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Here are a few
I don't see them on wolverines site so I think so... Might find some good sales thenIt's too bad.. My Austens are my favorite pair
Find a pair of 1k mile Austens, add a half sole to the 1k miles, or buy the 1k mile courtlandsFYI the Montgomery boots are not hand made in America. They are from china. Nothing wrong with that IMO but just so you know they are not part of the 1000 mile collection
Your money, your choice.Honestly, you will do that much wear the first time you wear them....Did you hit those spots with a brush or anything? Rub it with your finger?
Yeah, you need a brush, and you need to condition/protect the leather, not polish it. http://cranes-country-store.com/waterproofing-1000-mile-boot/ 1.) Yes2.) Venetian Shoe Cream3.) Dont need black, use venetian shoe cream
Not really anything definitive past what you've readLP every few months.... Maybe oil them in between....I just wing it and usually get drunk and decide its a fantastic time to clean a pair of boots
Nice Yes, I am pooping
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