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What store do you recommend to call
I actually did manage to use the code and my order went though , but then 20 mins later they sent an email saying the item is out of stock. I am so pissed .
Sound good , thanks for the info
Same thing happened to me, I thought I bought the Rrl Warren moleskin vest in L but turns out it was sold out when it said 3 available.
A lot of stuff to sell off. Message me for more info on any piece or to negotiate prices. https://*****************/users/13173-dethead/wardrobe RRL, BLK DNM , Diesel, T By Alexender Wang, Black Label and more Leather jackets, denim, t-shirts and more.
Hi all, not sure if anyone can help me with this request but I'll looking for this two items from RRL that were on sale and that just recently sold out. 1. Canvas helmet backpack 2. Jasper shawl collar shirt Large I should of been paying more attention but I guess I missed it , now I check everyday to see if they com back in stock. No luck I was hoping someone could get there hands on them and we can negotiate all the fees and stuff. Thank you
Nice , appreciate the respond .
Did RRL release the newest lookbook ? Because ther is a couple things for pre-order . For example the WATTS Calf Moto Jacket , which looks insane.
I just got an rrl vest from this season and I am wondering if its short or just right. Where should the vest length end above the belt or below the belt or right in the middle? I have seen both styles all over the internet just not sure.
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