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Hasegawa Kosaburo pneumatic nailers
Interesting rumors around CHD this morning. I was shocked to see the price climb 10% this morning...then taper back down to 2% when CHD made official statements.
LOL. My guess is that's just a quick way to make a knife that cuts well for most people's intentions (micro serrations) for a fairly long time. I've seen scissors made like that.
Thanks Butch! I've got some dovetailing videos coming up soon. Should add another dimension to this format of showing the build process.
You're right to have them do that its nice to have power in the attic when you need it. I joke because I know the feeling, I always had to hire people at work that would make fun of the last contractor all while taking the path of least resistance on the re-do of that same project (usually moving fixtures). So I have yet to hire anyone for anything at my house with exception to one plumber. He was wonderful but ended up fixing a problem I didn't have.
I thought Seattle was more laid back
I updated my blog; https://brianholcombewoodworker.com/2016/05/14/the-bulters-desk-base-frame-continued/
That festool saw is great, I have one for roughing out. Get a couple blades for it if you are cutting anything heavier than 4/4 solid wood then you'll need a rip blade. The combination blade will burn anything thicker than 4/4 (and 4/4 often enough). The combo blade is awesome in plywood.
Appreciate the thought.IMO, They're laying it on a little thick there...that's a very long way of saying that they're doing glue-up panels with some basic selection process involved. The backs are likely veneer over MDF, but they might be veneer over ply, either way is fine and quite acceptable.They're also saying that they aren't consistent piece to piece, so the end user will have to live with some variegation. I also think that's quite fine, the alternative for most...
So it's harder for me to duplicate something engineered around a totally different type of material (plywood) than it is to simply start over with a similar goal in mind and create my own design that works around solid wood and has all the desired features. If Moo wanted to go that route I would design for him and give him pricing. However, being a custom piece made on the opposite side of the country and basically non-replaceable I'd want to plan out the logistics...
New Posts  All Forums: