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I think it's the other way round. Ralph Lauren (the man) has a rather disproportionately big head on a quite slim, petite body.In my opinion, the padded shoulders (he presumably has rather narrow shoulders) aim to make the body look more in proportion to the head.Otherwise he might look like a prune on a toothpick.
But they do have an Instagram page:
Here is a list of the current members of the ‘Independent Shoemakers’ group. Of the shoemakers in the provinces, Bill Bird (who does fittings in London) and Tony Slinger have quite a high reputation Don’t forget, most shoemakers outside of London have the emphasis on orthopaedic work (if only out of financial necessity). That doesn’t mean they cannot do smart shoes,...
Overall size of the case (including lugs) is 23 x 39 mm, while the actual watch measures 23 x 27.5 mm.That's the size of the original 1930s model. The recent '1931 Tribute' was a size bigger at 27.5 x 46 mm.I do like the small size. It's my 'chic and simple' dress watch.
That's my Reverso "Art Deco" from the mid-late 90s which I bought second-handat auction some ten years ago (the picture is the one from the catalogue).The watch is the 'classic' size (23 mm wide) and by modern standards tiny(I have been asked whether this was a ladies watch).The unfashionable size is probably the reason why I got the watch quite cheaply.
Unless you are a shoemaker, you won't have any use for a last (the mould over which a shoe is made). Are you talking about shoe trees? The way Church's marks it's shoes '75' means size 7½ (English size, presumably); 'G' is a wide fitting and '82' is the number for that particular design of last (shoe manufacturers usually name their shoes but number their lasts).
Of course, the size of your feet can change during the day, particular if your feet are fleshy (as opposed to bony). They can swell in hot climate and also at the end of the day, having been enclosed for hours in a worm and humid environment (shoes). Are you wearing your shoes with socks of a similar weight/thickness? If the shoes fit nicely with fine dress socks, they will be tight when worn with heavy sport socks.
Interesting design: a Derby Saddle shoe (don't think I've ever seen one). You kept that one under wraps. Are they fully bespoke (I presume so) or does 'il Quadrifoglio' offer some semi-bespoke service? Did you conduct it all via long distance or did you meet up with Kunai Atushi in Taipei?
You might be able to overcome the problem by using a very large blocking (crimping) board, which means the leather gets pre shaped and you start cutting the pattern into a three-dimensional piece of leather (not a flat piece on your workbench).
So, that must be 'Winot' who couldn't resist the call: "Giz us a twirl" and is putting the boots through their paces.]
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