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 I did not get him to spray the shoes, but I nought a can of that nano protector stuff. Gonna be useful on some of my jackets, to uh prevent stains, before I send them off to op shops...
Got these at the Christian Kimber pop-up today. He gave me a really good deal on these samples, lucky have the same shoe size. Still deciding on whether or not to darken the straps, but these are one-of-a-kind apparently. Also grabbed a couple of the 'Melbourne' pocket squares.       The jacket he's working on looked pretty neat too.
 Clint? I smell a rat in that one:   I like Gran Torino. Shows how incomplete my workshop is...
"My MP3 must sound good because I bought those $$$ diamond-plated cables coated in angel's tears!"     I just use off cut extension leads for my speaker cables. However, there is something glorious about sound waves coming from a large speaker cone. Nicer 'timbre', or 'feel'.
 I got a bit annoyed when he was describing "Oxfords". Still, I enjoyed the film. Seems to coincide with a resurgence in DB jackets, unless it's just my Baader-Meinhof cognitive bias at work.
 Brown is nice. Personally I prefer olive or a muted green colour, something like the Hugh Green jacket from MJ Bale. Still quite versatile, and a bit livelier than brown.
 I sent them an email. You Sydney-siders are lucky, they only plan to visit Sydney for now. Sometime June/July. Not much info else. I may just check them out at my cousin's wedding in Singapore. (Btw Nabil, my couz decided to make his suit elsewhere. Thanks anyway for the suggestions!)
There was a pair of ostrich leather loafers that looked interesting. In the right colour, you could be walking around in a pair of dragon fruit/soursop   Couldn't tell which shoes were existing stock and which were on show, but I went to take note of how much I'll need to save for an order. What's everyone's thoughts on single strap jodhpur boots? I'm leaning more towards suede for casual.
 I tried the winning French Oak and the Double Cask. Good, but wasn't terribly mind-blasting. Like Arch3r, I also prefer a few Japanese ones (Suntory Hakushu, Hibiki). Further down south, I find The New Zealand Whisky Collection to be pretty good, worth checking out:
Am I in that list for TL? If not, sign me up!
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