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mcsmif for your own sake pls ask for a refund and buy a used one or something. You are so mad it can't b healthy. I say this purely out of concern.
Cue weeks of users speculating what that sentence could mean, arguing over interpretations and banging heads against walls. lol.
The sentence makes less sense every time I read it.
sounds more like some nov-dec orders are getting done while more complicated/less common jackets are lagging. IMO
update is tomorrow
Told 16 weeks but almost at a year for my wool ma-1. 6 months on the leather. I'm not worried, and am still excited, but of course people will be getting antsy when updates are... Infrequent. If I was Charly or drew I wouldn't want to post in this thread when it's filled with moaning and people slandering them. A short update or picture everynow and again would be nice though, just to show things are ticking over. Whatever though, would love to see more fit pics in here
Looking for a goretex ma-1 sz 48. Will pay or trade a sz 46 green anniversary ma-1.
y dont u just ask them o.O
my mistake then sry for ruffling feathers. Jacket is great tho.
http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=22177   Thats the one i bought. im colourblind, but its green bro.
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