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You know us . . . definitely more boot styles to come, but can't promise timing yet. We're hunting for more selvedge cords but it's a tough find.
$199 is for the boot using Horween CXL. 
Not to worry. This fabric will be back in many forms. 
Not sure on that heavy weight in other colors yet, but duly noted.
They'll be back. We usually do them in heavier fabrics and offer them a bit later in the year. Any fabric in particular you're looking for?
We'll be running more cords in the future, not sure if they'll be selvedge, but I'm sure we'll try them in the chino fit.
The stitching should be tonal and it looks like some are not. Please shoot a note to our support address if yours is not. We are remaking them ASAP. It's the number one priority for our factory. Apologies for this and definitely reach out to us.
It should not be a different shade. If there is something you see that isn't to your liking reach out to us directly and we'll take care of you.
This is a dual ID fabric. Unfortunately we only got a swatch showing the side with the more yellow ID, not the other side which is more copper. It's a rare style (we've only seen one other denim with different color id's on either side). We'll take care of anyone who isn't happy with the product.
They'll be back. Probably more after summer.
New Posts  All Forums: