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Because I like them.
Whatever you do, do not buy any Hans Wegner chairs.
Unfortunate but I'm fairly certain these are no longer available newly made.
It's not my favorite, I think Mies' caned MR arm chairs are better, personally.
Did your grandmother collect Bauhaus furniture?
The first machine made and commercially available plywood is the middle 19th century. Your critique is accurate, it's a value judgement based on implied values which are not accurate. Top made furniture is often including veneered surfaces and it is NOT to be cheap, it is a proper method of constructing panels. Also, it is not simply used to show off rainforest woods and unique burls, although both are commonly used in veneer form. I will comment also that I do not...
Ancient Egyptians created plywood.
Wood veneer is applied over stable substrate for use in situations where wood expansion and contraction must be countered such as flush face paneling or stuff like parson's tables. You cannot make a completely solid frame and panel if you must account for movement in the panel itself. There are very few species of woods used as veneers that could not be used structurally, but yes burls and heavily figured woods can be impractical to use without proper considerations. I...
Nice on the chairs foo.
Happy as can be!!! Also wish I had bigger positions.
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