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I got to test run my new Suit Shop suit at a wedding in KL over the weekend (with peach linen tie from Jason). Got it just in time before flying, still deciding whether a second fitting is necessary now that the jacket is a bit more broken-in. Tropical wool in a nice shade of blue. picked up a few linen shirts and pants from Uniqlo which were on 'Limited Offer'. The Melbourne store may only have winter stock by the time it opens. Also finally tried polishing my shoes...
All future nuptials are gonna be quite boring, now that **** ******* has ****** the ******. And yay, Mad Men is back!Thanks for brief article.
And to limit choice, like as Ford said: They can have any colour they want as long as it's black.  [[SPOILER]]
 They've been getting rid of Floppy drives for 20 years, I suppose disc drives were always the next to go. I'm not liking a fully wireless setup though, or else I gotta start wearing my fashionable tin foil hat. Topy-ed of course
 How about modes? Can be useful for the ambient stuff you want to do. Pentatonics tend to have a very distinctive flavour (flavor?) unless that is your intention. Some modes are quite exotic for that out-of-this-world feel.
Take 5
 Thank goodness. And we don't have toxic cows/chicken/grain... or do we?  There's nothing listed on the Aussie site at the moment (finally opening on the 16th, thanks CFMEU), but Uniqlo have good ones (thicker or thinner material availability dependant on season me thinks) http://www.uniqlo.com/sg/product/men/tops/sweat (Singapore site)
Same as Wurger, but also alternating with contacts on weekends or doing sport/beach. Might save up for lasik tho, getting annoyed with losing contacts in the water... (goggles are annoying and less fashionable)
 Great for the no socks look
 Must not forget the second part to that phrase though  For some reason, in that picture you also resemble a school chaplain. Must be the line of contrast at the collar, Brother Fox
New Posts  All Forums: