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I'll happily mail you the rest of the 18 in exchange for a bottle of the DE. Talisker is also one of my favorites, but the 18 is not doing much for me at all. I notice some whisky's do not get really interesting until 25 years, but I'm not really willing to take the chance that talisker is one of them. Bunnahabhain 25 is far superior to the 18, but the 18 is very nice and practically speaking a smoother version of the 12 yr without anything that hinders it. The 25 is...
Get it in an exotic wood and it likely won't need to match. I've been kicking around the idea of building another since I have some rosewood veneer laying around. Current one is quickly getting filled up.
IMO, 18 talisker sucks. The talisker 10 and DE are much better. If you want an 18 in that spectrum I would do Bunnahabhain, which is one islay that ages very well. In the time since I bought talisker 18 I've gone through four bottles of the 10 and DE combined.
I'm a kill bill kind of a guy, so I'm ok with that.
Risom stuff does nothing for me personally, it's always too mindful of quick production.
Doesn't offend me much, but it will certainly reduce the value if that matters to you.
Thanks Finn!
Tough to have an entire room to display your antique weapons when you live in a smaller place, as mentioned the OP lives in an apartment. Given the choice between living room and bedroom, I'd put it in the living room. I think I would be more unnerved by someone having an armoury in their house than two swords in their living room, but neither would really bother me.
It's my take that Idfnl likes to be devil's advocate as a way of understanding other points of view. This is a fair approach and has created some of the more interesting side bar topics. I have never taken it to be malicious or as chest pounding, just as a way to further the discussion by having one expound on their point.
I've put some thought into this, and I appreciate the offer but I think I'll pass. I don't stand to gain much insight, personally, as I will not be buying a rove product and the original of the leather is going to be nearly impossible to find.My personal favorite leathers in terms of quality are Prima from Spinneybeck, Carl Hansen's SIf (rightly named after the goddess), Fritz Hansen's elegance and Poultra Frau's top shelf stuff (don't know the name off hand). What...
New Posts  All Forums: