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Gosh, Marquess seems to be growing fast.A year ago it was just Shoji and Yuriko (husband and wife).Six months ago it was just one apprentice.Now there seem to be several of them..Where will it all end? [[SPOILER]]
St Crispin does not stitch the Dainite soles; they just cement (glue) them into place having stitched and pegged down to the mid-sole only. I do consider that a potential weakness.Dainite, like all other English rubber soles (Commando, Ridgeway etc) are designed to be stitched, that's why the periphery is about half the depth than the profile in the centre of the sole. Vass places a row of stitching just around the toe; which is of course the weakest point, as you are...
Are those just fitting shoes? - Hang on to those (for good). They are cute!
I believe so. but I'm not 100% sure.Shoji did buy all the Freudenberg leathers he could lay his hands on. I think this leather was part of his haul, but it is possible I confuse it with some other leather
Presumably it derives from the French "croupe" (Partie postérieure du corps de certains animaux: "La croupe d’un cheval,") or the German "Kruppe". Both terms refer to the buttocks of certain animals, in particular horses and dogs."Croupon" refers to the rear-section of a hide (in English usually called "butt").In modern German (speaking) shoemaking shell is called "Ross-Spiegel" (horse-mirror).
This is the C&J "Harward" (unlined shell) and in the picture you can see the pocket clearly.During the making process the stiffener gets shoved into this pocket.
It's a bit difficult to see in the pictures, but I presume those loafers are unlined. What I first presumed to be a (heel) counter, might be a pocket of lining- or even self-leather where the heel stiffener is tucked into. I presume there must be a toe cap, is this simply glued into place, or is the underside of the apron (lake) lined, hiding the toe cap (partially)?Could the clicker arrange the Horween stamp to occupy some attractive position inside the shoe?
X-posting: Here are some pictures of my “Marquess” shoes (Shoji and Yuriko Kawaguchi) as they looked earlier today:
At popular request of a single person (well, two actually), here are some pictures of my “Marquess” shoes (Shoji and Yuriko Kawaguchi) as they looked earlier today:
I can take some pictures (on the foot) over the weekend, to show how the shoes look worn-in some three or four months later.
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