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Haven't seen them in person. I'll keep an eye out for something like this though. We ran a style (want to bring it back if we can) that had an indigo warp with a royal blue weft.
Heavier than the 10oz we released today?
I was actually just looking through fabric today for some good brown selvedge. Not sure we'll get that exact style again but brown will definitely make a comeback.
Hope to have more styles if we can get our hands on them. Nothing certain yet though. What are you after?
It's happening. 
We actually use a light weight sew in lining on the collar.
Yes, thanks. We're kind of weak out here. Wet but it's still in the mid 50's so I'm not sure how much we can complain.
Same options. Classic, slim or tall.
Okayama starts with a bit of a green/grey cast. The Italian fabric is very pure blue and has smoother texture.
Since you gents on this forum have been instrumental in prodding me along on a lined trucker, I thought I'd let you weigh in on a few lining choices. Below are two lighter weight flannels I'd like to try (bottom is our waxed brown fabric). What do you like?  
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