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Leave it alone.
I thought most PP owners preferred to be more discreet, not "Hey look at me" in a shoe thread.On a watch forum I can see.
"a navy blue blazer (one of the colors in the wedding is navy blue, so that's out, too" No its not out too. Forget what you think you know. The navy blazer and the light khakis is your/his answer.
Double knot the laces and don't worry about it. There is no such thing as "hiding laces".
That scarf would look great with a Black, Blue or Charcoal coat. Maroon would look good with the Camel coat.
I agree with post 5 on all points.
Art Fawcett Silver MIst
Do you know your "friends" hat size? Have you seen him wearing the style you have in mind, or do you "just think this one will look good on him"? His taste and your taste may not be the same taste, he might prefer a fedora after all.
Why remove the sale price? Its a good benchmark as to what they are going/went for.
Looks like Peccary to me, I have a few Moreschi with that leather. Peccary is Boar skin, soft limb email deer but more durable.
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