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I can't stand wood look. I'm not convinced that vinyl will save anything, I have it on my main floor and it hasn't saved anything from breaking. Unfortunately my woodworking causes me tired hands and do I've let go of more than my fair share of coffee cups and tumblers.
I prefer it for pretty much everything except tabletops or bar/counter. You don't need to French polish, just pad on and it looks nicer than oil finish and is without metallic dryers.
Not sure on the wood, but I like the ceiling, came out great! I've painted all of my ceilings grey on my second floor (negotiating with my wife to do the first as well). I like the color for ceilings because I like white for walls and both look nice with practically any species of wooden furniture/trim/etc. I'm not great on bug damage since I rarely deal with it.
Boring after seeing people base a lot of work on it for 50 years...sure, but boring in the same way that masterworks are boring.
Terrible what has happened there, who would want to be the man to kick The Four Seasons out of the Seagram building?
Sorry Butch, It seems I left that out in my post I forget if I covered it in previous posts at this point, but here is a photo of the groove in the drawer above; MW, I find that restoration comes in handy at times, they do have some nice bauhaus looking things that aren't overly expensive that work as filler. For instance, I have something like nine ceiling mount lights, doing that in all Louis Poulsen, etc lighting gets outrageously expensive, so I did one in...
I have a different version of dollar cost averaging being that I hold positions over years with a goal of holding them even longer. I am also dealing with new money and each new position I take requires additional research on my part. Once I got to about 25 companies I found myself still only following along very closely with say 20~ of them and so I have less conviction about those last five. That being considered I would rather put new money into existing positions...
If you own a mid-long term bond fund, do you not expose yourself to losses in a rising rate environment....assuming we every actually get to the point where the environment can be described as rising rate?
I like French polish, but I've never heard anyone describe it as 'low effort'.If you can fill the pores successfully then getting from pore filling to a beautiful finish is actually pretty quick, but getting the pores filled is time consuming. Most people who do the work spend the majority of their time at that stage.I do a light coat of shellac on furniture now, but not what one would consider french polish.
Technolumen, but possibly nicer and at a much higher price point.
New Posts  All Forums: