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I assumed you used a debit card, Visa also do those, and 115 day limit screams debit.
And that's why you pay with a credit card for everything online.
Where are the refunds? A couple of small wallets got sent out, great. Where are the 7 week overdue refunds?   I'd really appreciate some honesty about the situation so i can stop whinging about a refund.    Oh btw the wool ma-1 i did receive is brilliant, dream jacket.
Where the refunds at tho
One of the 2 people on this board that got immediately refunded was the arsehole that threatened to do a chargeback on me, and he got refunded for 2 jackets according to his post. I suspect he was refunded so that there wasn't some kind of chargeback domino effect. I've been waiting around a month, if not longer, for a refund and it's seriously not cool. Charly hasn't responded to 2 of my update request emails, and he's otherwise been nothing but helpful, so i imagine that...
 Hey by the way fuck you for threatening to do a credit card chargeback on me for selling you a spot. Avoid dealing with this guy.
it's been over a year, but my wool ma-1 arrived this morning!   Holy shit it is a nice jacket, extra padded and super comfy. Fits perfectly. Shouts to @mrchariybrown for helping me along the way.   The grin on my face is huge. I expect there will be a few more people getting theirs today as well! BE CAREFUL WHEN OPENING, there is no packaging at all in the box so it is possible to slice your jacket.
Based off the update I expect it will happen on Monday.
Good update! The end paragraph makes it sounds like Drew is resurrecting TOJ, but maybe it's OTR or something.   Ever since getting that address confirmation i've been super paranoid about every delivery van near my address in case i missed it and it's back in SK. Now I know my fears could be true :o
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