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I was given another explanation: by keeping the threats short and edge to edge closed very tightly there is less likelihood that the two quarters can shift against each other (like tectonic plates). If one quarter ends up somewhat higher than the other one, all the laces, although parallel if the eyelets were punched correctly, will run slightly up- or downhill and will no longer be at right angle to the shoe's centreline. The longer the bridging distance of the lacing...
Kielman is a bespoke shoemaker. So the shoes would have been made on the bespoke last of whoever ordered these shoes.
I can be wrong, but I cannot find any Italian DNA in those shoes. No Italian would cut the welt so tight, even below "just show stitches". When you look at the shoes from above, you cannot see the welt. Equally the heels are small and the waist is tight and beautifully shaped. I'have never seen that finesse in Italian work.My money is on one of Japan's 'Young Turks, possibly Masuro Okuyama. Alternatively it might be French work.And if I'm wrong and it is really Bestetti or...
It's not an (off-centre) side seam, but a full (heel) counter. There is the same seam on the inside and outside.http://gazianogirling.tumblr.com/I do believe a counter is a good idea for a Norwegian (style) shoe as it balances the apron front and, by adding heft to the heel, doesn't make the shoe too front-heavy.
It is the United Kingdom (or at least popular opinion within the UK) that is considering separating from the European Union (EU). Scotland is considering severing the Union with England (as part of the'United Kingdom') and to become a separate nation state.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acts_of_Union_1707If Scotland were to decide in about six months time (Referendum is on September 18th) to become an independent nation, their membership within the European Union (as part of...
Kind of reminds me of Edward Green's "Twickenham II" (the love child of a whole-cut and a saddle shoe). [[SPOILER]] I saw the picture in LAST magazine, fell instantly in love with and had it made-to-order some 7 or 8 years ago.
Yes, they are. They were found in 1999 with the remains of Mallory's body.http://www.claymoorslist.com/2013/11/george-mallorys-boots.htmlhttp://www.derby.ac.uk/news/george-mallorys-everest-clothes-learning-from-the-past
Here is an article about the "Hillary boot" (singular) which is displayed at Taylor & Sons (Paddington).http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/3007675.stmThere was once a description of the construction and, if I remember correctly, it is a triple-leather sole (with huge hobnails) and in Norwegian and Goiser construction: (the upper is folded-out and stitched to the first sole. Then a Goiserer welt (laid on and stitched to the outside of the boot) was added and an...
I would use the terms interchangeable.The seam on the Cleverley is pulled further toward the inside and kept as inconspicuous as possible, while Bestetti did put emphasis onto the seam, due to the shape, the double row of stitching and the lighter-coloured thread.Just a difference in choice for aesthetic reasons."Less is more" (Mies van der Rohe]) versus "Less is a bore" (Robert Venturi[)
As we do not see the outside of the shoe, it could be either a large back-strap (kind of halfway house between a back-strap and a counter). Then there will be a corresponding seam on the outside of the shoe. If there isn't one and if the galosh section is wrapped around the heel like in the other sample, then the shoe would be side-seamed or side-closed.As I believe, Bestetti has a penchant for side-closing, it probably is the latter. [[SPOILER]]
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