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What are the thoughts on Dark Brown Oak Streets @ 220.00? Buy or pass?
I just picked up a pair of 2 tone brown Shelton's from the shoebank. I was on the fence, and never really cared for them, but for the price I figured what the heck. I am was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box for the first time, these are seriously awesome!    Now I just need to figure out what to wear them with… Definitely not an everyday shoe.
I put a shirt order in about a week ago and just realized I think I made a mistake. I emailed the Lux crew to clarify but wanted to run it by you all in the interim.   The problem: Shoulders are too broad/wide, putting the sleeve to shoulder seam about 0.5'' down wrapping over my shoulder. What I put in the comments: "reduce yoke by 0.5'' on each side (left and right)" Should I have said: "reduce shoulder by 0.5'' on each side (left and right)   No difference, minor...
  Thanks for the feedback K75, These are 65 last, and the fit might be off a little for me, and these are on the 65last. I am all over the place with the 65 last. The best fit I have found is 15c with the Stands and they fit perfect. These are 15d (d width is the only availability) and they feel a little tight at widest part of my foot and there is a lot of room (long) in the toe box. Think I should drop down to 14 and up the with e-eee? For reference I have keniel worths...
 Thanks RB and PCorn, I definitely think the sticking is off, will follow up with customer service.  Thanks!
Hey folks,   I just got a pair of Bleeker Street in the mail (Bob's chili). I am new to chukka boots so not sure if this is typical, but I am getting an unusual crease on the left boot, in the tongue near where the vamp starts. Do y'all think this will work its self out during break-in, or could this be a possibe defect? I really like the new color, and these boots. My only complaint would be a wide vamp creating a gap in the lace area, maybe this will decrease after a...
I'm going to pull the trigger on a pair of Bleeker Streets while they are on sale.   What's the deal with the rubber sole? Is that replaceable like a topy? If I ultimately want to topy, should I just pay he up-chage for full leather and then topy?   Any advice on which way to go here?   Thanks! 
  I have made three separate pant and shirt orders. I have really struggled with getting the pant fit down, I highly recommend sending in a pair for replication. 
 That is the email I have on file.
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