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I enjoy the pace it moves it, really enjoy the show as well. I originally thought it would be really stupid, but has surprised me in being really good.
Knife, rice spatula, chop sticks, shark skin board to grind the wasabi. Also need an a cypress oke hangiri to spread out the rice.
Nope, someone else's blog.
It's interesting, once everything else is right you need to time it perfectly. It's a bit overwhelming at times but I suspect I'll be able to get it down pat. I had he same feeling when cooking steaks, now they're automatic because I know exactly what to do. I'm down with pathological perfectionism....though I've yet to make s perfect thing.
I'm surprised it cracked across the grain. Did it crack right over s leg? IMO I would have probably glued the crack and clamped it shut. Someone probably installed a leg a bit too aggressively...rosewood doesn't compress much at all.
How bad is the chip? After you fix it you may want to put a small microbevel on it to strengthen the edge. Small meaning a few swipes on the 8k stone. I do this on knives and chisels. If it's a single bevel, just do it on the bevel side.
Do they dish worse than chosera? Chosera aren't bad, but I wish they were a lot harder. Do you guys keep a finish stone in hand to touch up your blades as you use them? Most of my blades don't see anything other than finish stones after setup.
Forgot to take a photo until the end. After many (many!) failures and plenty of guests who request me not to make sushi for them, I think I'm getting close.
A honed edge will hold up better than a rougher edge, so if the intend it for utility than the honed edge is the one to have. If you look at a rough edge under a microscope you'll see a lot of jagged peaks, those peaks wear off very rapidly leaving a ragged and dull edge within a few cuts.
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