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Fit check on these s30 PS pls?
So no mention of the refunds?
Yeah at this point I don't know what to think. Charly hasn't replied to me since October re:refund. It has been months since Drew was apparently checking to make sure I hadn't already been refunded. Glad a handful of people are getting jackets though.
PS sizing help pls; I'm a true 31, tried a 29 and the fit was spot on, but the waist was pretty tight. I could do it all the way up but had a muffin top going on. Will they stretch out so i lose the muffin top? Size 30 feels almost a tiny bit loose at the waist, so if they stretch i guess they'll fall off me. I'm a slim guy as well so it was weird.
Anyone received a refund?
Where are the refunds
any word on what kind of gore-tex the ACG 2-in-1 jacket is made of?
I assumed you used a debit card, Visa also do those, and 115 day limit screams debit.
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