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We'll be running more cords in the future, not sure if they'll be selvedge, but I'm sure we'll try them in the chino fit.
The stitching should be tonal and it looks like some are not. Please shoot a note to our support address if yours is not. We are remaking them ASAP. It's the number one priority for our factory. Apologies for this and definitely reach out to us.
It should not be a different shade. If there is something you see that isn't to your liking reach out to us directly and we'll take care of you.
This is a dual ID fabric. Unfortunately we only got a swatch showing the side with the more yellow ID, not the other side which is more copper. It's a rare style (we've only seen one other denim with different color id's on either side). We'll take care of anyone who isn't happy with the product.
They'll be back. Probably more after summer.
Images in the 2nd row are me. I'm 5'10" and about 150lbs. I wear size small in our jackets and shirts. On the waxed truckers I like longer sleeves as they tend to slide up as you get creases around the elbows and the wax keeps the creases up.
I would also get yourself measured on a Brannock device. The length measurement will help you confirm the right size.
Stock store access is generally pretty limited. We try to get people access who need to swap a garment out or more broadly when we happen to have some extra garments. That's why access is not open all the time to everyone.
I'm going to PM you and we can catch up. I'll try to help out if I can. Sorry about this issue. Thanks.
Apologies for this. Definitely shoot a note to support and we'll take care of you. I'll check if we have one on hand for you right away as well if you let me know the size you ordered. You can PM me or post here on your size.
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