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Does this thread really have to come to blows every few pages?
My wife tells me I make everything about woodwork.
MC, The toughest part about your plan is that if you see initial success you're highly likely to make a big bet and get your ass kicked later on. There is a slight bit of intuitive involved when waiting for a dip in order to buy more. Am I a product of the GFC, so I never buy after a run-up, and sometimes that is stupid as the run up continues much further than expected and a 'dip' never hits the price that you were waiting for. My personal investing template provides...
I hate wood-look anything, just get tile that looks like tile.
Rick is slowly showing the team that it's easier to just get the job done, something he learned from Carl I presume.
Wegner by Andreas Tuck.
I don't mind good looking tv's, I find 60" to be big but have one in my study. I have a smaller tv on my main floor that is much nicer looking and slightly smaller, also sits more flush to the wall. The roll down screen could be really cool, but I would not normal put a painting over a credenza, so I'm ok to just show the TV.
Pretty solid.
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