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re-watching the first episode provided some insights. The entrance song and entrance theme suggest (to me) that the guy doing this is just doing his own thing. Taking out the trash so to speak, so it makes sense that he would make an attempt on colin's character, maybe the intention is not to kill him because he knows the character is walking the line.
Hmmm, I don't want belabour the point, but I think even a bean bag from that close of a range has a good chance of killing. Near zero chance he walked away from that IRL and yeah I expect they would shoot him in the face. So,,he got all 'evil big bird' for nothing.
shoot a guy while wearing a bird suit? I guess....
Well, it was done with Lie Neilsen plane, but you know I am a samurai carpenter enthusiast.
No one knows what Tsipras will do. I'm not buying yet, holding out for more negativity.
Sounds more like a party.
I expect so also.
I create engineering type drawings to layout proportion, then follow up with detail drawings of the joinery to make certain that minimum cross-sections are maintained. I work from classical proportion then adjust to practical requirements and then occasionally further adjust in the build. Classical proportions are based on the golden ratio and Fibonacci series, adjusted to practical requirements such as seating height and in this case the typical measurements of...
Not sure if you guys are curious of the details of this project, but here we go; Mock up to check square and mark out the tenons. I used the cut side as a template to mark out the opposite side, then double check that I'm going to hit my marks once the center crossmember is tightened up. All looks good and the frame is square. Also very important to keep an eye out for twist. These outside joints are square solid and square, but before they're wedged it is quite...
It's impossible for Greece to have no real effect, someone holds their bonds and their will certainly be a ripple effect....dont know how large until it happens, IMO.
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