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The more shoes you have the better the boxes come in handy. Get shoe racks, they stack nicely, 3 boxes ea rack, looks neater, than piles of shoes in shoe bags. Easier to identify, by the model name on the end of box.
It was to small at Ask Andy, it's still to small. It's a horrible fit. Take it back and get your money back.
MTM is only in the stores, your card is your access. I'm not sure of the cost, if they add on the fitting charges or if they are rolled in. I'm going tomorrow.
MTM are in the stores, they have Hickey Freeman and Joseph Abboud swatches to pick from.
Is Wednesday the earliest to see the sale items online.?
live and learn from your mistakes Whose idea to shorten it anyway?
Looks like a woman's coat. Also at the bottom of the page are more women's clothes, boots, shoes, etc. You sure you were in the right section? lol
Those are not overly square and look better than some of the newer Tramezza styles.
New Posts  All Forums: