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I just got an rrl vest from this season and I am wondering if its short or just right. Where should the vest length end above the belt or below the belt or right in the middle? I have seen both styles all over the internet just not sure.
Oh ok cool thanks for that info. Nice , Yeah I actually ordered the Hawkins jacket really cool distressing on it, I am glad I bought it .
Oh really you think you could post them , just to see how they look when you get a chance. . Also how would it work if I want to buy something that's in store.
Yea there is still a couple of things not listed yet from the summer lookbook . Hopefully that brownish holt cpo shirt and the Bradley sports coat show up
Am I the only one that just saw they added the Montgomery Denim Shirt ? Lol hopefully they add the rest of the sizes . In the summer lookbook its not listed but you can see a clean lookalike on one of the mannequins.
Does any one if the "Buckled-Back Driving Cap" will make an appearance back in stock? It went on sale and sold out fast, the thing I had my eye on.
Any ralph lauren employee? Spring event ,Willing to help me out PM me.
If anyone got the medium banfield jacket and doesn't work out let me know, I waited to long . Thanks unless someone returns it
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