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Here is 'centipede'', which is the most amazing treasure trove of classic dress shoes from the leading bespoke firms. Unfortunately the site hasn't been updated for yonks:http://centipede.web.fc2.com/Here is Jun Kawana's instagram page:https://www.instagram.com/not_fashion_but_style/and here is his web page:http://cobblersweb.style.coocan.jp/Kuwana is an ardent collector of shoes, mostly bespoke but all those shoes were made for him or purchased by him. Unlike 'centipede',...
+1AP Royal Oak 'Dual Time' - 36mm (late 90s)
Even when the Guillotine strikes??? - I somewhat doubt it.
Who was standing around in slurry all day - the table or the king?
No wonder they called the table Louis XVI. After all, they named the thing after someone who had his head falling off.Hand-welting would have prevented that in both cases.
All Italian shoes have high insteps! Bestetti was the king of the high instep.Whether actually Italian men have a really high instep or Italian shoemakers/designers are simply fond of the Matterhorn look, I wouldn't know.
Now tell us, which one will be worn before and which one after midnight?
I've seen them on NT's Instagram page and they look very nice indeed.
I don't think there is a brick-'n-mortar store in the UK stocking Vass.But on-line 'Ascot Shoes' have a large selection:https://www.ascotshoes.co.uk/Otherwise take a trip to Budapest. Even without shoes, the city is well worth a visit.
Are you talking about that line, separating the heel from the waist?You have the curved edge of the bevelled waist hit the straight edge of the heel. This way you can keep the curve as long as possible until there is an abrupt change to square. If you want to avoid doing that edge (which needs to be done with a knife), you'll have to put the transformation from rounded to straight further down the line: the rounded edge has to peter out before it comes to the straight heel...
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