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But Gatto was bought by Silvano Lattanzi, six or eight years ago. As Lattanzi said at the time "for the Gatto style to survive" (or similar words). Is Gatto still operating as an individual unit with a distinctive style and a local work force, or has it been gobbled-up (stylisticly) into the Lattanzi philosophy of design (loud!)? Has the production shifted to the Lattanzi facilities in Casette D'ete (FM)? Unfortunately the Lattanzi website gives no information on Gatto....
Although I have never seen any of the shoes in the flesh (to be honest, never seen any Japanese bespoke shoes in real life) my vote would go to Shoji Kawaguchi "Marquess". I have never seen shoes with such perfect proportions, like a pearl, glowing quietly, whispering and never shouting. I could imagine, Kawaguchi might not hit the sweet spot of many Japanese shoe lovers as they seem to prefer stronger stuff: shoes that have a definite "Look at me!" message. Some makers...
Apparently (information from the French forums, I can't vouch for it) Devos is the half-brother of Anthony Delos. When he wanted to enter the business a few years after Delos, Delos objected to another shoemaker by the same name, so Eric Delos changed one letter in his name and became Devos.
There are more people giving structured shoemaking classes than just Carreeducker. But don't forget, if you make your very first pair of shoes in one of these courses, how many more pairs do you have to make until you become so efficient that you can go around, show your samples to the established firms and ask them for work.Virtually all the 'makers' and 'closers' will take on paying students on a one-to-one basis. I know about the going rate, and you probably get a...
What gives you that impression?There are quite a few talented young people coming up through the ranks: there are the lastmakers Jon Spencer (Foster & Son) and Nicholas Templeman (John Lobb) who by all accounts do excellent work. There are a number of makers, some of them shoemakers in their own right like Sebastian Tarek who in his own work aims to get away from the classic West-End look. And there is of course Daniel Wegan ('the talented Mr Wegan') from G&G. Probably the...
Wouldn't "Shoes of the whore" be a better translation?I'm refering to the Fellini film "Le Notti di Cabiria" (1957) where the heroine (Giulietta Masina), a proverbial tart with a heart has the misfortune to fall in love with each one of her punters and gets heartbroken by everyone of them. (Subsequently turned into the musical "Sweet Charity").http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nights_of_CabiriaOnly a streetwalker should/would/could wear something like that!
But if you do not get your information from a variety of sources, you have no idea if the information has been filtered for ideological reasons and the indoctrination begins.There is something to be said for being "widely read".
I never wanted to be a shoemaker, When did I ever say, I wanted to make shoes?There are people who are so good at it, that I could never catch up with them, particular as I only want two pairs a year. I will never, ever reach the standards of the maker who his peers call "the legendary".You don't have to cook to appreciate food.
Don't say that too loud! - Another point DW furiously disputes.
Here is a video showing a turnshoe being made (by machine)Important is a turnshoe has no insole, although a lose insole might be laid or glued into the finished shoe to give more stability. Most of the soft slippers (house-shoes) are still made in turnshoe construction.
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