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Dude, no offense, but this is the most minor shit I have ever seen. Wear those boots one time and you will do far more damage. JFC
At least they both have it ;-)
Loose grain for sure IMO
I would do obenauf oil, then LP, then polish last they did mine:
what kind of socks are you wearing?
Damn. Just got my winter beaters back from a cobbler. My first experience with one. I am more than pleased. $120 Here they were about a year ago. That sole was useless
 This is what the courtlands comes with. I have them, they're maybe a bit better in the wet but still pretty much useless. Garbage in the snow or slush. I am planning on getting them to a cobbler soon to have a full leather sole put on and a vibram halfsole with some lugs.
someone tried these on and walked around a bit in them. Yes, that crease is "normal" in the sense that a ton of these boots will have a very similar issue. it will get worse and if the other boot has no crease you will probably have two different looking boots. If this is going to annoy you, I would return them and try again. The new pair may have the same issue, though. Ex.)
I've always liked these... Cole Haan Liam Chukkas or something
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