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Has anyone had any experience with these frames?  I'm wondering how they feel and how they last.  I think they look great!   Example of a pair I love:
I second this sentiment. I came here thinking I knew the basics of suits and was thrilled I could get two suits for 150 at k and g superstore. It wasnt until I was gifted a truely epic suit I knew the difference and only because I was told it would need special care. There are people who really need to know what brands are terrible, because the men's warehouse guys sure aren't telling them.
The heelcap area feels more substatial and like it wraps around farther. Almost like there is another piece in there the AE dont have
Hey, I dont know enough to be concerned or not, its why I asked.
Oops sorry for the mistake. Yeah I did miss Kuhlman. I'll give them a call too.
Gosh is that true Svenn? I know a good portion of the lining is hand picked silk on a Brioni. Am I being naive in thinking that not everyone is good working with that combo. I had gotten the impression that certain aspectd of the hands picking took more skill then others, and although a before tailor would definitely be able to make a fantastic fully canvased suit, they may not be as familiar with how to work with some finer material combos. I ask you honestly, because...
I only have experience with AE and Alden calfskin, but it feels to me like the Alden have a thicker and maybe slightly longer in the toe direction heel. Almost like it's got another piece of leather in their AE's don't.
I would love to see even a rough Draft of that document! I really have no idea what I'm looking for. My second best suit would be a Lauren Ralph Lauren, that won't tell me anything I think.
Thanks Coburn! My fear is the horror sorry I read here about someone who ended up paying Decaro 600 to get a suit shortened. While I don't have anything that I think needs that much work, those seem like pretty expensive alterations...Or maybe I just don't understand how much things like this cost.
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