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"Cool" is a very recent (and fashionable) meaning, used by kids.If you talk about yourself, it might mean "horny", but if you talk about someone else, it means "lecherous".
Nice shoes..............but, by golly, it must have been cold up north! I'm shivering by just looking at the pictures
They are samples to show off the various possibilities of colour and patina.If I remember correctly they are actually quite small (all identical in size) and I would say the soles are cemented and not pump-stitched or blind-welted..
But which profile do you prefer?Vibram has dozens of designs (profiles) in their production program, including a dead-ringer for Dainite.http://www.vibram.com/index.php/us/REPAIR-2010/Repair-School/Lifestyle/Goodyear-Construction
Solito together with shirt maker Luca Avitabile (formerly Satriano Cinque) have monthly/six weekly fitting sessions in London' Pall Mall. It is usually Luigi attending, but I have also met Gennaro there once. I have no experience with Solito yet, but I intend to place an order next time for some (ice-cream coloured) summer jacket.Luca has made a couple of shirts for me, and there were no difficulties with cancelled or changed dates. Solito was always in attendance and they...
Like that?Umberto Boccioni (1882–1916): Unique Forms of Continuity in Space (1913)
Yes, they are kudu (antilope) and they haven't had any problems with (premature) ageing.The only problem was, due to the long distance between the stay stitching and the first row of lacing (some 3 inches), they tended to gape just above the stay stitching, particular on the outside. That seems to be a problem with all George boots as this vintage EG boots demonstrate (and I have seen the problem on other samples in an army surplus stall on Portobello...
Here you are!Don't forget, there is a 'lasting allowance' of at least 5/8 in. (15 mm) on the bottom and in front of the toe(which gets tucked underneath the last). So the vamp in the finished boot is not as long as in the photograph.Side view of the upper and the finished boot.
1) Overall balance seems offIn the photograph (but pictures can be deceiving at times) the quarters look distinctly large with the stay stitching rather low. The smaller the opening, the more difficult it will be to get the last out of the finished boot. It is possible that Cleverley was a bit too cautious and designed the opening on the full side to avoid any problems with the finished boot. In the photograph the proportion quarter to vamp looks about 33% - 66%. In the...
Just like shoes?!?
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