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If you have a look through the Weinheimer catalogue, you'll find that virtually all leathers are chrome tanned with an additional veg re-tan, but not the classic black box calf. This is solely chrome tanned with a casein finish and albumin glazed (not sure what casein and albumin bring to the party). chrome tanning isn't that bad after all.
So you were not inferring that the partial lining was decided on purely economic grounds and was not based on a stylistic choice? If you were saying this partial lining was solely done to save a few pence, that would not have been a criticism but a compliment, or at least value-free?I'm personally not keen on a partial- or no lining for dress shoe; but I adore unlined loafers and boots with an unlined leg, they are divinely comfortable. I did say deliberately "You might...
The German company Goetz Service (probably the largest suppler of shoe making products in the world) offers in their current catalogue punches in these designs and sizes:Those punches are not cheap and very few firms will have a great number of different designs in all the various sizes.. They might have the odd diamond or heart left over from some previous job. Of course, if you as bespoke customer insists, they might buy-in a diamond-shaped punch just to fulfil your...
It appears the shoe is partially lined and the purple you see is the flesh-side (underside) of the upper leather. That is a creative decision the people at Lobb/Northampton have taken. You might like that or you might not, but it is not a production fault.
Not yet! - I'd rather preferred a fine cabinet with glass doors like Adolphe Menjou.
Fixed that!
Here are my forthcoming Nicholas Templeman shoes:That’s the vintage Freudenberg leather (the tannery closed down 2001/02) which NT managed to source and from which my uppers were cut:I strongly presume, these are Jerry’s loafers: the apron stitching (decorative, not joining two pieces) is consistent. Look at the logo and the missing fragments of ‘Germany’. This is obviously the same hide as the one in the previous picture:I have the suspicion, soon Jerry and yours truly...
Wear them in good health!
Watch the video "Saint Crispin's - the whole process" here.From 9:12 minutes on, you'll see the waist being pegged:
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