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So good to hear the restaurant is going great! Where is my money?
What's the consensus at the moment then, is Drew a thief or is he delivering? Because I haven't received my refund and no one has replied to an email since October, so i'm leaning to the former. Lesson learnt the hard way.
Word on refunds?
Fit check on these s30 PS pls?
So no mention of the refunds?
Yeah at this point I don't know what to think. Charly hasn't replied to me since October re:refund. It has been months since Drew was apparently checking to make sure I hadn't already been refunded. Glad a handful of people are getting jackets though.
PS sizing help pls; I'm a true 31, tried a 29 and the fit was spot on, but the waist was pretty tight. I could do it all the way up but had a muffin top going on. Will they stretch out so i lose the muffin top? Size 30 feels almost a tiny bit loose at the waist, so if they stretch i guess they'll fall off me. I'm a slim guy as well so it was weird.
New Posts  All Forums: