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Has anyone seen a 2-tone SD made with dress black and brown leathers? A quick google image search doesn't come up with anything. I'm thinking brown upper, black vamp with brown medallion toe cap.
Thanks for the detail, you answered many of the questions I would have asked anyway. I would definately opt for the close trim and brown color (if not black) if you want it dressier. I have the standard trim with natural color on my BHs and it looks great, but very work-boot like.
Also, does the single celastic toe help retain shape? What if you get the toe cap? My BHs don't have the celastic toe or toe cap and they are holding shape good. I've only had them for about 6 months though.
Ha! Well that ain't my wife. Believe me, with shoes >$400 a pop I'm lucky to talk her into that! I can't really complain though, I'm pretty sure I'm more expensive to keep clothed than her anyway. I didn't look on ebay but a quick search on-line brought up a new one on Amazon for $900, that's what I was talking about.
I can appreciate your forsight in purchasing a tool that will allow you to adjust shoe sizes as an investement. However, the exchange between me and my wife would be comical as I explained why I needed a $1000 shoe stretcher. I do share your general take on the heel height. I do still think it might be worth the trade off for a dressier look. I don't recall seeing any real complaints from people who got the lower heel, then again I haven't looked for that specifically.
Yes my BHs are a british tan/classic brown combo (both Chromexcel leathers) and they look very casual - the standard trim plays a part in the casual nature as well. Looking over old posts I found that Bl@ster posted many SD boots, all with lowered heels, in both blocked and curved. At one point he had the exact boots I am describing in burgundy, but he sold them. Does that french calf need a liner? I'm in South Carolina so I'm looking for the most breathable option.
  Thanks for the feedback. You might be right about the color. I was hoping to get the burgundy chromexcel but perhaps they won't "shine up" very well. I'm still undecided about the heel too, I'll check out the referenced post. I have a slant heel on my bounty hunters and they just seem so bootish. Granted a lowered heel on a SD would be quite a bit lower.
I have a question about the retro oxfords (not related to your questions). I'm trying to order a pair SD that will have a similar look, only in a boot of course. I want something a little more formal to wear with a suit but I can't justify paying the extra $$ just to have it in shoe form. With that in mind, I was thinking if I lowered and blocked the heel, selected a close trim, and added a medallion toe cap, I would have something close to the look of the retro oxford or...
I think I am just looking for an excuse to buy some semi-dress boots.
 Several pages back I described a fitting issue I had. I am submitting this update to report that I had the issue resolved (remade by White's) and they now fit perfect. Andrew at Baker's did a great job of helping me out. I went ahead and had White's change the lowers to brown CXL. Now for my next pair! My work environment is casual (jeans) and I purchased the BHs with that in mind. As luck would have it I have just accepted a position in a business casual (khakis/chinos)....
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