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For an infrequent suit wearer a charcoal solid and a navy solid are all you really need. You can go anywhere at anytime, just add shirts and or ties and you'll always be appropriately dressed. Now once you have these 2 basics you can add pinstripes in blue and grey. I would not buy a linen suit for second suit. I've heard there are 50 shades of grey, after the 4 basics I would focus here.
Peak lapels belong on DB suits, IMO. Stick with the notch as it is more versatile. Now if you had a dozen suits and wanted something different that's different, but even then I would go DB.
Get a Double Breasted, you'll be glad you did.
No Get a solid navy tie to go with that shirt and jacket.
Wearing suspenders will help your pants fit and drape better. Take a picture with the jacket buttoned and your hand not in your pants pocket. The hand in pocket pose isn't helping.
Are you really serious with this question?
You need to familiarize yourself with whatever the brand is, once you know what the real one looks and feels like then you'll be able to spot a fake. This means going to where they sell them retail and thoroughly examine them.
Looks like a girly man's coat.The wearer of this coat won't stay young like Peter Pan forever.A traditional below the knee coat is by far better all around.
This is the best option by far, IMOI've had Topy and Vibram applied to about 12 pair of shoes after purchase before wearing over the past 17 years.Pros= preserving the original feel and fit of your shoes, something having shoes resoled won't do.They look better with Topy than heel and or toe taps.I still have every shoe I applied Topy to before wearing, having replaced the Topy on 4 to 5 pairsCons= ZEROAn experienced shoe repairman will shave 1/16 of an inch off the sole,...
Is it the same brand as the other 56Ls you usually wear? I need to go up a size in Hickey Freeman vs Hart Schaffner for example. The key is what fits best in the shoulders, you can alter the rest.
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