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I'm not discounting their ability to grow, but at a PE of 94 I think they have sizeable growth expectations built in. My basis is and always has been 'where from here?'. I see eventual rationalisation over continued outsized expectations. I'm here to make money, so I don't want to be on the wrong end of hype.
Alright, but then what else are you buying, if not an earnings stream? If your speculating on the price, then what do you expect it to be priced at in the future? Doubling your money requires this company to be one of the most valuable companies in the world, I don't see that for a platform that I can upload pictures of myself and post daily musings. Just conversation, IMO. Not taking the topic personally or making personal jabs.
PE is 94, hard to call it cheap with any comparison. Tech majors with consistent earrings begin to trade like normal stocks on a basis of PE once the hype deflates. IMO. Their earnings are 1/2 or 1/3 of what they should be for a company of their market cap.
IMO, I'd do one piece, it's a bit hokey as a full set. I'm biased, being against matched full room sets.
You'd have to be truly dedicated to the style.
How do you like that Balvenie 21? Part of what I enjoy most about Balvenie are the bourbon characteristics, wondering if they are still there in the 21 yr?
Sorry for the ugly injury, lost control of my floats. ( like a file with chisel shapes teeth).
The second part is a batten for the top, I made three of those in total and they will be joined using a sliding dovetail. The reason for joining them in this fashion is that it will help to retain the top's flatness while allowing it to expand and contract without binding.
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