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@Pliny I luv that suit♥♥♥
I feel like I just got style spanked by JRD. Do the shoulder curve and not divot? Is there bowing of lapels? Is the length right and cover your seat? Is the top button by the navel? Are the lapels wide enough? Is there enough room when buttoned up?
I feel bad for putting mine up. Feel like I ruined the thread. We should just let the OP put up the batches.
I like the idea of a 30+ thumbs up. Let me know if anyone wants my stuff to come down. I will do it to keep the integrity of this nice exclusive thread. Maybe there was a reason why mine was left off the batch.
While wife shopped... RLBL, RLPL then all Zegnas. All 40 R
you guys do realize that I had no intention of buying. I was only at the mall because wife wanted to buy her pretty little shoes with freaking flowers all over it. BUT, it good to post pix and get feedbacks. I certainly appreciate it all. I guess I will learn a thing or to while just having fun. 
That's quite interesting. The 38R looks better to my eyes. The 40R just looks really baggy.
Big? Maybe I just meant my stance looked retarded. 
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