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We'll be using our denim hardware (tarnished silver).
This is the most common palette of chambrays I see. You need to dig a bit deeper to find more unusual colors.  
I did find a few non-indigo options I like recently. A brown, mustard and red. I'll look for other options.
Yah, going tonal on this.
Postal Herringbone WS out today. Last very small run we'll be offering as the fabric isn't being made anymore. 
Going with something in the khaki range.
I believe it's 9oz, so one of the heaviest chambrays we've run. Not quite in the Postal Herringbone weight class, much softer feel.
Gotta check on that particular fabric, may be gone. I have a few other workshirt materials I just found that you may see very soon. A heavy linen blend selvedge in the amazing sea blue and this really slubby hemp blend black selvedge chambray.
Definitely have some brown selvedge coming. Maybe not that particular style but there are two that I like so far that should make an appearance soon.
I don't come by many suitable selvedge twills. There is one from the USA I'm trying to get my hands on though.
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