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I believe so http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2014/10/gaziano-girling-launches-patina-service.html#.VCxa1vldWSo But there might be limits what can be done with your existing shoes, depending on the leather used and it's colour. Contact Thomas Brunswick at the G&G shop and discuss what he can (or cannot) do.
Yes, it's a bespoke shoe made by John Lobb (St James).The Royal Warrants show the shoes were made prior to 1976 (or 78) when the firm was given another warrant by the Prince of Wales. Since then the output showed three warrants, until maybe ten years ago, when they lost the Queen's warrant, Now they're back to two again.John Lobb (Paris) uses the same signature by the historic John Lobb, but place it larger and lengthwise on the shoe's "sock" (and without the warrants, of...
Now that's a really nice and solid loafer on a no-nonsense last. Much nicer than the usual Italian (and English) precious, prissy and p**s-elegant little number.
It looks to me like a moulded rubber sole (particular as it is stitched "aloft"). Whether JEDDITE is the name of the design (like Dainite or Ridgeway) or the long defunct manufacturer, I wouldn't know.Ask the shoe museum in Northampton. They are very helpful and will be checking their archive to find out.
Apparently, here are images of the Saint Crispin models from1996 onwards: http://www.pinterest.com/tapham/john-lobb-saint-cr%C3%A9pin-1996-now/
Use google images: "John Lobb Saint Crispin year" should come up at least with the last ten years. You might not find the very early models on google anymore. After all, JL has been doing the annual "Saint Crispin" model for maybe 20 years.Here are the designs for the last three years:201320122011
It took me a bit to work it out, but the G&G site has captions for dunces like us who don’t get it: Singapore Europe I still prefer google-map!
The style is called "Herrick" (which I believe is the Ralph Lauren name), otherwise known as "Montford".http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?75623-Edward-Green-Herrick-Anyone-have-a-pairEG might have had the design in their collection a long time ago and produced a small run for RL in early 2000 or so (on last 89). Subsequently they refused to produce them any more as special order.That refusal is several years ago, It is possible they might be willing...
Don't get the wood soaked, otherwise it might crack during drying. Hold the brush at an angle under running warm water. Put a dollop of shampoo on top of the wet bristles and run your fingers through the bristles for a minute or so and produce a good lather. Then rinse under running water until all the water runs clear. You'll be amazed how much muck will rinse out. Then dry with the bristles down (to prevent all the water sitting in the wood).
Thanks! - Sent the previous message to the new address.If they reply, fine. If not, life is too short to worry about bespoke shirts.
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