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Denim trucker didn't get enough backers.
We sold all of the fabric we were able to get our hands on for that particular style yesterday, but definitely sign up to be notified for a product you like. That helps us know what to keep our eyes out for. You can see we've run a number of blackblack selvedges, so we'll look for more. Thanks.
We have actually started switching over to a heavier weight pocketing for all styles now. Appreciate the feedback.
If you're interested in really heavy denim, we have a 23oz Japanese selvedge coming today at 1pm PST. Thanks.
Yep, they will keep the red thread as well.
Shooting for late this month if we can pull it off. If not it will be very soon after.
Chore coat will definitely return. Got a few new fabrics we're thinking of that are lighter weight for summer.
10am PST
Definitely more duffels coming. We want to get the first batches out first. Should see more ginghams coming too. Depends on which fabric we can get our hands on but we like those too.
We're making good progress but too early to call a day yet. You'll likely get more updates on production via email too. Thanks.
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