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Mac 18 is not bad, it's a solid scotch. It's just caught on a bit too much with the 'lifestyle' people. Everytime someone forcibly introduces me to 'their friend, who also drinks scotch', they're inevitably a Macallan drinker who feels the need to tell about the time they had a really expensive bottle and how expensive it was... I feel like many scotch drinkers have this same experience and so all end up a bit salty on Macallan. My go-to continues to be lagavulin 16,...
Certainly. Abundah is a great scotch, so you've got a proper introduction. It's much better than starting off with Macallan or JW. I started with Balvenie rum cask, my brother bought me a bottle 10 years ago, and my tastes have moved toward islays which are generally peated to heavlly peated. But, enjoy, the fun of scotch is in variety.
It takes me a few tastings to really fine tune my opinion about anything, so if you found it mediocre this time, you may come back to it at another time and find you really enjoy. The opposite has happened as well. Also, not sure if you like a cigar with scotch, but that changes preferences for me as well. I generally prefer peatier scotches, but when pair with a cigar I'll move to sherried scotches, best of both worlds being sherried islay's.
Oban 18, nice!The 14 never did much for me, but the 18 is worlds apart from it.
And a bit of excitement today.
Hollows and rounds. I am planning to use moulding planes for door handles and such, i have designs on using a slight indent and round over on a full length door handle, these will get me there and also produce a finished surface. I ca do it with my router table, but then I must sand to finish.I have a dovetail plane and dado plane from them which definitely count into my favourite tools. They wind up being a very good combination of what I want from a workhorse and...
A recent source of lust.
Are you guys talking about carry permits or just gun permits, period?
Don't confuse ribbing for hating, I really don't hate any of the regular participants in this thread. Some comments I find annoying...but thats another matter.
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