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Wouldn't "Shoes of the whore" be a better translation?I'm refering to the Fellini film "Le Notti di Cabiria" (1957) where the heroine (Giulietta Masina), a proverbial tart with a heart has the misfortune to fall in love with each one of her punters and gets heartbroken by everyone of them. (Subsequently turned into the musical "Sweet Charity").http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nights_of_CabiriaOnly a streetwalker should/would/could wear something like that!
But if you do not get your information from a variety of sources, you have no idea if the information has been filtered for ideological reasons and the indoctrination begins.There is something to be said for being "widely read".
I never wanted to be a shoemaker, When did I ever say, I wanted to make shoes?There are people who are so good at it, that I could never catch up with them, particular as I only want two pairs a year. I will never, ever reach the standards of the maker who his peers call "the legendary".You don't have to cook to appreciate food.
Don't say that too loud! - Another point DW furiously disputes.
Here is a video showing a turnshoe being made (by machine)Important is a turnshoe has no insole, although a lose insole might be laid or glued into the finished shoe to give more stability. Most of the soft slippers (house-shoes) are still made in turnshoe construction.
Yes, that Warren Platner table is really fantastic!http://www.knoll.com/shop/by-designer/warren-platner
The best part of a calf hide is the butt. Here the leather is firm and has relatively few faults. The higher up you go the inferior the leather becomes: the leather is less firm and "growth" and other problems appear. Equally the more you go to the sides into the belly, the worse the leather gets. For top quality work the pieces should be cut in mirror figuration from the left and right of the spine (but should not go over the spine). The best sections of the hide...
Every last, whether bespoke or ready-to-wear has a certain set of measurements. Those measurements are absolute, unlike the system that correlates them to a certain size/width.Here is a C&J sample last showing the measurements. The measurements of this last in other sizes can be easily established as it is done by computer these days there is an exact formula how much the measurement increases or decreases with each different size.If you know your measurements, you can...
I agree. - Those shoes were a cow in a previous life, not a horse.
Silly me, and I thought that thread was about ready-to-wear shoes (which come on RTW lasts), why do you talk about bespoke lasts?
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