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I cannot imagine anyone fitting more than a finger behind their heel maybe if they don't tie them like douchebags Do yours fit or are they too loose....? what are you even attempting to determine? what is going on here
Yes, the dye is coming off. What have you in terms of care or conditioning and where did you purchase them?
this information is found on any of the 400 pages in this thread
Therightlace.com. $8 free shipping.Don't bother rewaxing.
Yes, but it was a bit worse than that.  I saddle soap'd them recently and noticed what you described. I think I removed a bit more finish in an area that was previously not an issue. I will just be very careful there in the future. Here is what I received from Nick
Nice. I had the same experience asking him about my boots (dying coming right off) - he linked me to a few products and confirmed it would only be a superficial issue.Very cool of him to respond
I would email nick horween. nick@horween.comOr just look at how other rough out leathers are protected or treated.
Dude, those scratches are going to happen every time you wear them....honestly, I've been where you are coming from and its w fools errandThose will go away and new ones will come upI have applied black polish to one of my pairs and its fine for short term but then it goes away. It also stains the stitching
You should post some pictures?I would just wear them before applying any more products to them.Here are mine after at least a year of use and probably 5 treatments of either obenaufs oil or LP. Usually LP
First of all, I have applied Obenaufs to my rusts numerous time and had no darkening other than the first few hours, maybe days. Second of all, do not scrub them with dish soap. Just wear them..................
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