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Thanks. I do not wear loafers in general with the formal attire but just wanted to give a try..
Your correct. it is City II Parisian Brown Museum.. I was on the fence for the Savannah but bought it regardless.
Back and forth a few months, I finally pulled the trigger for JLs.
Too many mention of Coke recently, so I felt obliged to post the pics of mine, circa 1999-2000. The watch I bought as a graduation gift to myself after the grad school! And while there, here is another one for the JLC fans
That's correct. Mine is the pre 2012 model. I am on the hunt for the 40th year anniversary model.   Hope to get the ultra rare salmon dial in the future as well.  
I have tried almost all variants all Royal Oak series. Nothing beats the original..
Of all the above, Oban DE and Dalmore Cigar Malt have been the favorites so far. Have some more in the stock which I will also post the pics soon..
Trying out the incoming stock.. Many different tastes I admit but I guess it is part of the taste discovery process..
A few recent pix..
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