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No, it would be my understanding, you'll get one invoice Suit GBP 2400 (incl. VAT = GBP 400) dated at completion or collection date August 2014 Payment: Deposit GBP 1200, January 2014; Balance GBP 1200, August 2014. A written request to pay the deposit would not be an invoice, but a pro-forma invoice. An invoice is for services or goods supplied.
Just settle the VAT refund with the final invoice when you take the suit out of the country. Whether the deposit does or does not cover VAT, is irrelevant. You pay an agreed amount, which will be deducted from your final invoice (which will include the VAT). Should the job go wrong (I hope not), the firm will have to refund you that very same amount of deposit you've paid.
So did Prince William, wearing 'full brogue' wingtips with black tie at the reception on the night before his wedding:
Now he works for Berluti.
The finest and most expensive leather of all the crocodilians is Crocodile Porosus (Australian Saltwater Crocodile), which has the smallest and most evenly shaped tiles,In recent years, Hermes has virtually acquired a world-wide monopoly to this leather through their subsidiary HCP (Hermes Cuirs Precieux).
Goodness gracious - I presume, you will be calling these shoes "Pinocchio" -How the nose has grown! -
I cannot find the post right now, but someone posted the other day that the current price is GBP 195.00P.S. - That's the posting I was referring to:http://www.styleforum.net/t/101208/leather-or-rubber-soles/165#post_6683999
Unless prices have changed in the last few weeks, I believe G&G is still pitched to that magical figure of GBP 990 (as is Anthony Cleverley). Saint Crispin European standard price is, I believe, EUR 1150 or so (which is about the same as Deco and AC).I was surprised today to see that JL has pitched the shoe at over 1000 quid. ( I have a 2007 'vintage' which is marked on the box as GBP 730. So, in six years JLP has managed to increase the price at almost 50 %.)No doubt,...
Since maybe 12 years, does John Lobb (Northampton) produce annually a limited run model to coincide with October 25th, the feast day of St Crispin's (patron saint of shoemakers). That St. Crispin model (or St Crepin in French) will not be included into the standard collection. The idea is to pull out all the stops and show what can be done in shoemaking.Price wise they are some of the most expensive ready-to-wear shoes. The current model costs something like GBP 1050...
The heel top-lift, incorporating the JL logo, was introduced maybe eight or nine years ago.
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