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I believe that's the boot. It was made by a Munich shoemaker who goes by the name of "Schuh Bertl". He had an exhibition of his "one piece shoes" in 2010 and the text states he wanted to take them on European-wide tour. No idea, if he did go ahead with this plan.http://www.museum-hauenstein.de/schuh_museum/Ausstellungen/-%20A%20R%20C%20H%20I%20V%20-/Schuhk%C3%BCnstler%20Bertl/If I remember correctly the boot leg is formed by the (uncut) cow leg, so the vamp must be part of...
Does that sound like modesty? [[SPOILER]]
Here you are!
The social profile of people entering the bespoke shoe trade has changed. Fifty or more years ago it would have been working class boys, aged 14 or 15 straight from school. George Cleverley's family sold polish and shoe laces from a market stall, presumably by the age of 10, George would have worked on the stall. Shoemaking was quite a low-status (and low-paid) job and many youngsters who had started in shoemaking would drop out after a few years to pursue something...
Once again I take issue with some of DW's statements. (Oh well, I have form.)Is a one-man (or mom-and-pop) shop likely to produce excellence or mediocrity?The great work has always come from the great houses. In shoemaking that would be Hellstern in Paris, Tuczek in London or Scheer in Vienna. The show-stopping dressmaking it would have been produced by the big couture houses like Balenciaga or Saint Laurent. For men's bespoke work it would be Huntsman in London, London...
These shoes are made from hippopotamus leather, which is pretty rare these days as hippo is one of the protected species under the CITES treaty. When the shoes were made (somewhere in the early-mid 60s, I would guess), hippo leather might not have been that rare, but it certainly would have demanded a premium over shoes made from ordinary calf.
Metroboy, you just decided at the right time of your life (50 years ago you would have been considered too old) to become a shoemaker and you were at the right place, at the right time to be offered a job.If G&G hadn't offered you that job, what would you have done? You might possibly have taken out debts and enrolled at some two-weeks "Shoemaking" course. Yes in two weeks you would have made some shoes (of sorts), but do you think after those two weeks you would have...
That's the "City Polo Boot" made be EG exclusively for Asprey, maybe 10 years ago. (I believe the design is by Asprey, not EG.)This boot was made on the 202 last.
It is good quality!Decide from your previous strap, how long you like each end to be and have them fitted with a single hole (as opposed to the 5 or 7 holes used in commercial watch straps).
Andrew Gadd works mainly (probably even exclusively) for Cleverley.http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2010/06/bespoke-shoes-at-cleverley-part-7.html
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