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For those looking to get some C&J's, Kurt Geiger have a 20% off code - KGPRIORITY - at the moment.
^ Looking great Farhad, which model are those?
I think you get 10% off your first order if you sign up for their email list... or maybe they might take off the VAT for you as your outside the EU zone.
 No need just buy that if you want it.. 
^^ -- @Cleav are they the Hartland's in mushroom?
 More pictures from the C&J Facebook Page 
C&J MTO Ernest Shackleton Replica Boots for Ross Turner   @CTBrummie looks like C&J can do full bellow tongues...  
I always find it interesting to see craft goods like these being made, just for the ranging skills, processes, the care and quality involved at each step. If you think about it, even what we see as the simpler tasks (such as the staining of the soles, or when it looks like they are just pushing the shoes in spinning buffing brushes), are probably much more complicated and rely on a great deal of embodied craft/techne/knowledge of the part of the employees. Not to...
Yes your completely right. That is reason for the complete success (and its enduring success see its share price since 2008 during the recession no fixed costs for manufacturing etc) of RL, the fact that it sells multiple lifestyles, all with different labels and brands appealing to more segmented market niches (preppy "Polo", italian tailored "Black Label", British Savile Row "Purple Label", hipster "Denim & Supply", new-vintage "RRL", etc.. ).  The man above captures and...
There are some new C&J video's online today for those interested:!_Series_7_Reversions_Northampton/    Skip to 30mins in.   Then here:   edit - actually the first link is a repeat sorry.
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