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Agreed, most people have figured out that they are valuable at this point. The price increases on a lot of this stuff, even current manufacturing. The price on my lc3 chair has been raised three times since I purchased it a few years ago.
Try Finn Juhl's Chieftain and Model 45. Hans Wegner's papa bear, wing back, and oculus, Arne Jacobsen's egg chair, Mogen's Koch wingback chair, Mogensen's spanish chair, Kjearholm's lounge chair to name a few.
Most of the major Danish pieces make eames look cheap by comparison, so you'll find a new piece to be up-in-arms about soon enough.
Nice choices! I think the order is pretty good, i might make talisker last since you're moving away from sherried finishes by that point.
No real point LD, just shaking my head at the 'process'.
I'm surprised it hasn't become an issue for them yet.Who'd a thunk it, drinking sugar water leads to diabetes. I don't see this as quite the same, but I expect it will eventually become an issue.
On top of that, is it news to them that smoking is bad for them? It's been fairly well known for about 60 years.
LOL, I suppose my question is as redundant as the process. The family has been award $16M in compensation and the punitive damages are likely to be completely overturned. The stock is now barely effected by it hours into the trading day.
I'm baffled by the reasoning behind a jury awarding $23B to a widow do a smoker. The number is likely to be reduced to double digit millions or less, so why do they bother with this process?
Not such an easy comparison. Rather, compare it to other upholstered lounge chairs and see how it does.
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