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Semi-brogue Captoe, 101 Last, Beveled Sole, Horween Black Shell Cordovan, Size 8.5 US. The outsole measures approximately 12" in length and 4 1/8" wide at the widest point. They are a one-of-kind prototype, marked on the sole as Distinctive Footwear, from the makers of the DC Lewis shoes you may have seen elsewhere on this forum. I wore these shoes about three times, but found that the last just didn't work with my feet. I love the shoes and the lasted shoe trees are...
Brand new, with box and dust bags. Alden black shell cordovan loafers, leisure hand sewn (LHS), size 8D. Fit seems to be between an 8 and 8.5. I wear an 8D Barrie and found that this shoe was just a bit on the tight side. They might have broken in to be a perfect fit, but I decided I didn't need black loafers. $420 --> $395 with free shipping in the continental U.S. edit: price drop
I picked up a couple pairs from the C&J shop in Manhattan last week. Thought I'd share some photos and my sizing experience. I usually wear an 8.5D. I wear an 8D in Barrie and Trubalance, 7.5 in Tricker's 4444 and 4497, 8E in EG 202, 8D in the RL Marlow WTB, 7.5E in 337 and found that I wear a 7E in 358. The Marstons were very comfortable right from the start and I already like them quite a lot. I haven't had a chance to wear the Randolphs yet. Randolph in Beechnut...
You're right, they weren't indys. They were shell cap toes. I blame the late hour of the night...
Thanks for the heads up! Got a pair of shell indy boots and a pair of suede PTBs. The boots are backordered until spring and I probably won't wear the PTBs much until spring, but these are both shoes I've been actively restraining myself from buying. Totally blew my shoe budget, but well worth it.
I wear an 8D in Alden Barrie and Trubalance and size 7.5 fitting 5 in both Tricker's 4444 and 4497. Sounds like you should try a 7UK .
i think it's because ghillies and thistles are both associated with things scottish. i believe i've heard that broguing pattern referred to as a thistle pattern.
[[SPOILER]] Absolutely beautiful boots! Plaza last? I can't wait until I have a pair of shell plaza boots to call my own. I put in my deposit for the whiskey plaza wingtip boot at Epaulet, but that's still at least a year off.
I paid a little north of that after tax for my pair. After eBay takes it's cut, the seller may not even recoup his entire out-of-pocket investment.
I think you focused on the wrong part of his sentence. Richard is thinking about specifically requesting that the medallion be placed further back, while continuing to use the Number 12.
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