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Much appreciated, but not sure I would have much use for them.
That redwood is nice.
I would contact Nate Spaulding, Furniture Conservator, and ask him.
Place where glue bottles are stored.
Wanted to cover my glue closet with some shoji, also finished the drywall to the right.
Bassamfellows stuff is quite nice. Foo is also accurate in saying that the stools are ubiquitous but still nicely made all the same. They're sort of priced about the same as most studio furniture. I really enjoy the brand, only complaint being that I think they could spec wider base material and use sequence matched lumber. Other brands in the same price range are doing that. In that quality range they should be buying full logs and sequencing joints not randomly...
Any who as a shareholder I think they should clawback pay from tolsted. To be in charge of that division for so many years it's likely that she knew what was happening. They were firing people for it, but did not do much to eliminate it.
And invest in them at the same time? I dont think so.
Agreed, they should strike a decent balance between being helpful and being a nuisance. Though frankly I feel most companies should back down a bit, I don't need email and mailing constantly to keep me 'engaged'. However I'm certain that any company who backs down on these things also loses business to their competition. So it is certainly seen from varying perspectives. Frankly I've always taken a semi-passive approach in that I pursue business that I consider viable...
I'm not sure what most companies really expect to gain by browbeating their staff into selling products that customers dont really want (or need), however it must work since practically every one of them does it. I'd be really surprised if this disaster is limited to WFC, as my local experience with WFC is similar to all of the other large banks. They're pushed to sell just like everyone else who pushes their people to sell. I really wouldn't say any of this is a...
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