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I think it gets worse next week, now that they're doing this all of the fallout will start to surface. If your economy is running smoothly....why do this? hah.
Yeah, I'm on the fence about wether or not to put more money in, or wait a while for this mess to unfold. I started adding to oil positions way too early after the Saudis kept pumping (fall 2014 IIRC), so I'm a bit gun shy at the moment, it's been working out but those positions would be massively profitable if I waited about a while longer. IE the stuff I bought late 2015-early 2016 makes me feel like a champion, and the stuff I bought prior to that makes me feel like a...
The cabinet back panels are now completed and installed into the Butler’s desk. If any were wondering my reasoning behind having fully blind dados to hold the web frames, it should now be apparent, at least, in terms of aesthetics. Having the web frames installed into blind dados allowed me to retain full thickness of the outside carcass in the view from the back of the case. https://brianholcombewoodworker.com/2016/06/23/the-butlers-desk-cabinet-back/ ^^Click the above...
It's a weird decision in my opinion, even weirder to be sold as 'no-brainer'.
Not sure the reference. My wife insisted, and this case she was smart to do so.
When you pack your freezer with ribs, steaks and chops for the coming week(s)....and the bastard dies on you.....and it's a year old. Then you call and tell them to come fix this shit because you're one of the idiots that actually bought the extended warranty,.. 'we'll be out tomorrow afternoon (long after your food has gone bad and no cooler is saving that shit).'....because they dont work on mondays. On the plus side I'll be cooking steaks, chops and ribs for the...
I haven't been very good about updating this thread with my blog posts, so apologies for that but there are some back-issues for those that would like additional reading material....and youtube videos. https://brianholcombewoodworker.com/2016/06/11/the-butlers-desk-casework-part-4/ Looking forward to any questions or comments you might have.
Finn, I haven't had a chance to reply, but we're practically in agreement for the most part. Douglas, I've looked at one of those lamps for the last 7 years, they're off-white and the yellow part of it is due to the light. I'd not worry about it unless your really wanting a 5000k bulb in there which will look awful on everything it shines light onto. Everything white that has a bulb shining through it or reflecting off of it looks more yellow.
I don't find it entirely loathsome, they need to keep the line from getting stale somehow and digging something out of the archives is one way to do it, but I do roll my eyes on a lot of it. The big American houses do it all the same and fwiw it's fairly common in other industries, how many old casks do scotch distillers somehow 'stumble upon' and open up....only to realize they actually have enough to make an entire production run from it and just never noticed it stuck...
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