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what is it about the CS taht gets you - and what do you use them for. i am looking more or less for some cash back and mileage rewards. not sure what their CS would be doing for me.
I am looking into getting a business credit card finally, and have been doing a little bit of research but wanted to know some feedback from other small business owners. I was looking at the chase ink bold, but i'm a little biased as i have a united chase card that i've always used and obtained many free fligths. I obviously will want something to reward me. avg spending will probably be about 3-5k a month. Always paid off of course. TIA Cheers, Paul
BUMP i found the screen box thing. will include a 91" fixed screen, beaded and white for optimum picture quality. still looking for 700 shipped for EVERYTHING obo
I have a Optoma HD7100 projector with ceiling mount. i built a home theatre, used it all 45 hours MAYBE. just watched movies and played wii a couple of times. my loss, your gain. it's more or less brand new, and has just hung and been dusted I am asking 700 shipped w/ the ceiling mount CONUS this is the cheapest I have found it, http://salestores.com/optoma07.html but it doesn't seem like a reputable store. i could throw in a fixed screen as well, but i...
It is the latest generation. I got it from apple.com with my macbookpro. i got it engraved, it says 'as you think, so shall you be' I am not sure why i got it, but i did, and i can't return it due to it being engraved. I opened it and that's it. did not turn it on or anything. 280 shipped CONUS
good golfer is mental. the swing is mechanics, its easy - it's knowing the strength and what you are planning to do. making sure you never move your swing differently. golf is a mental game. the mechanics can be learned easliy. I played in college 2 years, 4 years competatively after.
love golf - play about 5 rounds a week. i have had the same clubs for 14 years now, titleist DCI 981s, fit for me. just upgraded from the 8.5 983k after a while to a 9.5 nike sq dynamo moi. i believe a 15 degree ttileist 980f i think 3 wood, steel shaft and a 23 degree emergency fairway wood some king cobra i won in a tournament wedges include a 52 and 58 degree taylor made y cutters. putter is a scotty cameron studio 2.5 and a ping anser II with insert. I just...
no one?
I have an early 2008 model MBP - i was offered 1000 for it, so I am going to just go ahead an upgrade, but was making sure I could upgrade the ram. Their price for ram/HD is absolutely asinine. I always remove and sell ram and replace with crucial or the likes. i think this is a solid upgrade, wish the MB came w/ i5. on the highest 15 MBP, there is an option to get it up to 3.06i believe.
can you still upgrade the ram as easily as the 08 models? remove batter, 4 screws, hello ram.
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