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I wonder whether they are genuine or fake python. - My bet (if I were a betting man) would go on fake.
These pictures should demonstrate the "dreaded gaping":Just a few screenshots I have harvested from a video about the good folks at Pitti.
Nicky Haslam down in Pimlico stocks them. As far as I know the only supplier of (original) Belgian loafers in the UKhttp://blog.nicholashaslam.com/belgian-shoesRubinacci stocks (Italian-made) Belgian loafersGaziano& Girling have a Belgian-style in their slipper collection (as far as I know, only made to order)
Do you two have the same shoe size or will the collection of the first to kick the bucket end up on eBay?
Those digital splitters are actually amazing (my favourite toy at 'Cordwainer's College'). Depending on the model, they take a width of 40 cm (or more). You press a button to set the required thickness digitally to, let's say 1.8 mm; the leather whizzes through and comes out dead-accurate at 1.8 mm.As Karajan said (at the launch of the CD back in 1986); "Everything else is gaslight!"
Ah, TimelessRider! He used to be one of the main contributors on the shoe front, but hasn't posted here for many years. I hope you're doing well TR, wherever you are! .
But is it Solito? I cannot see any family resemblance between these two inside pockets. Tailoring firms don’t usually change the ways they construct things like inside pockets. http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2013/05/solito-jacket.html http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.ru/2015/06/menefreghismo.html?m=1
I don't know how the US tax system works, but duty (and brokerage fees) are likely to be due as Alden did export the shoes, so did not pay the American taxes (whatever that would have been) for the pair. Boone would have added the Dutch VAT and duties (if applicable). To export the shoes again, the VAT would have been deducted, which means neither American nor EU taxes would have been paid.Same problem is the other way round. If I (living in the EU) would get a pair of...
Does being offensive come naturally to you or did you have to work hard over many years to acquire it?I only pointed out that your statement, colleagues who in a different way from the way you from you "lack concentration and practice" is, to say it mildly, uncalled for, but more likely it shows unbelievable arrogance.I do not have any opinion on which way is better, nor do I care; but if your techniques are not shared by the majority of shoemakers, shouldn't that warrant...
Maybe you can point out the channel in this illustration. I can only see a scored guideline and then the awl gets poked through.You also state proudly (in bold and italic) "the way I do it".So now you say, that is not the way you do it. - Are we supposed to mind-read?But Delos (as the picture shows) does cut a channel and a chamfer, doesn't he?Maybe you can give us your assessment of Delos' skills as a shoemaker.It might also be a good idea to include a printed reference...
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