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Now tell us, which one will be worn before and which one after midnight?
I've seen them on NT's Instagram page and they look very nice indeed.
I don't think there is a brick-'n-mortar store in the UK stocking Vass.But on-line 'Ascot Shoes' have a large selection:https://www.ascotshoes.co.uk/Otherwise take a trip to Budapest. Even without shoes, the city is well worth a visit.
Are you talking about that line, separating the heel from the waist?You have the curved edge of the bevelled waist hit the straight edge of the heel. This way you can keep the curve as long as possible until there is an abrupt change to square. If you want to avoid doing that edge (which needs to be done with a knife), you'll have to put the transformation from rounded to straight further down the line: the rounded edge has to peter out before it comes to the straight heel...
Having never used either knife, I have no opinion whatsoever on the superiority of 'French' versus 'English' last making knives.But I do wonder why all the French last makers seem to have opted for the 'English' knife.Berluti [[SPOILER]]
They are currently available at the Ralph Lauren London store. They did stock them in previous years, possibly only in limited quantities, because, as far as I know, they never made it into the sale. I did buy them over the weekend at the RLPL concession in Harrods, as Harrods was having one of their 10% off promotions. "Every little helps", as a popular supermarket slogan goes. The salesman told me, they were already sold out in the flagship store. Whether this is true or...
Strictly speaking not Zonkey boots, but made by the very same people: Calzaturificio Walles in the Veneto region of Italy. Just bought the famous "Marmalada" hiking boot by Walles (which I believe is an absolute cult-boot in Japan). This one is actually made for RLPL, but the only difference is that mini heel counter in the back. (I mailed Walles a few a few years ago, trying to get a list of their Italian stockists, but they never bothered to...
I couldn't sleep a wink last night, worrying about the size of the toe cap. Thanks Jesper, you got me out of my misery! This night I can sleep like a baby.
"Waxed calf" is the classic material for riding boots. The hide (more likely to be cow than calf) is used with the (rough and hairy) flesh side out. With lots of wax, pressure, elbow grease a smooth and shiny surface gets created. The idea is, if you get the boots scratched by riding through hedges and undergrowth, the smooth surface can be recreated with lots of hard work (by your manservant). On conventional smooth leather, a scratch can never be removed.Waxed calf boots...
I think it's now up to our friend Jesper to get us out of our collective misery. After all, he has access to the actual shoes.Jesper, run a tape measure from the vamp point (where the two quarters meet the vamp) down the centre line to the welt-edge and deduct some 3 or 4 mm (thickness of the insole). Take a calculator and work out what percentage of that length is covered by the toe cap.Gosh, this is more nail-biting than the American election!
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