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I have a Milan from Art Fawcett, its one of my favorites, I'd like to get one of Optimo's one day. Here are my Semi Colados, one by Art, one from Panama Bob blocked by Art
Same size as your suit size.
3 groomsmen and no bridesmaids = bad idea. When is he giving this speech, before the wedding or at the reception? Is he paying for the wedding or giving his sister away in the ceremony? He sounds like an immature kid who wants to be a part of the show, imo. If he's not paying for anything, you and your fiance need to tell him to be like the rest of the guests and sit his ass down!
I say keep the tie bar, it won't offend anyone except poster #2:)
Borsalino isn't what it was but a good store for them is, best prices for Borsalino in the US. A wealth of knowledge of hats can be found below, as well as some custom hatters close to Optimo quality at a more modest price.
I'm not so sure about who or when it was decided that pinstripes were for business, but for me a 1 inch wide pinstripe suit looks better than a 1/2" inch wide one.. So that would be my choice.
Go with the suit, and after the event have the vent closed.
If you haven't worn them take them back. They may go with slacks, but not with jeans and not with a suit. IMO
I shaved my head Dec, 2011. The 1st thing I noticed was how cold my head got just walking through the house in So Cal.I discovered the Fedora Lounge and now have several custom fedoras as well as custom Panamas.And women do notice and compliment always.
If I see a suit I happen to like and it has a single vent, it will become ventless in short order. No vents, or 2 vents for me. Single vents have always reminded me of Old Man suits and I started wearing suits over 50 years ago.
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