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Cleverley in London will make a bespoke version for the scatter-brained or lazy, where the buttons are (presumably) non-functional and the boot is opened and closed with a zip. (I believe, David Beckham owns a pair of those.)
Yes, but presumably not so aggressive as in the picture.
As far as I know, the skins get sand-blasted to achieve the matte effect.
Shoe uppers are traditionally marked for left and right by cutting a little notch into the lasting allowance at the vamp. That notch, which cannot be seen in the finished shoe, is always placed on the inside.
But it's only a question of time, Japanese shoemakers will discover trunk shows and realize they can charge significantly more abroad than they can charge at home.I'll stick my neck out: in ten years time we'll have a dozen Japanese shoemakers criss-crossing the globe and taking orders.
I believe that is the new box with the new logo for John Lobb (Northampton).Blame it all on Madame Paula and her "back to the heritage" drive.
Well, the operative word in journeyman is journey. After some three or five years of apprenticeship and having past his examination of professional competence, a journeyman would travel and work in his field at a variety of workshops for shorter or longer periods. The underlying idea was that experiencing different workshops and the different ways and techniques they used would widen his horizons and help him to find his individual way within his chosen profession. To all...
I might have thought the laces, but then, also the loafers (allegedly) contain synthetic.Here is an unusual loafer design, sporting a heel strap, made more than forty years ago byAnthony Cleverley for his great patron Alexis Baron de Redé, :And here is a modern re-interpretation made a couple of years ago by George Cleverley (the firm) in London for Jun Kuwana:http://cobblersweb.style.coocan.jp/cleverley27/cleverley27.html
The French call a "classic" Norwegian (two side-panels, going from heel to toe, plus an apron) a "Chasse" (Hunting shoe)and the alternative style with separate quarters a "demi Chasse".http://www.styleforum.net/t/59831/j-m-weston-chasse-vs-demi-chasseFor the Chasse the toe-seam is essential, for the demi Chasse it is optional.
Take one of your Neapolitan suits (or even better, just a photograph of a suit), give ith to a tailor anywhere outside of Naples, be it Savile Row, the English provinces, eastern Europe or let's say Hong Kong and ask them to copy it. You might get a suit which has some Neapolitan features laid over the firm's standard fare, but nobody will be able to copy ("easy-peasy") that Neapolitan DNA. At best, your suit will be a bastardized version, more likely it will be a mess and...
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