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Uhh. just wear them bro. "walk incorrectly"  They fit? They comfortable? Wear them.
News flash - someone selling boots for $100 lower than what a "good price" would be and stating they are fucked up - they're going to be fucked up.   otherwise, they would be sold for more.
 Uhh. Factory seconds are sold from STP as boots with a cosmetic defect unfit for wolverine to sell. that is literally exactly what those boots were. You order them and determine for yourself whether or not whatever defect they have is acceptable given the price. That's "the deal" - something is wrong with them and you don't find out until you open the box. Obviously this is the lesson you learned. you received a second pair that ended up fitting you correctly and you...
In fact, here are mine from new until today. Over a year of use. Each picture the shoes are clean and brushed so anything flat is the area with the failure. Anything shiny is normal leather. Same boot on the good side for comparison
The finish is actually coming off this boot and it will get worse. If you want, you can take your finger nail and see how easy it is to remove.I have a pair in black in a similar situation. I decided to keep them but that entire side of the boot has the finish removedIt can be masked with polishes or dyes but it will also stain the stitching a bit.Personally, I don't care.If these are from Sierra they offer 6 mo. Returns....you may want to try again if they offer your size...
I sized down .5 sizes and wear thick socks and the fit is good.   My winter pair are true brannocks and if I wear anything other than THICK ASS socks my feet are swimming.
24/7/365 bro
I haven't really noticed sales but I don't think anyone really buys direct from wolverine...I would buy the on sale elsewhereI am sure their sale is still 80-100 bucks more than u need to pay
I would return
I cannot imagine anyone fitting more than a finger behind their heel maybe if they don't tie them like douchebags Do yours fit or are they too loose....? what are you even attempting to determine? what is going on here
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