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CBS is #1 best dressed anchors, best shows.
T shirts are a good idea no matter what your size is. OP does not say where he is, but JAB is having their buy 1 get 3 free through the end of the week. Suspenders are a must. Shop ebay looking for returns if needed. Thrift stores, etc. Tell those people at these stores to let you know when your sizes come in, if they will.
Also agree ^^
The jacket is to short for my taste and looks like to much waist suppression from the back. The pants look to tight in the thighs from the rear, you can't even see the crease. Did you gain 10-15lbs from the time you submitted your measurements?
This is a YOU problem
Sounds like you need these Gobis while you can get them from the Shoebank. I have all 3 pair. I put Brown laces with the Snuff and Blue laces with Blue.
I don't know where you formed the idea of a casual suit, I would have kept it.
Leave it alone.
I thought most PP owners preferred to be more discreet, not "Hey look at me" in a shoe thread.On a watch forum I can see.
"a navy blue blazer (one of the colors in the wedding is navy blue, so that's out, too" No its not out too. Forget what you think you know. The navy blazer and the light khakis is your/his answer.
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