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Gosh.....I'm somehow relieved. Google did reveal there was another actor by the name of Charles Hawtrey.I had thought "sufficiently restrained in their tastes" would refer to the actor Charles Hawtrey, camp main-stay of the "Carry-on" films.
You probably can't do a lot about your thick and fleshy feet, but to get rid of hard skin and calluses there are plenty of gadgets and products on the market.
I think it is a very nice design and should be right up Maftei's street. I believe the "full brogue" look goes with the style and I probably wouldn't change it, although I would reduce the six eyelet-pairs down to the conventional five. There is an interesting design feature (if I have read the photograph correctly): the apron (only at Lobb in London they have "lakes" and "navvy-cuts"), doesn't go over the U-shaped sides of the vamp but under, the perforation is not on...
Traditionally English bespoke shoemakers line the back section of a lace-up shoe (but not a loafer or a boot) in upper leather and the front section in "horse". Although the leather originally was horse front, it comes these days from a cow, has a very soft hand, drapes well and is highly absorbent. It might even be the bottom split of a cow hide with an added grain texture. (Although I have heard others claim that it is not a leather...
Once you've got both pairs, put up pictures and a poll, so people can vote whether they prefer the toe aligned towards the head or the tail of the beast.
Oops, how embarrassing: I dropped a nut! Edward Green uses Rendenbach. I don't know what John Lobb (Northampton) uses. (Maybe their bottom leather comes from an Hermes-owned tannery.)
If I remember correctly, the test was between oak-tanned and chestnut-tanned sole leather.Lodger, a London shoe retailer (now defunct), used to have his shoes (more or less 50:50) made in England (Alfred Sargent) and in Italy (don't know from whom). Sargent would be making his top-range with Rendenbach and the Italian company would have used chestnut-tanned leather (presumably from an Italian tannery). A far as I can remember, the test came slightly down in favour of...
Cross-posted with Japanese shoe thread: Bespoke shoes by Marquess (Shoji and Yuriko Kawaguchi)
That was then: http://www.styleforum.net/t/343005/japanese-shoes-bespoke-rtw-super-thread/2565#post_7127884 that is now: Thanks Shoji-san and Yuriko-san!
Sorry, my mistake! - I thought Il Quadrifoglio was having a fully-fledged trunk show in Taipei.
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