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Chinos and a button down long sleeve fitted shirt from banana republic or express usually. nothing fancy. Jeans on fridays. 1k miles every day.
Do you like them?
Dude honestly, how are we going to know the answer to this?
Not at all...would be a terrible choice
What?I wear them with chinos all the time and they look fine
Not even considered wolverine boots without bull penis tbh
Maybe they won't turn into veiny bull penis leather like the horween ones do looool I will be jelly
Not sure. I wouldn't say it's false advertising, one of my pairs came with one of those horween things and i knew it was incorrect. Probably just people throwing shit into boxes because most of their boots are horween leather.Here is the post and comments from wolverinehttps://instagram.com/p/5vbbMEFrc0/I'm sure they want the leather thing on the laces regardless of who makes the leather.
Yes, the new mccleans thru nordstroms.
Confirmed from wolverines Instagram that these are NOT horween leather at all.
New Posts  All Forums: