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We just haven't found a lot of heavy flannel yet. Most has been patterned so far.
We plan to stick with the 13.5oz waxed. Not sure on final cost yet until we make a final fabric selection and sew a sample. We'll see if fit need to be adjusted. It'll partly depend on how thick the liner is.
Probably start with the waxed canvas.
My pleasure. Thanks for keeping things active here. Also, just met today to start on a pattern for the lined trucker. Can't promise timing yet, but we'll try to get it done as quickly as we can.  You guys interested in a fleece lining?
Definitely expect the herringbone to be back this month. Less likely on the Italian style as we used up that fabric.
Haven't seen anything that color in a heavier weight lately. Will keep looking though.
I got in an really cool selvedge corduroy sample the other day, but the mill was totally out of it. Sometimes they just like to tease us. I'll keep looking.
I'd say closest style we've run would be the Japan True Khaki. It's in that range.
Haven't started on it yet, but there definitely seems to be enough interest that I'd like to explore it. It's this 66 degree mid-November weather in the Bay Area that makes warmer jackets hard to think about.
Haven't gone too far down that path yet as we don't get a ton of requests for that option.
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