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I know that! - But it's a "weird mesh thing".And a "backer" (which would be between upper and lining) is never mesh. If required, in quality work you would use kid leather, glued to the entire underside of the upper section. (For my whole-cut alligator loafers, the closer felt the leather was too soft, so it was "backed" with a layer of kid.)
https://instagram.com/dwegan1982/Is that what you are talking about? - That is just a strong fibreglass(?) tape, stuck temporarily to the shoe (already encased in a protective "condom") when sole-stitching to prevent awl markings on the upper leather.
Charles F Stead is owned by the Crack family. The father (who might be retired by now) and the two older sons run the tannery, the two younger sons, Alan and Anthony, have set-up A&A Crack, leather merchants in Northampton. They are also the English agents for Stead products.The Stead range can be purchased through Crack (from whom I believe you have bought previously). Crack does sell internationally with minimum orders as low as a single hide.Reversed...
I wonder whether they are genuine or fake python. - My bet (if I were a betting man) would go on fake.
These pictures should demonstrate the "dreaded gaping":Just a few screenshots I have harvested from a video about the good folks at Pitti.
Nicky Haslam down in Pimlico stocks them. As far as I know the only supplier of (original) Belgian loafers in the UKhttp://blog.nicholashaslam.com/belgian-shoesRubinacci stocks (Italian-made) Belgian loafersGaziano& Girling have a Belgian-style in their slipper collection (as far as I know, only made to order)
Do you two have the same shoe size or will the collection of the first to kick the bucket end up on eBay?
Those digital splitters are actually amazing (my favourite toy at 'Cordwainer's College'). Depending on the model, they take a width of 40 cm (or more). You press a button to set the required thickness digitally to, let's say 1.8 mm; the leather whizzes through and comes out dead-accurate at 1.8 mm.As Karajan said (at the launch of the CD back in 1986); "Everything else is gaslight!"
Ah, TimelessRider! He used to be one of the main contributors on the shoe front, but hasn't posted here for many years. I hope you're doing well TR, wherever you are! .
But is it Solito? I cannot see any family resemblance between these two inside pockets. Tailoring firms don’t usually change the ways they construct things like inside pockets. http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2013/05/solito-jacket.html http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.ru/2015/06/menefreghismo.html?m=1
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