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Congratulations!!! I have never been able to find out, whether the emphasis is on "dubious" or "honour".
Yes, they are in general use in the leather trade.The silver colour will show on light and dark leathers and the "ink" (I don't know what it actually is) is easily removed with the solvent in shoe polish.http://www.leatherandgrindery.com/Silver-leather-marking-pens
A bit of neutral shoe polish (wax) should easily remove "silver pen" markings.
I think there is a difference whether someone asks a general question "Do you like this style?" or he shows a particular item he has just bought. In the first case, I might voice an opinion, in the second case, if I have nothing nice to say, I hold my council.Everyone is free to spend his money as he pleases, whether I (or anyone else) agrees or disagrees is totally irrelevant. 'PCK1' is free to spend his money on whatever he pleases.Silence does not have to mean approval!
Technically it is no problem at all.The 'piping' (correct term: slip-beading') is thin baby kid leather which is available in all colours of the rainbow. The same leather would be used as underlay of the medallion, so you would have red glistening from the bottom of the perforation.http://www.aacrack.co.uk/catalogue.asp?product_id=42
Reminds me somewhat of the weighing scales they used to have in public places:http://www.featurepics.com/FI/Thumb300/20090502/Red-Weighing-Scale-1169381.jpg
The answer is very simple, your cobbler does not stock the right components, so he puts on a 'spin' and tries to direct you to the items he does stock.He doesn't want to invest in stock of "1/4 rubber top-lifts", as he has to buy them from his wholesaler in multiples of a dozen or more and he will need more then one size to be be able to cater for heels of all sizes. He might not have the clientèle who cares for those things so he has decided not to stock that item.
Your last plug was four months ago (to be precise).http://www.styleforum.net/t/378466/grenson-moorgate#post_6898069Tell us, what is it about Grenson/Tim Little shoes that makes them the 'measure of all things' for you?
@verrihappy Where does your animosity and hatred towards Justin and his shoes come from? - Why do you have to use every opportunity to praise Grenson/Tim Little shoes? It can't be just about shoes, there must be some hidden agenda on your part. Maybe you are kind enough to enlighten us. Otherwise we might presume you are Mr Tim Little.
@nmoraitis - really nice article! Watch out, bespoke shoes can be addictive!!!
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