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Message received. We have increased our material weight recently, but I'll look around for something more special.
Gotcha. Sorry. Little tough to compare as one has a blue warp and the other grey. That's probably your decision point there. If you're after a more tradition a blue denim go with the Bright Weft. If you want something a bit different I'd try the Slates.
Bright Wefts are a bit heavier (13.6 vs 12.5).
If the measurements on the XS line up with what you wear today then that's probably best. Small would be safer. For reference, I have about a 39" chest and I wear our small. I'm 5'10" 150lbs. 
All - I've been following your discussion on international shipping. We are looking for better options whether it's service type or package type. For Canada, the price is actually the same on Priority Mail no matter where it goes. Again, we'll see if we can find an alternate service/package the can improve this. Example: the Chore Coat seems to go pretty well in a padded envelope where as the trucker we're having a tougher time with. If we can get the Chore Coat in a...
Just spent today doing another revision on the workshirt. Expect to launch in July.
Going out today and tomorrow. Thanks.
We expect them to ship on Monday. Keep an eye out for a ship notification.
Definitely shoot us a note to the team address. Cody will take care of you. Thanks.
Definitely another 23oz coming. We're hunting for other options too.
New Posts  All Forums: