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Now that's a shame. Foster are due in Boston on 19th/20th of April.So last week's fitting would have still been vivid in vox's memory, helping the comparison. But in six months, lots of water will have flown down the Thames and the Charles River. (Thanks google, I had no idea which river flows through Boston.)
Here is 'voxsartoria' a day or two ago, trying on a pair of oxfords by Nicholas Templeman: I believe, he is also expecting a fitting by Foster &Son in a week or so. I'd love to be fly on the wall to see whether Nicholas or Jon Spencer (Foster's lastmaker) got the better fit for him. But then, vox might not be able to feel any significant differences.
If you were to commission a pair from NT, would you request he used pegs for your shoes?
I read somewhere (and for all I know, it might be just a romantic internet legend) that Stephane Jimenez had stopped bespoke shoemaking for some ten years or so and that he earned his living as a local shoe repairer. As of now, we all will be looking differently at the man who runs the 'Mr Minit' heel bar in our neighbourhood: "Who knows, he might be the next super-star of the bespoke shoemaking world".
Don't forget, those shoes are 'new-old-stock' and were produced some thirty or more years ago and have been in their box all those years, presumably without shoe trees. Inevitably, the shoes will dry out, causing the leathers to tighten. This tightening will raise the periphery, never the centre (just like a slice of dried-out toast).I'm minded to have a bet: once the shoes have been worn for a few weeks, all that raising of toe and heel will have disappeared as your...
Hackett's own label shoes (the top of the range) is made by Carmina. know of no other retailer in England that stocks Carmina.
I'm sure, the MBC™ (whoever it is) would appreciate some nice heckling from the upper galleries!
Anthony Delos is now an employee of Berluti in Paris. You would have to contact him through the company.
I'll bet we can find your MBC™ on the list of those who found your announcement helpful.
The closure are 'Sam Browne Studs', quite popular in leather goods, but relatively rare in footwear.Nevertheless, I just collected the other week a pair of strapped boots and I decided to use Sam Browne studs as strap closure.What I find irritating is the blurring between the markings of ready-to-wear and bespoke shoes.The script 'John Lobb' (presumably the signature of the historic JL) is used lengthwise in JL Paris bespoke shoes and cross-wise, together with the...
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