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I have no idea what happened to Balint. Last September, when I was in Vienna, I took a few pictures of their premises in Singerstraße. May they bring fond memories to some.
I suppose it was a collaboration between the two of us.We started the job somewhat unorthodox. Usually you select a shoe style first, then the last and trial shoe are made. We agreed to make the last first and to nail the style later. Initially I was thinking about a boot, but then the idea of a side-elastic came up. I certainly did not want that thing with the fake laces, but I also thought a totally plain whole-cut was somehow too severe.At one time Nicholas suggested an...
I had one too!My letter was from some "evangelical widow on her deathbed" who wanted to send me, as a good Christian, some 3.5 million dollar to keep up her good worksI don't think the membership list has been hacked. They just enrolled as new member and sent PMs to all and sundry..
That's right!The pattern is asymmetric: the "counter" is an extension of the outside. The (faux) brogueing divides visually the counter from the body of the shoe. Then the counter goes around the heel and is stitched down on the inside, which closes the shoe.In a conventional traced brogue, you have half of the counter on one side and half on the other side with a back seam in the middle.
Just collected the other day my NT side-elastic whole-cuts with 'traced' brogueing. (Unlike a normal brogue where there is an additional layer of leather, here it is just a row of stitching and perforation.) The pièce de résistance is the counter, which is traced on the outside but is the actual closing seam on the inside, so avoiding a boring back seam. Bottom with tightly bevelled waist and Triumph toe plates. Thanks Mr T, not only for the shoes but for...
All the leading English and American firms (AE, Alden) do offer a factory re-crafting service.
Here is 'centipede'', which is the most amazing treasure trove of classic dress shoes from the leading bespoke firms. Unfortunately the site hasn't been updated for yonks: is Jun Kawana's instagram page: here is his web page: is an ardent collector of shoes, mostly bespoke but all those shoes were made for him or purchased by him. Unlike 'centipede',...
+1AP Royal Oak 'Dual Time' - 36mm (late 90s)
Even when the Guillotine strikes??? - I somewhat doubt it.
Who was standing around in slurry all day - the table or the king?
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