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@verrihappy Where does your animosity and hatred towards Justin and his shoes come from? - Why do you have to use every opportunity to praise Grenson/Tim Little shoes? It can't be just about shoes, there must be some hidden agenda on your part. Maybe you are kind enough to enlighten us. Otherwise we might presume you are Mr Tim Little.
@nmoraitis - really nice article! Watch out, bespoke shoes can be addictive!!!
Those G&G boots were made for one of our American members here. I was first aware of the project when the chap contacted me about 18 month ago, asking whether laces and two buckles was rather cumbersome to operate (I don't think so).Since then, I was kept periodically informed how the project was progressing. It took about a year from placing the order to completion.Here is a picture of the fitting model (made-up from some leather remnants) to check fit and design (note...
That extraordinary shoe-blogger "Claymoor" has just published an interview with Perry Ercolino http://www.claymoorslist.com/portfolios/perry-ercolino Enjoy!
It's a Double Monk. Every English shoe manufacturer has that style in their collection.The style might be generic, the locality is unique: London's Bedford Square.
Go to Kokos in East Finchley:http://www.kokos.co.uk/
You might want to check with St Crispin, whether their "kudu" does actually come from the African kudu antelope (or even from any kind of deer). I seem to remember it is just a fancy name for a sueded bovine hide, made to look (more or less) like kudu (the animal) leather. If I remember correctly, what is generally called "kudu-suede" is actually a sanded bottom split (cheap and nasty stuff).Alden offers chukka boots in "kudu-suede", so does Cole Haan with a collection in...
"Iron" is an ancient measurement used for the thickness of leather. One iron measures 1/48 " (or approximately 1/2 mm.) The 7 iron leather sole will be quite thin (obviously intended for casual summer shoes). The standard thickness for leather soles is 11 - 12 iron (5.5 - 6 mm).Sometimes you see in shoe catalogues the thickness of the sole edge got measured in iron. That is the combination of welt, middle sole (if used) and outer sole.
I have no doubt, these shoes are genuine, but I don't think they are of recent production. I would place them somewhere in the mid- late 90s. The leather (only judging by the pictures) looks to me very much like the leather Church's used to sell as "Genuine Cape Buck" which is an antelope leather with a shorter nap than the 'reversed calf' of today. If the shoes are really made from this leather, than you've got yourself a pair of shoes in a superior material (presumably...
“Oedipus, Schmoedipus!”Whether or not they use celastics, EG consistently achieves a better moulded toe cap than SC (which can be quite lumpy at times). SC omits one important step which is deemed essential (at least in English shoemaking). SC glue the toe puff between upper and lining in place, then pull in a single step upper, toe puff (still mellow) and lining over the last.(watch from about 4:45)The classic way is lasting upper and lining (without toe puff), then you...
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