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You can install them however you want....but they will buckle in the humidity, or if they are installed in the humidity then they will shrink to show gaps in the dry weather.They are showing you new floors, not floors that have been through a few seasons or years and years of seasonal movement. If you look at a floor like this in the summer you will see all the boards are cupped because the expansion has to go somewhere.Also, please note that they offer those widths, but...
OTC, if the floors are unfinished it would not be unusual to sand at install.
Which is fine in a 4" wide board, not so much in an 8" wide board....But what do I know....
Unless you refinish your floors regularly I wouldn't worry about it.It's only been a thing for about 1000 years or so....
The engineered can likely be laid tightly, where the solid wood is going to require a gap to expand. 8" wide flat sawn could move 1/8"~ over the coarse of the seasons. I think the gap is good, but it's something to consider since it is not to everyones taste and it's somewhat rustic. ^ see the gaps?
Because I like them.
Whatever you do, do not buy any Hans Wegner chairs.
Unfortunate but I'm fairly certain these are no longer available newly made.
It's not my favorite, I think Mies' caned MR arm chairs are better, personally.
Did your grandmother collect Bauhaus furniture?
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