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 Good to hear! I am seriously considering doing a project with them or other West Tex makers. What are your thoughts on the shell? Is it showing a lot of wrinkles/waves per standard dress shoes? I haven't ran across too many makers that work in shell for western boots, those look awesome.
  How are these holding up? Any break in issues?
For chinos and maybe tweed trousers, would jeans or dress pant measurements be more appropriate?   As others have mentioned, I used jeans measurements for dress pants and the results were disastrous...
 Subtracting the weekend and shipping time (3-4 days minimum to US in my experience), what you really want to know is can they turn it around in 6 production days. In my recent experience (4 orders over last 2 months) I have not had that fast of a turn around, fast indeed, but not as fast as you are asking.
 I just picked up this belt and it matched the rust color exactly. The original link is no longer active, but if anyone s still interested, the color to search on Orion site is "rich brown". Enjoy
Just got turned not this site.    What ar thoughts on the #220 Cone Golden State, as a first pair of selvedge?   I previously have been wearing Lucky Brand jeans  bc honestly I can reliable find 38x36 and know what I'm getting, and I have been happy. Looking to "step up" my denim.    Also, seriously considering help fund that Oak Fuchsia Plaid!!!
Shoe trees:   What is the difference (functional ?) between split toe and full toe shoe tress?    Is there a benefit or preference of one style over other?
PSA: Jos A. Bank shoe trees I learned about on this thread are on sale again, 12.50   Not the 8.00 as before, but this is the lowest I have seen them in a while.   Anyone know if these are still rebranded AE trees?
 I suggest sending in your best fitting pair and have them base your pattern on that and adjust as needed moving forward. I have done both sending on measurements and replication, I won't do measurements again. There are just too many variables with pants. Hope this helps.
Well I returned my MccLeans last week. The leather difference was a surprise and I didn't really care for it enough to keep it. I think it will fit some niche in the rotation for a more "rough" or distressed look, but I already have that covered.    The leather is very think and feels of high quality would break in nice after a while.    Moving forward I picked up a replacement pair of original 1000 in rust form @Crane's I had a great experience and would definitely...
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