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In! I'll send an email sketch.
  I have always made adjustment requests in notes section. I.e. "Sending shirt in for replication with following adjustments:.."  I'm sure to be very specific and exact as possible while not being too wordy. I always line item adjustment requests and reference attached photos when needed. I try and make it as easy as possible to interpret and execute on the other end.
  Safest bet in my opinion… Suitsupply
Purely a huntch, but I suspect they may have "batched" your orders, as to minimize shipping costs on their end. I remember this being talked about on here in the past. Do some searching on here and you may find some discussion.
My fourth order came in this week and I think I finally nailed down my measurements.    This has been a good (although somewhat pricey) learning experience for me. I approached this with an open mind and a willingness to make some mistakes and take a few hits to get my fit right. I think I have finally got everything really close. To make things more complicated I have been losing weight, so my pattern has been evolving.   Pants:   Pants have been the most...
  Is there a practical reason why the right belt loop is a a little longer then the left? 
Great looking trousers, did you get them lined?
Has anyone sent in a shirt that you have pinned areas that need adjustment? If so how did that work out?
Hey folks, Could really use some advice on optimizing my fit. I am sending this shirt and chino out for replication with some modifications. The areas I'm not happy with are highlighted, mainly arms front and back. Also, my biggest gripe, the back (particularly lower back). The pants, need to be longer and bigger lower leg openings, my biggest area of concern is the seat. My plan of attack:Shirt: adjust for sloping shoulders (not accounted for in pics below). Decrease back...
  These look great, as well as your CXL creation! How different are these side by side? Color profiles look very similar.
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