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Well assuming he doesn't want to match a pocket square or some other accessory, I'd go with purple.  More aubergine than lavender would be my preferred shade.
Another fine example of single color shoes that will fit the period:   Maybe lace them with a color?
Thanks for the answer.  I had emailed them also before but I just tried again.  Hopefully see you there!!
Come along Rupert, the girls showers are off limits.
I thought I would share with the thread a pair of my rescue shoes.  I found these side lace oxfords (??) being neglected on eBay and they actually fit when I received them.  I have been trying to find the time for some better pictures and I will take some if people are interested.  When I received them I thought they would have to be resoled but the cobbler said no and polished/cleaned them and put a thin leather pad in the bottom.  They are different and I have received...
Well my philosophy is always keep it as simple as possible. The easy choice would be a pair of spectator's, white and with the contrast color say to match his tie or other accessory.  My choice would be a simple yet adventurous all white saddle oxford as pictured below.  You could vary the shading if you wish but I'd stick pretty close to all white.  Would have to be careful about his sock choice but I think it would look great and he could easily use the shoes at other...
Once more into the breech:   $450
I'll go $375.
Not in the market for bespoke right now but would it be possible to stop by and look at their wares.  WIll they be bringing sample shoes etc so that we can browse or will they only be doing measurements for orders?
I was in London several weeks ago for the first time.  The arcades were a pleasant surprise.  I had heard of them but I pictured them as dark with stodgy old stores as that's how they appeared in some of the pictures.  The reality is that the one's I was in were bright and airy and full of stores selling unique items.  Yes there were the occasional duds but I found some of the best macaron's I have ever had (including Paris) in one and I had a sublime cup of tea in another...
New Posts  All Forums: