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Silvano Sassetti does (or at least used to do) quite a lot of work for Ralph Lauren.http://www.silvanosassetti.it/
I do believe those boots are not bespoke, but part of his recently launched ready-to-wear collection.http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2015/03/norman-vilalta-rtw-and-us-trunk-show-debut.html
Are there other shoemaker than Meccariello who have a tree trunk in their workshop.
Seems to be a case of ilkeƤ iloa. (I hope the google translation is correct and that's "schadenfreude" in Finnish).You are wicked! - Wash you mouth out with soap!
A "Chelsea boot" will always have an elastic gore inset. Your planned boots with a zipper will be a "zipped boot or ankle boot", but never a Chelsea.I don't think the elastic inset will ever "fail" (like a zipper can fail, not function any more) but it used to become unsightly with wear and develop a "cabbage leaf edge". There is now a double-faced elastic on the market which has twice the thickness of ordinary elastic, where the edge is far less prone to wear out. In...
There is (at least in English shoemaking) an accepted terminology that defines how tight the welt is to be cut. That term will be put on the swing ticket which contains the making instructions.I can't recall the various terms: I know that my preference (for dress shoes) is "j.s.s. (just show stitches)" which is narrow (but not extremely narrow). It goes something like that (although the actual terms used might be different): "no stitches", "just show stitches", show...
Doesn't look to me like a Goodyear-welted shoe? The "welt" looks more like a "bonwelt" (decorative not structural) and might not be leather. The shoes are either blaked or cemented.http://www.barbourwelting.com/welting-products/If the shoes do need a new sole, the bonwelt can be replaced.
Leather & Grindery in New Malden (Greater London) supplies Lulu and Triumph toe plates: http://www.leatherandgrindery.com/lulu-toe-plates-metal?keyword=toe http://www.leatherandgrindery.com/Triumph-Brass-Toe-Plates?keyword=toe The screws are are a bit more difficult to get. Standard woodworking screws are not small enough and a model maker supply is your best bet. Brass screws size 3/8" x 2 fit Triumph plates and single soles (Lulus might have even smaller holes.) I...
At least not with loafers - Dutch (and German) men reserve their white socks to be worn with sandals.
Greatest problem will be getting hold of leather in the correct colour to cut the strings from: about 3 mm wide and maybe 60-70 cm long. The new ones will have to be longer than the old ones to make a nice bow. Assuming you got that, you will have to devise a method to pull the string through. You could, for example, stitch the new laces to the old ones. As you pull out the old laces, they will pull the new ones through. Do not pull out the old strings "just like that":...
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