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Those are beautiful. Love that fiddleback waist. These are definitely on the list of future shoes to own.
Thanks, that explains it then. I think I like the 4444 better than the 4497. I've been wearing my Eatons around all weekend and quite love them. I've been so obsessed with wearing them that I haven't even touched my new Alden Ravello LWBs. I guess I'll just wear those around the house until next weekend. It's a bummer owning such nice casual shoes and being required to dress on the dressy end of business casual for work. On the other hand, I guess I wouldn't be able...
Totally possible. Doesn't feel that different to me from my Stow. Is the 4444 sleeker in the toe than the 4497? When I look at my Eatons, they seem much "pointier" than my Stows (haha, of course that's all relative).
Thought I'd share some pics of my new Eaton in coffee from Richard at shoehealer. They are awesome and supremely comfortable. Although I believe they are made on the same last as the Stows, they are much more shapely at the toe. The stows look like clown shoes next to these, although they fit very much the same. The last pic tries to show the difference in shape at the toe box. Maybe it's subtle, but it's noticeable to me. The toes on the stows seems much more...
I got them from ebay.
Yep, they're Monkey Boots.
I like to wear my Trickers with commando sole around in slushy weather, too. Wore them out today and they were perfect for the slushy, wet streets of NYC. Here are couple pics:
I have several pairs of Tramezzas and love them all. But within the range of Tramezzas they use different qualities of leather from shoe to shoe. This is true of all shoes, but may be more of an issue for Ferragamo since they don't manufacture the shoes themselves. My brown medallion toe is going on five years of weekly wear and has aged beautifully. My black wholecuts remain one of my favorite shoes. However, the leather on my black captoes hasn't aged very well and...
Rather not disclose the cobbler yet. I'm going to see what can be done to fix the shoes first. I read a thread here on SF that degenerated into a childish online fight over what was clearly, to me if not a lot of other people on the forum, an error on the part of the cobbler shop.
Ferragamo's Tramezza line of shoes are well made, although quality does vary as I believe they use others to make the shoes. Zegna's Couture XXX line is also well made. In either case, I'd stay away from the Studio or whatever the mainstream line is called. I don't know of any good places to buy these shoes online. I picked most of mine up at Saks during the big sales.
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