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He looks like death warmed over, what in the hell happened to him? Not aging well at all.
"No.  That’s a false analogy.  Loops without a belt looks like you didn’t finish dressing yourself, an entirely different effect." This should be the final word But I have a feeling the OP will have different idea.
Never have thought of BB and "cool" in the same sentence. All you'll want to know and then some.
^^^^^^ Good idea
Campus interview of a college student? grades will matter more than how perfectly conservative your clothes are, imo. You can buy clothes , well maybe you can buy grades too
Monkey See - Monkey DoNot always the best way to roll, IMO
Timeless look, never out of style! my favorite pinstripe width too!Well done
Black and White Houndstooth jacket, works well with black slacks And wear the black shoes
NO NO NOthis is a 3 piece hot mess
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