes in the house with exception to my slippers which have a shoe sole.
Why not maple?I pay something like $15/BF for AAA grade walnut in 8/4, so it doesn't surprise me much that it's incredibly expensive as a floor.
That would be a deal breaker for me, if they require carpet for noise reasons I imagine the place is rather noisy.
Those are my two favorite actors in the show, but she just darts out in front of the only car on the road?? One that they had eyes out for?
I could do without them revisiting the previous season so often.
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