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Obenaufs can darken the boot. I would try that first. Other than that, wear them.
Just reading the tag in the tags in the pics.quality may be fine though
 Not trying to flame but IMO those1.) hideous2.) made in china3.) expensive as fuck
I've used the black on my courtlands. It works ok. What I do not like is that it dyes the stitching. Keep that in mind.Most people seem to like venetian shoe cream
Hmm, never heard of these socks. Interesting!
Yes it's "normal" in the sense that many of us have significant asyemetrical creasingIt's unfortunate though
Feels good manTha fuck are you saying
Wear them more What kind of socks are you wearing? is it the leather or the toe cap?
Well I wouldn't compare them to year old leather soles. Those break in and form to your feet differentlyKeep in mind the courtlands are not leather soled, but rubber half sole stitched to the weltMine took a bit more breaking in than my originals (which took none)
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