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The finer the weave the hotter the hats are, here is a solution Finished by Art Fawcett
Say your mom got them for you
John W Nordstrom Signature is the label you want for shirts, jackets, coats etc.
"Is it possible to look good buying cheap clothing? " There is a difference between buying good quality clothes at a cheap price, vs buying lessor quality clothes because they're cheap. So the answer is anyone who knows the difference between good quality clothes and lessor quality clothes will immediately spot the difference. Your thread title may not be asking the right question. No one will never know how much one paid for good quality clothes unless you tell them.
This ERA right now with the slim fit, short jacket look, IMO.
Sierra trading post does not carry the mainline as far as I know. its the Sterling, half canvas, high arm holes, slimmer fitting, flat front, etc. You may like this. Finding a Hickey Freeman Mainline in a basic Navy solid or stripe, Charcoal solid or stripe in an average size for under $500 doesn't happen everyday in every neighborhood. If and when you do see one grab it, and then come ask questions, not ask questions hoping it will be there when you go back.
A three piece ratchets up the style factor by about 50% over a two piece.
Your "opinion" brings to mind Jackie Gleason, who 3 of the if not best dressed wearer of 3 piece suits ever.Several former football players, Howie Long, Michael Strahan, etc were wearing 3 pieces last season as well.Slim people, pffft!
Anyone can wear a well fitting 3 piece suit, big, small, short, tall. Fall and winter are the times for 3 pieces.
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