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C&J does source their shell from Horween. I haven't visually verified my Marlow bluchers or loafers, but my two pairs of unlined C&J Harvard loafers both have the Horween stamp visible on the inside of the shoe.
RL Marlow is definitely on the chunky side with its double leather sole, but it's wearable with a suit and the heavier profile makes it easier to wear with jeans in a more casual style. Marlow is less "blobby" in my eyes than Barrie.
Obenauf LP will pretty much kill the ability to put a shine on a shoe until it wears away. It will also darken porous leathers. My coffee Eatons didn't get all that much darker, but my tan monkey boots got significantly darker. My acorn Stows and navy longwings didn't change very much at all. Love the LP and it works very well. The only thing I'd caution about LP is that it can cause a lot of squeaking when treated leather surfaces rub against each other. I may have...
methinks detests is too strong a word! i like the handgrade line precisely because they hit the proper balance between sleek and professional for my tastes, which may be boring for some. although i really like the looks of G&G and corthay, for instance, i wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them at the office or during meetings with clients.
gotta agree
My Marlow wingtips have the same thing on one shoe. I'm not sure exactly what's causing it, but it does not seem as if it will ever go away. I second the notion to return or exchange if it really bothers you. Sometimes I wish I had, even though it's not a huge deal.
Agreed. I'd be in on a shell PTB on the Oscar.
I think these are the Carminas:
FYI, Tony Gaziano has already said that the 888 was developed from the 202 but with a longer and narrower toe box. Then the 82 was developed as a round toe version of the 888.
Ferragamo Tramezza Tibury Monk Strap Shoes in size 8D. Will ship with the original shoe box and Ferragamo dust bags. Black calf, in great shape. The shoes were topy'd (a rubber cover on top of the leather sole) shortly after purchase. The soles measure approximately 11.75 inches long and 3.75 inches wide. I'm usually an 8.5D and was barely able to squeeze into these shoes. They were always tight, but recently, my foot got wider for some reason and now I can't fit...
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