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    Jumbo on the wrist today. I really want the white dial version now.. 
Yes, much prefer to the dial of Patek 5712.. It is not a popular watch though, so far I know two people bought it; yours truly and Sarkozy! We share the same taste in woman also..
so came to the conclusion that when it comes to dress watches, simpler the better..   
And GP EOT.  With the wrong date of course. I never get myself set the dates for my Annual and Perp Calendars.. 
My beloved La Tradition. 
  new diver for the summer.. 
It is a very nice watch indeed. agree it looks better in the brown strap but I live in a hot climate so prefer to wear rubber with my sports watches, in general.It found a new home - passed to a good buddy of mine. He currently enjoys it more than I do, one down in my infrequently worn watches and can always repurchase / trade with something he likes if I have the urge to own again. ( I have a history of buying same watches a few times!)
Thanks for the tip! Much appreciated. For anyone interested, they have a decent size 8 collection of Lobbs, which are indeed hard to get on sales or with discounts.
  since Moser was mentioned a few times, would be appropriate to post a pic.
Time for some pics.. Never manage to get good photos of the Sonata.
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