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 Looking good on the strings there Coxy  
 Isn't it like one of those painter/artist things, where the colour of the background determines the look of the main object it is set against? Like a mid grey looks like the bright reflections of a lake on a moonlit night... Though to me, it does seem that Gerry's photo looks like it has a bit more R (and maybe B) in the RGB
 Oh, I thought you meant Page 3 from The Sun..
 Scarf is a bit PaddlePoP, may work with a cream jacket though There's never enough foliage indoors
As a male I tend to dress more for utility ( though I suppose some ladies do as well). My work involves a lot more hands on labour, so there's not a lot of 'CM' in my wardrobe. Any dressier pieces tend to be more conservative and, hopefully, versatile enough to mix in with my existing stuff. I agree, Jason. Dressing should be straight forward. That's why I find 'staple wardrobe' lists helpful, especially as I mature. I hate to be left with trend relics like parachute...
 I hope this does not infringe on SF T&Cs, but here is an example of 'devil's lettuce' alternative: http://www.marijuanaalternatives.com/b/wildlettuce.html  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lactuca_virosa Rocket must have been a drug name in some movie, or game. Sounds familiar...
Speaking of drugs, I just learnt recently that original, wild, uncultured lettuce can be used as legal marijuana replacements. Which was probably why Hippocrates said "Food is medicine", except that modern plants are cultivated to be full of water and sugars that all herbal/drug benefits are lost. No more crop rotation also means no more nutrients left in the plant. There goes my hopes of ever getting high on rocket...
This is my favourite background for shoe pics so far, plus the strategic placement of your right foot on flower.Nice shoes, much thirst
I'm still a bit iffy on the efficacy of cedar against bugs, since it probably just masks the smell of natural fibres, but I sure as heck love the smell. I prefer the handsome tone of walnut. I may just get some walnut gear and spray on that cedar stuff
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