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What combo are you looking for?
Exophobe had the correct answer in his post a few days ago. We haven't seen a lot of demand for workshirts when we run them. I love them and think they're one of our most finely made garments, but it seems to be more of a niche product among our customers. We try to be sensitive to what works for our factory as well. Sending them very small amounts of a style is hard for them to handle.  I'm game to run them again for this crew. You guys drum up some demand, I'll run the...
Definitely have cords coming in the chino fit soon. Can't promise they'll be selvedge but I'll keep looking for it.
Not finding much moleskin I like. I found a wool blend fabric I like for chinos but not sure it's available yet. Keep an eye out in the next week or two.
No full garment photos of this one yet. I would say the photo on the site is pretty accurate. The base is a darker red and then it has small, brighter red highlights.
We've run a few moleskin chinos so far but I'll keep an eye out for more options. Have any interest in a cotton/wool blend chino?
There will be a classic and slim fit. Same key dimensions so buy your current button down size. Construction/style details are changed as you can see some of. More to come this week before the launch on Saturday.
We'll get more heavy tees out there. Fabric is a bit harder to source but we'll get it.
The bigger squares on that style are about 3/4".
Black thread on this one.
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