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I would do obenauf oil, then LP, then polish last
http://www.marinysshoerepair.com/ they did mine:
what kind of socks are you wearing?
Damn. Just got my winter beaters back from a cobbler. My first experience with one. I am more than pleased. $120 Here they were about a year ago. That sole was useless
 This is what the courtlands comes with. I have them, they're maybe a bit better in the wet but still pretty much useless. Garbage in the snow or slush. I am planning on getting them to a cobbler soon to have a full leather sole put on and a vibram halfsole with some lugs.
someone tried these on and walked around a bit in them. Yes, that crease is "normal" in the sense that a ton of these boots will have a very similar issue. it will get worse and if the other boot has no crease you will probably have two different looking boots. If this is going to annoy you, I would return them and try again. The new pair may have the same issue, though. Ex.)
I've always liked these... Cole Haan Liam Chukkas or something
  New pic of my 3 pairs.   all dirty. The black ones are factory seconds.
I agree with what he said. I have 3 pairs of 1ks, all treated the same (obenaufs heavy duty LP and/or leather oil) Treat them or don't treat them out of the box...won't make a difference IMO. EVery few days mine get dusty or banged up and I brush them with a horsehair (stage 1 cleaning). Just get the $10 off amazon...Sometimes I'll take a wet clean cloth and wipe them (stage 2 cleaning). Every few months I pull out the laces, wipe the shoes & brush them, then apply...
I would just clean them and protect themBetter yet, just wear them. You're not going to get rid of that mark completely. That stain will mean nothing shortly. Each pair of these gets FUCKED in one way or another in a few months of wear.No one is going to notice except you, and if you do notice, stop staring at your shoes
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