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If you are interested in something more detailed in the making aspect, check out Curtis Buchanan's videos. They're not very highly edited but he gives basically start to finish in real time, the making of various Windsor chairs.
I enjoyed watching that too, and the workshop is beautiful.
Real nice M, both kitchen and bath look fantastic! One thing that really makes me flinch with pricing....bathtubs! If we ever replace ours I'm just going to build one from cypress.
Hard to suggest out of context, if it's not out of place in your house then I would use the wainscoting. My bathroom has drywall after a tile around the base, so wainscot would survive all the same.
Hakashu 12 is very good!
Good morning! I'm riving away on my chairs, please have a look at the latest round of work performed; As I always I very much look forward to your comments.
er-mes then?
It is pronounced "er-may", correct? I find it unnerving to listen to the Kentucky pronunciation of Versailles, which is Ver-sales, everything else is fine with me. If you want to dine in 'Mitch-lyn' restaurants and have your violins made by a 'loo-tea-er', then have at it. I think it tends to be an industry thing, for a chef it's likely important to pronounce everything associated correctly. For Japanese tool users one needs to pronounce the names correctly or sound...
In order to feel more manly WRT my vacuum, I installed a Oneida V3000 into the garage.
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