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I met-up yesterday with Shoji and Yuriko Kawaguchi, the husband and wife team who have started their own bespoke shoemaking firm Marquess in 2011. Although I had never seen any of their shoes in real life, I really admired the shoes I had come-across on the web and I’ve known of Shoji’s stellar reputation as one of the finest ‘makers’, having worked for a number of West-End bespoke firms. Marquess has caused a bit of a buzz at this forum and elsewhere, and quite rightly...
"You can have a pair made yourself, for about ten guineas!" (One guinea was a pound and a shilling. So ten guineas are £10.50 in modern money.) The inflation calculator will tell us that £10 s10 in 1945 is the equivalent of just under 400 GBP (or 675 USD) today.http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-1633409/Historic-inflation-calculator-value-money-changed-1900.htmlThings do have changed!
That's a neat, little way to put the blame for things going wrong onto the customer.Any maker (of whatever product) will make mistakes and has things not coming out the way they are supposed to come out. Sometimes the fault can be corrected easily, sometimes not and the faulty product ought to be binned and a new item started afresh and from scratch. The later into the production cycle the fault appears, the higher the cost of a full remake.The maker will be the first to...
That might be again the difference between American and English terms:Here in the UK, a "belly-cut" is cut for maximum belly yield with the actual cut going through the back, left and right of the hornback strip, which might be used for a belt. Alternatively, a "hornback-cut" has the actual cut going through the belly to leave the back intact.http://www.kezieleather.com/#/crocodile-leather/4567499123
Here is a picture of a Teju lizard hide (bellycut):The large, square tiles appear in the centre and going further out (into the flanks of the animal) they turn into small round tiles.
The square scales are Teju lizard.http://www.kezieleather.com/#/teju-lizard-colours/4567509074
It's a grinning monkey, isn't it?
A manufacturer of anything can (and will) not offer every component/material that is available from suppliers worldwide'Museum calf' is a leather that has been antiqued and finished on the hide, taking out the risk you do have when working with (unfinished) crust leather. With crust leather, there is always the danger that certain sections might not respond to dye/finish as you hope they would, throwing up unexpected blemishes. G&G (and Edward Green) do work extensively in...
@NutcrackerNice feature and even nicer photographs. It was lovely to meet up with you and chat.And I thought that was Oprah (after hours)!
Those cheap fakes have come really a long way!
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