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Saphir's "Renovator" (also sold by Justin under his "Shoe Snob" label) contains mink oil.I have no idea how much mink oil is in there and if added chemicals prevent it going rancid. It certainly does not go rancid in the jar.
No doubt, they are John Lobb (ready-to-wear) but not of recent production. Although the very first (trial) collection of John Lobb (Hermes) was made by C&J, subsequent collections were made by Edward Green. In 1995 Hermes bought the freehold of the EG factory on Oliver Street and for a few years JL and EG shoes were made on the same premises, until this arrangement collapsed and EG moved to new premises in Cowper Street. While both brands were made on the same premises,...
Nice one!!!Unlike stamp-collecting, a shoe-collection does require lots of space.You might soon need an extension added-on to 'Villa Browne'.
Grenson have now teamed-up with Nick Wooster to produce that kind of stuff: http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/style/articles/2015-10/08/nick-wooster-and-grenson-shoe-collaboration-for-selfridges As Miss Jean Brodie (in her prime) would have said: "For those who like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like!"
That' pretty much in line with UK prices. I have an article from the 'Financial Times' in front of me. I'm not absolutely certain about the date, but presumably around 1997. The following prices are listed for bespoke shoes: John Lobb (SJ) £1490 *** Foster & Son £1110 *** New & Lingwood £1050 *** Cleverley £1000 *** Jason Amesbury £1000. Ready-to-wear shoes: John Lobb £385 - £420 *** Edward Green £365 - £425 *** Cleverley £225 -265 *** Church's ...
I believe, you are talking about naphtha (lighter fluid).As a cleaner it removes all kind of sticky residue without doing harm. Probably the best stuff to remove sticky labels without ripping off the surface underneath. As it evaporates very quickly, you might need several applications to remove a significant amount of gunk.In shoemaking it is used by closers to remove traces of rubber cement from inaccessible spots.
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English (and European) ties have the stripes run down from left to right, American ties have the stripes run down from right to left.http://nicetiestore.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/difference-between-european-and.html
The design will be asymmetrical and off-centre to match young Steven's fringe:
Fair guess, something from Steven will be coming Nicholas' way..Could that be our friend Nicholas selecting the cloth for his forthcoming suit?
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