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It is a very nice watch indeed. agree it looks better in the brown strap but I live in a hot climate so prefer to wear rubber with my sports watches, in general.It found a new home - passed to a good buddy of mine. He currently enjoys it more than I do, one down in my infrequently worn watches and can always repurchase / trade with something he likes if I have the urge to own again. ( I have a history of buying same watches a few times!)
Thanks for the tip! Much appreciated. For anyone interested, they have a decent size 8 collection of Lobbs, which are indeed hard to get on sales or with discounts.
  since Moser was mentioned a few times, would be appropriate to post a pic.
Time for some pics.. Never manage to get good photos of the Sonata.
Hi, just wanted get some guidance how Herrick would fit with my high instep? The C&J 348 last fits snug but I can live with it. I had to go EE width with JLs (to create room for my instep), as all the lasts were tight despite my moderate width feet. Thanks a lot in advance.
Yeah, agreed-  Glashutte Original Senator and air-cooled 911 
Having owned both Lange 1 and GO Pano's in the past and being current owner of  watches from both brands, would like to share a few words, if I may. "The Original" is definitely Lange 1 but we can not deny that fact GO is also sharing the same Glashutte heritage (or similar DNA).   If money no question and you don't mind 30k+ price tag (or 25k+ if you are lucky to find an AD willing to give you a discount) the real deal is Lange 1, easy answer.   But the steel GO Panos...
Thanks. I do not wear loafers in general with the formal attire but just wanted to give a try..
Your correct. it is City II Parisian Brown Museum.. I was on the fence for the Savannah but bought it regardless.
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