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Stickers would be great. Weren't there DIY name tags last year.?
I should be able to stop by on Friday. Had a great time last year. Beau
Did you guys know who he was?      
Easiest way would be to use Synth's "black bar" to hide identities, which would be hilarious on it's own.  Otherwise you would need to get model releases from anyone depicted or cut them in on the action.  Who knows where it could lead; putting the images on ties would be hilariously bad but good.  Bets could be taken on how long it would take for one of the subjects to show up wearing "his" tie!
Visited the Maftei trunk show yesterday, despite the weather in NYC.  Roxana couldn't have been nicer to someone who came in not wanting shoes right now.  There were a lot more shoes there than I expected.  They had just started making wholecuts and she had a few of them prominently displayed.  From an admitted novice point of view the construction of the shoes seems first rate.  I can't tell you if there is any structural, or wearing issue with pegged construction but...
Don't have too many words for these.  Did anyone else see these?  Hopefully the story will come out because I would be fascinated to know the back story.
Thanks for the answer.  I had emailed them also before but I just tried again.  Hopefully see you there!!
Once more into the breech:   $450
I'll go $375.
Not in the market for bespoke right now but would it be possible to stop by and look at their wares.  WIll they be bringing sample shoes etc so that we can browse or will they only be doing measurements for orders?
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