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Stick with your 1st picture for shirt & tie. Dark brown shoes are better IMO.
Strap watches are one point of view. Metal bracelets are another, equally valid IMO. I would steer clear of diver watches, and those over 40mm, Panerai styles come to mind.
Those shoes look like lumberjack boots, you're going to the trouble with the suit and you pick those? Find some nice black shoes.
Either one
Its not even worth $695.00But since you're so in love with this designer tell them you want to be on their "Special Preview List" because you'll buy whatever they're selling.
Borrowed from the Fedora Lounge http://pic100.picturetrail.com/VOL888/13487861/24316079/406479824.jpg
Photo 2 guy has it right, you should always tilt your hat. Wear it like you own it!!Photo 1 guy isn't pulling the boater off at all, the Panama guy, yes he is.
I'm complemented by men and women about equally, men usually complement me for my hats, Beaver Fedoras, Milan and Panamas. Men also seem to complement gray suits more than women. Women complement the hats too, and sometimes the shoes. They seem more likely to complement blue suits and ties as well. Also shirts.
New Posts  All Forums: