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Brogues (particular brown ones) are definitely a business faux pas if you work as an undertaker.
I think some people have a distorted view of "production cost".The cost of an individual pair of shoes is more than the actual cost of the materials. There is a factory where premises, utilities and taxes have to be paid, there is staff working in production and admin that need to be paid every month (even when they are sick or on maternity leave), the amortization and depreciation of machinery needs to be accounted, interest on loans will have to be paid etc. etc.It will...
It might be the correct plural in German, but not in English!
Look it up, there is a difference between 'guys' and 'gays'!
'Soap' was a TV sitcom running from 1977 - 81, a spoof of daytime soaps with their absurd and convoluted plots.Which means the plots in "Soap" were even more absurd and convoluted.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soap_(TV_series)At the opening of each episode the announcer recaptured the previous plot in a series of question, concluding every time:"Confused? You won't be after this week's episode of 'Soap'!"
Right at the moment it is just a piece of leather given to me by a friend in the shoe trade. - Nothing has been commissioned yet. One day it might be a watch strap.
I believe isshinyru101 typed the wrong word, using "ultra-wide" when he actually wanted to say "ultra-narrow".A width are on the very narrow side, while AAA is freakishly narrow. E- EEE are wide fitting.
Forthcoming mini-project: Bespoke watch strap (just one, maybe two holes) made from (genuine) "Frau Metta Catherina" Russian reindeer leather. I haven't decided on the watch yet: either Nomos "Tangente" or a vintage Ullysee Nardin chronometer.
That depends from country to country. Italians use crust leather without any colouring; you frequently see picture of those off-white shoes. English firms (those few that work with crust) use pre-dyed leather. So a raspberry-pink leather might end up as a deep burgundy, a pale mustard might become a warm "London tan". A few years back there used to be a photograph on the net, showing a pair of EG shoes, one in a dull muddy colour and the other (dyed and polished shoe)...
Very nice interview and without bull**** (quite rare in the shoe business)!
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