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Berluti, like other LVMH companies, pride themselves never to take part in the sales and never to reduce their merchandise.But for the last few sales (at least in London, don't know about Paris), Berluti had significant mark-downs on their clothing collection(but not on their shoes).
You better take the day off tomorrow, as you probably will be dreadfully jet-legged!
But the tight-fitting heel and top-line is the difference between a loafer last and a last for lace-up shoes. Heel-slippage and a gaping top-line are the signs of a badly fitting loafer. To make sure the loafer clips into the back of the foot like a bicycle trouser clip (and stays put throughout the day) you make the profil of the heel more curved-in (in the top section) and you also tighten the top-line so the opening is more triangular (less round) towards the heel end....
"First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin!"
I've posted this before; here is a product from an Estonian tannery who claims to have rediscovered the historical Russian method, using willow bark and birch oil: http://tripleskin.com/en/projects/yufte/ Apparently, so the story goes, the tanning of the legendary Cuir de Russie was a highly protected state secret. Different steps of the process were carried out at different locations, so nobody knew the all-over recipe. The link between the individual steps got lost...
I don't think there is a hard and fast rule how high the pockets ought to sit: some tailors/ designers will cut them higher, others a bit lower. But, presuming you are about average hight, 6 1/2" does sound very low. You only can shorten a jacket something like an inch at the most, otherwise pockets and buttoning point will be too low and the whole coat might look out of proportions.
Really neat apron-stitching! I also like the square waist (which has become quite a rare bird in English bespoke shoemaking) and the light touch at staining welt, sole-edge and and heel.
The fluffy toy, sticking it's tongue out, obviously does not like your shoes. - But I do!!!
Looking good!I presume, both pairs will be ready and delivered at NT's trunkshow in the US of A next month.
I am not certain either.I only read something (maybe in an interview with Monsieur Aubercy) where the firm proudly mentioned their historical connections with López Willshaw. Probably automatically (and possibly erroneously) I did assume a man like LW would not have been slumming it wearing ready-to-wear shoes.After all, he had a bob or two (or a few centimes):But then, what do I know? - López Willshaw might have just got the shoes for the chauffeur from Aubercy
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