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  La Tradition was on this week. While adding the photo, saw the RD that I sold some time back. Big regret! Went to a good buddy at least.. Still don't know why I did it. Sold it at a loss, did not necessarily needed the funds. I think I was going through my typical I have too many watches to manage cycle.. It comes once every few years.. 
My first pairs of EG. With my high instep, fit is always an issue.. Let's see how these will work. Westminster in Burgundy and Hove in Coffee Suede. Both were on sale, probably should have bought a few pairs more at that price (they are 40%+ off) but as said above, the selection was rather limited for 8 and 81/2 and I was very short of time..   
my favourite divers..   AP Diver, the original model. Occasionally, I am tempted for a trade with the carbon model (as it is lighter) but steel version still looks better   underrated but equally impressive Ploprof..   
a few recent smokes.. MC2 is very good (hard to get consistency from stocks as they produce zillions per year), Bolivar Oryx is nicely aged, SCDH El Principe rocks - fresh, cheap but very punchy.. My default travel cigar..     
and BTW, GO rocks! One of the best values around..  
    One of my regrets.. I did a lot of bad choices on buying and selling watches, getting rid of the FF remains one of the top.. Highly recommend.. 
  Never been one of my go to brands, recently enjoying Punch enormously.. 
German day!
I also ordered from Nick on Jan 3, gave him exactly two weeks to ship and sent an e mail on the 17th for an update. Radio silence on his part. Never had such a bad experience from any other online seller. 24 hours more and will file for a dispute tomorrow. Very disappointing least to say!
Gents, would really appreciate if someone can let me know how 2511 last is for high instep? Many thanks in advance.. 
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