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  Thanks for the feedback K75, These are 65 last, and the fit might be off a little for me, and these are on the 65last. I am all over the place with the 65 last. The best fit I have found is 15c with the Stands and they fit perfect. These are 15d (d width is the only availability) and they feel a little tight at widest part of my foot and there is a lot of room (long) in the toe box. Think I should drop down to 14 and up the with e-eee? For reference I have keniel worths...
 Thanks RB and PCorn, I definitely think the sticking is off, will follow up with customer service.  Thanks!
Hey folks,   I just got a pair of Bleeker Street in the mail (Bob's chili). I am new to chukka boots so not sure if this is typical, but I am getting an unusual crease on the left boot, in the tongue near where the vamp starts. Do y'all think this will work its self out during break-in, or could this be a possibe defect? I really like the new color, and these boots. My only complaint would be a wide vamp creating a gap in the lace area, maybe this will decrease after a...
I'm going to pull the trigger on a pair of Bleeker Streets while they are on sale.   What's the deal with the rubber sole? Is that replaceable like a topy? If I ultimately want to topy, should I just pay he up-chage for full leather and then topy?   Any advice on which way to go here?   Thanks! 
  I have made three separate pant and shirt orders. I have really struggled with getting the pant fit down, I highly recommend sending in a pair for replication. 
 That is the email I have on file.
My turn around times  My turn around times have been around a month. You can add more time for special/non standard requests, if you send in an item for replication, if you fabric choice is not common stock... Hang tight 
  @CruzAzul  Do you have any pics of the "CruzCollar" in action? I'm really curious how those dimensions turned out, considering this or similar for my next order 
    Does anyone know how I can correct for this issue: when bending my arm, the sleeve gets very tight over the elbow. Should I increase sleeve length or increase sleeve diameter from elbow to wrist, or something other?   @Jezec Here is a (slightly) better image of the single vs double sleeve pleats. The gray stripe is Luxire double pleat, the pink graph differs in that there is one single pleat on each side of wrist.      Thanks!  
Hey folks,   Getting close to dialing in my shirt measurements. I think I went a little too narrow on some part of the forearm. It get s pretty snug when bending at the elbow. I can't tell if this is due to sleeve length needing to be let out (adding approx .25'') to the forearm from elbow down.   Any suggestions greatly appreciated.   Also, the sleeves are single pleat, someone a few pages back wanted a pic but can't remember who.  
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