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Do you know your "friends" hat size? Have you seen him wearing the style you have in mind, or do you "just think this one will look good on him"? His taste and your taste may not be the same taste, he might prefer a fedora after all.
Why remove the sale price? Its a good benchmark as to what they are going/went for.
Looks like Peccary to me, I have a few Moreschi with that leather. Peccary is Boar skin, soft limb email deer but more durable.
About 30 $100 bills sticking out of your pocket instead of the mundane PS will let them know "this guy is the shiz" or some other shi__ no question.
Ice will definitely work, use an ice pack or wrap some cube in a cloth to rub or pick as the gum hardens.
I know the "GROUP THINK" here is you don't need black shoes, but When I wore suits daily I wore more black shoes than brown and still have more black than brown dress shoes. Though I agree that I would not buy any shoes in the OP's examples.
He looks like death warmed over, what in the hell happened to him? Not aging well at all.
"No.  That’s a false analogy.  Loops without a belt looks like you didn’t finish dressing yourself, an entirely different effect." This should be the final word But I have a feeling the OP will have different idea.
Never have thought of BB and "cool" in the same sentence.
Www.timezone.com All you'll want to know and then some.
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