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There is one brandy i really like…Germain Robin. Really nice stuff and not as expensive as comparable cognacs, nice if you like sweet cognac. I like the older Tesseron lots as well, so likely if you are into any of those Germain Robin should work out for you and vice versa. Nothing quite beats cognac if you like a cigar. I love Lagavulin….i used to be much more into the heavily sherried or otherwise sweetened whiskies (IIRC Nectar D'or is a sauternes finish?), now my...
I like to think I do the same as Chogall in investing for the long term but keeping a close eye on the short term. I was tempted by more RDSA today….couldnt resist the urge to lower my cost basis. LIttle bit of a gamble on reduced output. Russia has taken a firm stance, but I expect the US and OPEC will back down a bit.
A little overdone, but I thought overall better than the movie.Both are in fact better than the movie iterations. I am hoping someone pics up the series and continues it.
Using an abrasive cleaner is what dulled the copper. It's likely that you will get it back to being a mirror without some serious effort. Unless it's truly offensive I would leave it alone. Those are likely buffed to that finish with industrial buffing machines before the handles are attached.
it's going to be like this until people get bored of china.
IIRC Phillips 66 was a Todd Combs buy.Buffett has a history of dumping oil stocks when looking to acquire something. He was putting together cash for big purchases when dumping stuff like Conoco in 2008.IMO I think he also generally over-pays for oil stocks, I never see Buffet acquisitions of big oil during downturns in the industry only during upswings.EDIT, sorry did not realize he added so much more to the stake this morning. Good on him.
I feel my friends of my own age are split between whiners and people who are workaholics. Most of my close friends, who happen to be around my age, are workaholics. It could just be that I find whiners to be annoying, but I know enough people that aren't lazy that I don't think my generation is all that lame.
Where does one acquire a high quality Edo-Bitsu? I found one from Miyake that looks pretty sweet, but not much else coming up.
meh, I'm still off by about 8% from peak. Not concerned to always be making new highs, but It tempers my enthusiasm from seeing the return to positive numbers.
Indeed, I went with this plan-file type system for that purpose. What is worse than having every thing dumped into a jewelry box and you can't see what you have. Honestly I would have gambled with making even more drawers but thinner drawers but I didn't know how thin to go before they became impractical. I'm sort of fanatical about laying out everything nicely, but I dont own a ton of stuff. For those with more stuff, and who might be less fanatical, a little extra...
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