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I stopped by the store the yesterday purely by chance.  Actually stopped when I saw them taking pictures out front.  Now it was a snowy day and there weren't many customers around  but they were still stocking the place but they took some time with me and I actually stayed much longer than I expected.  Very helpful in answering questions and gave me hope as they do have larger sizes, and have long ties in stock!!  and at least they carry makers who actually produce sizes...
Is it the scar?  If it is, that hipster flannel covers those better than most shirt fabrics. 
 Not as dangerous as you think, unless you tried to hold on to one and aim it!  Now don't get me started on roman candle duels 
Have 2 girls and believe it or not Minecraft is a bit of an obsession in our place especially when they connect to each other. Hard to build tree forts as they would stick out in Brooklyn and probably aren't legal in any case.   Nerf guns are for weenies!!  We used BB guns when we were kids but we also had several hundred acres to play on!!  When we ran out of BBs there were always bottle rockets around. :)
 Mine are 10 and trust me this is nothing like the stuff they post! Now it's just a matter of putting names to shoes and seeing if you remember the faces.  I'm easy, I'm in boots and jeans.  Jeremy is easy also but for a different reason. :)
 Only because you put your socks on in the subway!!  My boots appear to be the answer to what doesn't belong in the picture!!
I will add my voice to those that had a good time.  Was a pleasure to match names and faces, but now I have to remember them! and I am still a little fuzzy on some.  Don't know if that was me or the liquor!!   Beau
 My mom told me never to give money to strangers!
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