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Do you look anorexic like the Burberry model?
Horrible mistake,you really want to look like that? Or do you already?
I liked them better blue, with kackis or jeans. No socks
If you'll be walking the streets of Milan and want the Jaunty look go for it. Otherwise. Black or burgundy will look much more debonair, IMO
Do a search for "Interview"
Those clunky blue shoes in post 1 would look best on the store shelf they came from. Not on anyone's feet, let alone at a wedding with the nice suit pictured. Maybe a farmer could wear the clunky blue shoes in the barnyard feed his goats and pigs.
Yellow and Gold look great with with Charcoal, Navy too.
The pinstripe in the 1st post are to narrow for my taste, when you do get one try for 3/4" to 1" wide pinstripes.
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