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[[SPOILER]] Thanks, that's really cool to see those shoes all side by side.
I had the opposite experience. Mine were delayed once (by a week) and then shipped later than the delayed date (by another week). I guess that even J. Crew doesn't have the magical ability to get Alden to deliver on time.
I think the closest is the Boston. Harvard is unlined version of Boston. Neither are full strap, which the Marlow is.
Those are beautiful boots! Aberdeen NST seems quite different to me from Plaza moc stitch. I just picked up the #8 versions of these boots and I'm sorely tempted to get the Plaza NST from J. Gilbert. Pretty much the only difference would be the "split" stitch, I think.
Placed the order for these from Frans Boone on Tuesday and received them two days later. No customs charges--the box was marked as U.S. goods. No complaints here, only praise. Sorry about the indoor lighting, but I'm not usually home when the sun is out.
i'd make the same recommendation if you like the natural welt, which I do. my first pair of trickers were the stock acorn stows, too. the brown painted sole edges and welt on my acorn stows never really grew on me. my other trickers have natural welts and my preference has always been to favor those over the acorns. two of my others have dainite soles and i like them a lot.
You make me want to walk over to Citishoes on my lunch break. It's been done before, but I must resist.
Nice shoes, Be. I'm glad that ordering the second pair didn't end up being a waste of effort. Enjoy!
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