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I don't know where StC sources it's hatchgrain leather from and if it's the same Horween leather which is used by G&G and other English firms.When the Horween leather was initially released and made-up as shoes, it had significant problems with the finish wearing off. G&G had to strip all the hides and re-dye them. Alfred Sargent (who didn't use the leather a great deal) had the same problems with the finish wearing off as StC has.Whether Horween has solved the problem...
Die, Workwear! met up with Nicholas Templeman on his recent visit state-side and commissioned a pair of shoes from him. The blog jjust published a very interesting piece about the making of the bespoke last and the difference between a (truly) bespoke last and a fitted-up commercial last. http://dieworkwear.com/post/137827721579/the-making-of-a-bespoke-last I presume, a trial pair will be ready for Nicholas' next visit to the USA in April. I for one am looking...
The style is known as "Oxford" and every shoemaker/manufacturer has this style in their program. (Oxford is also the name of the family of shoe designs: variations on the same theme, but with more features like perforation or a wing-tip toe cap.) Every shoe has two components that decide the look of a particular shoe: the last and the pattern. The last is the form (wood or plastic) over which the shoe gets built and defines the internal space of the shoe. The Carmina last...
"Frankenstitch" (as far as I know, a term coined at this forum here) indicates a reversed hand-stitch (executed from the underside) which just shows a row of dimples. Like the stiches on Frankenstein's monster where the various parts are stitched together.Example: GazianoGirling style "Antibes"You've got enough thumbs-up votes ("reputations"), to qualify for this level.
Met him last week in London here: our American members "Mr Claymore" and "poorsod" happened to be in town. So a London contingent consisting of "Cantabrigan" and yours truly met up with them. We we were also joined by the two rising stars of the bespoke shoe trade, Daniel Wegan (G&G) and Nicholas Templeman.I think, I can speak for all participants and say it was a very enjoyable evening. Mr Claymore is a lovely guy and (not only by the way he dresses) a larger than life...
I'll be calling-in later today to say 'Hello' and have a look at your stuff.
It is actually quite heroic cutting.There are the sides which are cut without a back seam: just one piece of leather, wrapped around the heel and closed with a short skin-stitched seam at the toe. Then the apron and tongue piece is laid-on and stitched-in by hand.So, the entire boot consists of just two pieces.
Those boots are not stocked anywhere, only available on-line.It's an extremely limited edition of 12 pairs each in two colours/leathers.Price is pretty steep at GBP 1,400 (USD 2,000)http://shop.therake.com/products/mahogany-alpine-calf-urban-commando-boots
The shoes are very nice indeed (I saw them the other day on NT's facebook page) and your enthusiasm is understandable.But wearing them in bed - isn't that taking it a bit too far?
Here is a picture of a Berluti shoe, showing the thread loop to prevent the tongue from going walkabouts.
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