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Makes me laugh, without fail, every time!
The point is not wether or not you think it is worth paying for, the point is that there are clearly defined levels each available to a customer at a variety of prices and each requiring different levels of skill to undertake. I don't want to see undulations in my walls, hence I feel it is worth paying for (or in my case, doing myself). The more work, the more you pay for said work. No one is getting ripped off if they're paying for a level of work that they want and...
You're likely assuming on 'patch and paint' which is a fast job and looks ok. Likely you will see seams and undulations in the wall, nail pops are filled and cracks are likely filled, probably not cut out, taped, filled and worked flat over 3-4 coats.Consider that prepping walls for eggshell paint is very time consuming; done properly it involves 3-4 coats of drywall compound at each joint and a skim coat.Going over already existing walls adds to the time, because you...
Cool! You acquired some nice looking cedar for the project, as well.
The one bullet thing is insanely stupid, even more do when it's put into context of a handgun. I thought initially she meant to be a sharp shooter, but no. ..
Nice work Butch! I don't use steel much anymore (in my work) but I've always enjoyed TIG welding stainless.
Does anyone still make decent boxer shorts. I can't find RL purple label anymore....sigh.... Need to find some similar quality...well ok I "need" to find some. Suggestions welcomed.
In Aus, I wouldn't be surprised if there are some incredibly precious woods in that house. One of my fellow furniture makers uses jarrah ex-roofing timbers (he's in Aus) for his work. Really beautiful wood. The American equivalent would be a house made with walnut timbers, in respect to how precious the wood is.
How about some Breuer chairs?The HM desks are really awesome, I used one for a few months, very enjoyable.
Nice! I can't speak for all of it, but I believe the Christiansen made coffee tables are more desirable, the same may be true for the chairs.
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