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A thing like that (an iron) should help:
Talking about boots: Strap boots in heavy-grained Weinheimer ‘Odessa’ leather with hand-stitched apron and closed with Sam Browne studs (any relations, Jerry?) Norwegian construction with double leather sole. Just as the hatch-grain boots which ‘poorsod’ got from G&G a couple of years ago, they took their inspiration from the EG ‘Herick’. (I replaced the toe cap of the original with an apron. I like the way a continuous line meanders all around the boot.) Taking a line...
After that recent hoo-ha, inquisitive minds want to know were the fitting shoes gemmed?Photographs would not go amiss!
No toe-sprig whatsoever and on the right boot the treadline doesn't even seem to touch the ground.John Nelson Hefford (1851)
I have just come across this Japanese shoe site which carries an extensive interview with Shoji Kawaguchi (Marquess): http://shoes.bamboo-creation.jp/bespoke/marquess/ I haven’t checked out the site in detail, but they seem to have quite a few interesting articles and interviews. (Look up the site in google Chrome to get an automatic translation; although some of the English names, translated into Japanese and back into English again, can come out quite peculiar....
Well, it's (almost) the Elmsley: Five eyelet derby, toe cap, swan's-neck.But the "Elmsley" has a row of perforation (brogueing) on the toe cap and comes with a single leather sole. The shoe pictured has no perforation and comes on a HAF (half double sole). It might be a different model with a different name, but it is also possible this is a made-to-order job where the customer requested a few minor changes.
That shouldn't be a problem.But as the tailor presumably will have to cut away some of the underlay higher up (to reduce bulk) you might not be able to return to a longer vent, if you change your mind at a later time.
If it is a full hide and not just a 'side' (half a hide) you can cut it right through the spine and you will have halved the width. The pattern pieces on calf leather (exotics can be different) are always arranged to the right and left of the spine, but never cross the spine line. You should be able to see the sine line (slightly different in colour). You can cut through there without losing prime leather.The best leather is in sections C and D; A and B can be reasonably...
The discussion whether the good fit of a last/shoe is decided in the fore-part or in the back-part has been going on for the best part of 150 years. There are various theories, schools, national traditions which will never agree with each other. All Austro/Hungarian (and further into the Balkans) shoemaking is based on the 'scientific' method (Winkel-System )of Robert Knöfel (1834-84) which is totally at odds with the English, far more empirical method. The Latin...
But isn't the ass pain caused by the pents (with camel toe)?http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2015/02/08/the-ultimate-handmade-pair-of-trousers-ambrosi-napoli/
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