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To button up or not the button up - that is the serious question. The poll is more a general consensus, but for specifics like dress shirts, long sleeves, polo shirts I am curious if there is a difference.                 
I came across this article in Fashion Bean ( that talks about how to wear a long sleeve polo. Long sleeve polos can sometimes look grandpa-ish, but here it shows some good examples of sharp looking guys wearing them even combining them with a suit. Where do you get your long sleeve polos and how do you wear them?   A
Check out this gift guide blog for some ideas
Does your friend or family member have an ugly polo? Help them out!     Purchase your gift card HERE
    Purchase your gift card HERE
Some recently deigned polo shirts built by customers - thoughts?
They are for sure going to run into Carol again... I really don't know what to think about those kids - I like the theory that Carol is covering for the "strong" one.   In all honesty though growing up in this kind of environment has to breed at least ONE serial killer/sociopath/psycho, right?
Hershel was a house fav - RIP wise old man, we will miss all the sense you made
Sketchy - some of the manikins looks like they have boobs...
Black Friday Sale for Vastrm - Design Your Own Made to Measure Polos starting at $59
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