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Apologies for this. Definitely shoot a note to support and we'll take care of you. I'll check if we have one on hand for you right away as well if you let me know the size you ordered. You can PM me or post here on your size.
Selvedge chinos back tomorrow.  
@zissou -- I'll check on those slub chambrays (grey and brown). They're usually in short supply but maybe we'll get lucky.
Still trying to make sure this fabric is available. There was just a bit and I may have lost it. Checking though.
Don't have any selvedge chino fabric I like right now. Japan Olive you just might see again soon.
Not planned currently.
We'll be using our denim hardware (tarnished silver).
This is the most common palette of chambrays I see. You need to dig a bit deeper to find more unusual colors.  
I did find a few non-indigo options I like recently. A brown, mustard and red. I'll look for other options.
Yah, going tonal on this.
New Posts  All Forums: