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Not sure on that one but I'll look for something like it.
To me, the linen slub is much finer and softer as compared to the indigo slub chambray, which has a more rugged, crispy feel to it. Both are great, just depends on what you're looking for.
Definitely more lighter weight denim on the way in a range of price points. Should see a lot in March.
You may have topped my own collection!
Thinking about a few options but haven't sampled any yet. One would be some version with chest pockets. Lots of requests for basic shirt without button down collar as well.
I do. I'm a small in our button downs and definitely go small in the t-shirts. You can see how our t-shirt spec compares to what you have now just to get another data point.
Glad you like the shirt. I actually just hit on some amazing linen blend indigo chambrays that we'll put putting out soon. Got a lot of warmer weather shirting coming.
Definitely working on more chino fabrics. Working on some new stuff though so hopefully you'll see a bunch more in Feb.
I think you might like what's coming tomorrow and there may even be a pink version.
Haven't seen them in person. I'll keep an eye out for something like this though. We ran a style (want to bring it back if we can) that had an indigo warp with a royal blue weft.
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