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y dont u just ask them o.O
my mistake then sry for ruffling feathers. Jacket is great tho.
http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=22177   Thats the one i bought. im colourblind, but its green bro.
Green editanniversaryedit ma-1 came in this morn. Fits snug, could def have slightly wider shoulders but it's comfortable. This sounds dumb an typical toj hype but it really is the jacket I've always wanted well made, minimal and stylish as fuk. Got a few complements from people at work haha. WIll post fit check soon.
AKang jacket looks gr8 m8. v jelly. how did u get the sleeves fixd??
It's an variation of the CWU so $780 iirc
bruh idk for sure but p sure the toj0 varsity an ma-1 are v different. besides why get jus leather sleeves when the whole thing can b leather :)
decisions...   the TOJ guys must look at this thread sometimes and be like  
is that even possible? I'm at like 22 weeks on the original wool ma-1 and don't want to lose my place in the queue. think ill see how the ebay one fits an if its no good ill sell it on - will list here for any1 that was disappointed i got it lol. ot
kind of. ordered a wool ma-1 originally, then put in an order for a leather month or so ago. then yesterday i bought that ma-1 off ebay^^^ mainly to get a better feel for sizing b4 my ordered jackets come in. love the style tbh, but perhaps I've gone overboard.
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