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Ice will definitely work, use an ice pack or wrap some cube in a cloth to rub or pick as the gum hardens.
I know the "GROUP THINK" here is you don't need black shoes, but When I wore suits daily I wore more black shoes than brown and still have more black than brown dress shoes. Though I agree that I would not buy any shoes in the OP's examples.
He looks like death warmed over, what in the hell happened to him? Not aging well at all.
"No.  That’s a false analogy.  Loops without a belt looks like you didn’t finish dressing yourself, an entirely different effect." This should be the final word But I have a feeling the OP will have different idea.
Never have thought of BB and "cool" in the same sentence.
Www.timezone.com All you'll want to know and then some.
^^^^^^ Good idea
Campus interview of a college student? grades will matter more than how perfectly conservative your clothes are, imo. You can buy clothes , well maybe you can buy grades too
Monkey See - Monkey DoNot always the best way to roll, IMO
Timeless look, never out of style! my favorite pinstripe width too!Well done
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