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It is not the 'maker's' decision how a particular shoe is made. All the details are specified on a swing ticket: shape of heel, number of stitches, welt cut narrowly ("just show stitches") or wider, finish of the sole etc.But JLL aims for a certain solidity, neither their lasts nor their making is the most flamboyant. Most (if not all) of the freelance outworkers work for more than one firm and they will tweak their technique accordingly to come up to the expectations of...
After all this hoo-haa, you've ended up with a pair of really handsome shoes. Wear them in good health!
I have never heard of a thrift shop where you can return the goodies and get your money back.
Doesn't look to me like sea turtle, but crocodile/alligator flank (the sides of the beast, where the 'tiles' are pebble shaped).
Well, we agree on something!
There are always people re-enacting something or other: Romans, Vikings, English or American Civil War, Nazis and of course Cowboys and Indians. http://flickrhivemind.net/Tags/reinactment But is this a 'craze' (appears suddenly and achieves widespread but short-lived popularity) or is it just some 'fringe activity' of a few like-minded people? Nobody doubts that there are groups in Europe enacting the Wild West (just as there are groups re-enacting many other things),...
That's very sad to hear.They should have allowed the Gatto firm and name to die gracefully. Being just a fond memory on something that was a highlight of it's particular time and age.
But Gatto was bought by Silvano Lattanzi, six or eight years ago. As Lattanzi said at the time "for the Gatto style to survive" (or similar words). Is Gatto still operating as an individual unit with a distinctive style and a local work force, or has it been gobbled-up (stylisticly) into the Lattanzi philosophy of design (loud!)? Has the production shifted to the Lattanzi facilities in Casette D'ete (FM)? Unfortunately the Lattanzi website gives no information on Gatto....
Although I have never seen any of the shoes in the flesh (to be honest, never seen any Japanese bespoke shoes in real life) my vote would go to Shoji Kawaguchi "Marquess". I have never seen shoes with such perfect proportions, like a pearl, glowing quietly, whispering and never shouting. I could imagine, Kawaguchi might not hit the sweet spot of many Japanese shoe lovers as they seem to prefer stronger stuff: shoes that have a definite "Look at me!" message. Some makers...
Apparently (information from the French forums, I can't vouch for it) Devos is the half-brother of Anthony Delos. When he wanted to enter the business a few years after Delos, Delos objected to another shoemaker by the same name, so Eric Delos changed one letter in his name and became Devos.
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