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  Django Reinhardt is a boss, shredding with 2 fingers. In CM too. Oh, and Billy Gibbons: he's got a beard and furry guitars (plus that song about sharp dressed men). I like U2 and The Edge's use of effects as instruments, but I wish we had more live cannons in song compositions  [[SPOILER]]     In other news. Uniqlo now in Chadstone. Special offers in-store to celebrate, but also free shipping for orders over $50 to all online customers.
 Thanks Nabil! I'll check with my cousin and PM you later.
My cousin in Singapore is looking to make a wedding suit. On SF it seems Iris Tailor and Mode Et Creation are the ones to go for, do any of you have experience or opinions on this? He has a lower-mid budget, the alternative is to go across to Malaysia... I'll point him to Vanda for ties and accessories, and Ed et al for shoe stuff, but that's as much as I know about menswear in S'pore.
 ACV and baking soda is cheap too. A lot of chemicals found in shampoo turn out to be really toxic, and bad for the water system. It's better to just do without. 
Great challenge! I've always wanted to see more green jacket examples. 
 That's true. My idea was half thought through. It's just nicer to see more detail on buildings in the city, and the older ones look to age better (in my eyes) than some of the glass and steel towers built later. Like a good song that remains a classic, instead of rapid throwaway tunes. It'd be nice to see more modern takes on some of those elements, mainly detail and design that's distinctive and recognisable. Fed Square and Southern Cross Station are cool, they are...
 Which is why you end up settling down with Melbourne. Sydney puts it out there, only good for visits...   If only there's a way to rapidly manufacture and install classic facades on modern buildings, we could have modern buildings with classic looks. Especially the art deco stuff.
[[SPOILER]]   Maybe someone needs to justify their giant bottle opener 
No idea about the suits, but Tom Ford Tuscan Leather or Tobacco Vanille are pretty dope. Probably what James Bond would smell like.
With the boots, the grain leather ones are nice. So are the ones with speed hooks, but do they have something other than dainite soles? Have to walk like a penguin to the loo at Chinese restaurants. Or the fish and chip shop. Or when the floor is just mopped.
New Posts  All Forums: