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Claghorn's avatar should be the toilet Murlsquirrel's avatar should be the Barbie one Stitchie's avatar should be the scooter one
I guess I'll go for L instead of R when I start buying suits from here on out. 
With how fast the phone cameras have developed, I don't see the point in investing in a DSLR. My phone camera has 13 MP and don't really see the need for a DSLR. My wife has her pretty new DSLR stashed away somewhere and have never seen it since getting married. But it saddens me to see bathroom selfies when they have nice fits. It just takes a bit of effort but a "normal" picture isn't that hard to take. 
Foxx, I think your fits are too good for poor quality bathroom selfies. Maybe it aint worth it to you but I think u shud use a timer to take better pictures OUTSIDE of the bathroom will be much better.
Thumb ups are definitely affected by: - User - User's reputation - How many thumb ups they already have - Other users' comments I just wonder if there is a total neutral way of judging a fit. I cannot think of one.
Lol. I miss the good old days when we talked about pipes and toilets.
Thats all cool. I was just curious. It looks all good but I personally think 3.5" or plus tie with a fat knot wud have looked even better
Dear Murlsquirrel, Why wide lapels and not complementarily wide tie?
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