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9th sept, wool ma-1.Looks like a lot of us are getting something through soon!
Just received an address confirmation email...
on instagram someone posted a wool ma-1 an in comments say its brand new. Looks new too. 1 week ago.
 distorbiant will b the angry guy outside the shop who keeps buying stuff  but is shouting about how long it took to get served.
 fit pics?! 
mcsmif for your own sake pls ask for a refund and buy a used one or something. You are so mad it can't b healthy. I say this purely out of concern.
Cue weeks of users speculating what that sentence could mean, arguing over interpretations and banging heads against walls. lol.
The sentence makes less sense every time I read it.
sounds more like some nov-dec orders are getting done while more complicated/less common jackets are lagging. IMO
update is tomorrow
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