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It's a variation on the Halifax (Dover boot) which has been a staple in the EG catalogue for yonks.Standard configuration of the Halifax is four pairs of eyelets. The RLPL one has three so the boot opens a bit wider in the lower section to show more tongue. Like many of the RLPL designs, just a slight variation of the original design.
That is the sole-stitcher, attaching the outer-sole to the welt.A flap has been cut previously into the sole and is now folded up, as not to get caught in the stitching. Once the stitching is finished, the flap is folded back again and glued into place. So the row of stitching cannot be seen on the finished sole.Carmina and Meermin are run by different branches of the same (divided) family (Albaladejo), who (for historical reasons) appear not to be too fond of each other....
No, one of the main causes of squeaking/creaking is leather rubbing over leather.
Squeaking! --- The shoes make funny (or sometimes obscene) noises with every step.
Doesn't look at all chavvy to me!
That is equally offensive. My apologies!I hadn't seen that, as I find the topic as boring as can be. I rather prefer a walking shoe for rough terrain with a profile-rubber sole to the hobnailed leather soles that were in use prior to the invention of the rubber sole. Equally I prefer a shoe for town to have leather soles (unless it's raining cats and dogs).As I said before "Horses for courses" and I really cannot be worked-up about that topic.Blame should go to those three...
What gives you the qualification to psycho-analyse someone you have (presumably) never met? You can disagree with someone without getting so disgustingly abusive.Shame on you!
Nice article, indeed!I had to laugh out loud about this sentence in English translation:It might be different in Swedish, but in English "the smallest room" means only one room: the toilet!My commiserations to poor Daniel, who has to work in the loo.
Au contraire --- many manufacturers have gone over in recent years and switched from stock rubber soles to those which incorporate their name or logo. Which means new moulds will have to be produced (in various sizes) and an increased minimum order if the soles have to be manufactured to the firm's request. The John Lobb rubber sole (incorporating their JL logo into the design) might be produced by the Harboro rubber company (I don't know), but the unit cost will be...
The bark of the oak tree has been used as a tanning agent for tanning the sole leathers (which can take up to a year). Vegetable tanning makes the best leathers for the bottom work (insole, outsole, stiffeners).
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