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We've been looking for a while but haven't found anything we love yet. We'll keep on it.
I may be able to make that happen for you. I'll look around. Slim option is coming this week.
Hmm. I must admit, that was not on my list.
Yep, that herringbone is going to be used. Probably my favorite so far but we have a lot in the works for the CPO.
1st pattern done. 1st sample underway. We'll see how it comes out. What's your preferred fabric for this? We found some really cool new stuff, but curious to know what you're after.
Those are the brown duck canvas chinos. Yep, they're coming very soon.
CPO is done. Finally got it just right and have some great fabrics for launch.      
Yes! We supplied the chambray for this hat made by Ebbets http://instagram.com/p/t3hTtLDgaw/?modal=true. Looking into more possibilities. What do you want us to make?
Chinos are back today. Few of our favorite all-American fabrics to start but a lot more to come.       
New Posts  All Forums: