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2nd round of wool CPO is back. We're close on this one.  
Definitely more tall shirts coming. We did the first run to get feedback, but they will return soon as a fit option.
Try for this month but if not then definitely in October. Thanks.
Trying to find more of that particular Hickory stripe. I found a few alternatives I like so those will probably make an appearance soon.
Working on a rucksack but still early. I want one of those pretty badly myself so that tends to help move it along :). Haven't done any Type II's yet. Just started on a blazer so that's likely the next up.
We're a few samples in on a wool CPO so that will probably be our first wool garment. Hoping to get it out in September. We also just found some crazy wool selvedge denim but the price is almost double anything we've ever used, including the 23oz stuff. Are you interested in a wool chino or more denim style pant?
Varies a lot. Sometimes we run a fabric once and never find it again. Some fabrics are more available and if we get requests we will try to offer them again. They Heavyweight is pretty rare, so unless we have a bit left now, it's probably in the unlikely to return camp. Definitely sign up to be notified for products you're interested. That's probably easiest way to keep tabs on all the campaigns. Thanks.
Yes! Actually just started working on one. It'll be a bit more informal and have some workwear details. More to come on this.
That will definitely be back in the next month or so.
I'll see what I can find.
New Posts  All Forums: