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Sorry, my mistake! - I thought Il Quadrifoglio was having a fully-fledged trunk show in Taipei.
Robin, Jerry.................pictures of the Il Quadrifoglio trunk show please (or it didn't happen).
Here you are, or as the French say: "voilà!":http://www.keikari.com/english/interview-with-nicholas-templeman/
One down, one to go: [[SPOILER]]
You might not be in luck with the price you want to pay.John Lobb (London) charges for bespoke croc/gator £10,400 (without VAT)The other West-End bespoke makers are likely to charge less, but probably not a great deal less. They also might be hesitant to make a pair of exotics as a first order. They like to start with a pair in calf, until they have nailed the last down.John Lobb (Paris) charges for RTW (presumably made to order) between £6,300 and £7,300 (VAT...
Travers, you must be an undertaker!
Yes, they do have Sales, starting right after Christmas and in late June. Discounts are about 1/3 off.
At present Baker's offers insole shoulders in either 5 - 7 irons or 7 - 9 irons.http://www.jfjbaker.co.uk/shoe-leather/insole-shoulders/A couple of months ago, I have bought a few sets of bottom leathers from Baker and I just measured one of the insoles which comes up as pretty much 4.5 mm. (I only have ordinary callipers, so I can only measure around the perimeter; the measurement might be a bit different in the centre of the leather piece.)But then, once the fluff is...
This is the inside of a hand-welted insole.There is a row of dimples around the periphery of the sole, which you can easily feel inside a shoe by running your fingertips over them. There are also nail holes from blocking the insole and from lasting the uppers (which a factory-made shoe will not have). The leather is from J&FJ Baker in England (who probably produce the finest insole leather in the world) but who supply insole shoulders not heavier than 7-9 irons (3.5 - 4.5...
It ain't "Nachtmarkt" (Night market) but "Naschmarkt" (Munching market) and is a very popular venue for Viennese and tourists alike.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NaschmarktThe Maftei shop is near the Mariahilfer Straße which is the main (every-day) shopping street in Vienna. (Kärtner Straße and Graben are more exclusive.)Nothing wrong with the lokality, there is even the famous Café Sperl nearbyhttp://www.cafesperl.at/
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