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I will add my voice to those that had a good time.  Was a pleasure to match names and faces, but now I have to remember them! and I am still a little fuzzy on some.  Don't know if that was me or the liquor!!   Beau
Frank,   You should have told me before I visited! :)   Will plan to visit next time I am in town.  We did manage to find a good local pub on the other side of the river for lunch though.   Beau
 My mom told me never to give money to strangers!
Frank,   Thanks for posting the pictures.  A nice reminder of my recent visit.  The surprise for me was the Jermyn St was what I had pictured Savile Row to be like.  Small older shops on a narrow street all bunched together. Present day Savile Row is more open and "corporate" than I had imagined.  As it was my first time in London the arcades were a pleasant surprise.  Can't remember which one (Burlington?) has great macarons as well as vintage Omega watches.  Could have...
These followed me home from my London trip.  Guess I'll keep them.  I know there are some oxblood derby's waiting out there for me too!! :)   Have to say that I tried a few different manufacturer's shoes on and for the RTW these fit me the best.  I just don't have the skinny feet most people seem to have these days or I am not willing to walk around with shoes that squeeze.   If you are in London you should pay a visit to the shop.  Friendly and helpful, even...
Waiting for my trip to begin.  Will be in London next week and plan on visiting the shop. Planning on robbing a bank before I leave :)
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