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Here is a link to A&A Crack (Northampton), showing the various colours available(Click for a larger image):http://www.aacrack.co.uk/catalogue.asp?product_id=69
I think, I have handled the shoe in question and I believe that is the solution the shoemaker has chosen. I never stated that this was the best solution possible, but neither do I think your side-closed galoshes are a very good solution (remember the discussion here a few months ago about mafoo's side-closed galoshes). Here is one solution a very distinguished shoemaker has came up with a few years ago (while we are criticising: the double dog tails aren't very good...
What you believe to be pieced is actually a large dog tail for reinforcement. It is a galosh vamp going all the way to the heel and up to the top-line, so you have an (open) back seam going all the way up, which can be rather fragile (particular if a shoe horn isn't used).In this case, the vamp is cut asymmetrical, the outside is cut longer and pulled over to the medial side giving additional strength underneath the back seam. You could have added a back strap, which I...
Hasn't your mum never warned you about accepting sweets from strangers?
That's the Joan Crawford school of design.Allegedly those shoulder-pads were added to to detract from her wide hips.
Our friend is one of those lounge-lizards, coming out of the shower in a heavy silk dressing gown (preferably Sulka) and with embroidered velvet slippers on his feet.(Allegedly, Terence Rattigan cut top that: he was the proud owner of a vicuña dressing gown.)
I presume, you have never met Donatella Versace, Giorgio Armani or Valentino (Garavani)!
Probably shoefan is the best person to answer, but there is a school in British bespoke last making that introduces a “twist” into the last: the fore part (ball section) is raised in the opposite direction then the back part of the last (heel). In the case demonstrated, the heel sloping toward the outside should have a ball sloping towards the inside.It is a bit confusing because Worswick in Golding 1934 (vol 1 page 245) states that the “twist” ought to run in the exact...
Anyone who considers to get the Weston 180 (or any Weston shoe) by mail-order - be warned. The sizing is weird! The shoes are huge in length and width (obviously modelled on bath tubs)! I take in the Weston 180 a size 8 B (maybe 8 1/2 A might be even better). My standard size would be 9 C. Trying them on is definitely required!
I had a quick nose-around on your shoemaker's web-page and here are your boots (or a very similar pair)It appears he has done the stay-stitches by machine, nothing wrong with that, many bespoke makers do it like that (and virtually all factories). English bespoke makers (and St Crispin) will place the stay-stitches by hand - 3 or 4 stitches using a much heavier cobbler's thread. I don't think the damage can get any bigger, as the entire row of stitches is broken, but the...
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